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An unwanted guest [Open]


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An unwanted guest [Open] Empty An unwanted guest [Open]

Post by Kyouga on Sun Dec 21, 2014 6:16 am

A Garganta opened and Kyouga stepped out of it before it shut behind himself. He was expecting that some sort of response from a Shinigami that was patrolling. He didn't do anything at first, but he wrenched a chain of fate off a plus which would force the soul to go berserk and turn into a Hollow before it went after other pluses. Kyouga then stood still waited patiently for any resistance.

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Minamoto demon clan
Izaya Mishima
Izaya Mishima

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An unwanted guest [Open] Empty Re: An unwanted guest [Open]

Post by Izaya Mishima on Sun Dec 21, 2014 12:55 pm

Izaya stood on top of a large building and carefully watched the people of Tokyo, Japan attend to their monotonous lives down below. Izaya could never understand how humans could repeat the same processes everyday with no change in routine. Izaya randomly fixed his gaze on random individuals and then looked into the distance. Despite the boredom, everything was quiet and relatively peaceful. However, after shortly coming to this realization, there appeared to be a disturbance in the area. A Hollow had emerged out of nowhere. Izaya leaped off of the building he was standing on and vanished with a flash step. After traveling a few blocks, Izaya stopped on another building and looked to a scene below.

"A Plus turning Hollow and another Hollow. No, one of them is an Arrancar and by the feel of it, it appears to be a Vasto-Lorde."

Izaya casually placed his right hand on his zanpakuto as the transformation process had completed. Using shunpo, Izaya disappeared from the top of the building and ran his blade straight through the Hollow's head from the back to split its mask. Izaya landed in front of the dying Hollow as it instantly began to fade away and sheathed his sword. Taking a few steps towards the Arrancar, Izaya spoke.

"I don't take kindly to others interfering with the peace and quiet in this town, who are you?"

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