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Kyouga Minamoto


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Kyouga Minamoto Empty Kyouga Minamoto

Post by Kyouga on Sun Nov 09, 2014 11:52 pm

(Godking Ruler of Empty)

(Your character here)

Kyouga Minamoto

"Face your fate with unwavering resolve!"

Basic Information:

Character Name: Kyouga Minamoto
Gender: Straight
Age: 200
Appearance: Kyouga is a 6 foot individual that tries his best to be well dressed. His skin is tan and he has white hair and red eyes, the epitome of any albino. Kyouga's signature hair style is his hair being spiked and slicked back and parted a bit. He usually wears black pants, a orange dress shirt a black tie, and a black tuxedo jacket quite frequently. His mask fragment is shaped like a strip of medical tape across his nose. Kyouga also has what looks like some white cloth wrapped around both of his palms and knuckles as a way to match his mask fragment. Kyouga's Espada number is located just above his heart and his hollow hole is located where his belly button would be.
Personality: Kyouga is usually a great person to hang around with, and he likes having the company of others. Kyouga used to get very bloodthirsty on the battlefield, but he has started to really mellow out since he became an arrancar. Due to this, Kyouga is capable of showing compassion to others, but he is also capable of being very ruthless and cold-hearted. Kyouga himself has started to become more rebellious and will eventually break away from Hueco Mundo completely. Kyouga has some qualities of a good leader, and refuses to leave his allies behind in any sort of fight.

Your Legacy:

Your Story:

I was once part of the living...
Kyouga has no recollection of his life in the living world, but he remembers beating up a lot of gang members and enjoying it. However, that is merely something that he made himself believe.

and then, i died...
Kyouga cannot remember his life as a whole. However, when Kyouga became a monstrous hollow, unlike most of the idiot hollows, he immediatly made his way for Hueco Mundo and started devouring hollows. Wholes were just a waste of time anyway.

i became less and less human, i became, empty
Kyouga viciously went hollow after hollow in an attempt to gain as much power as possible. Although he might have started out weak, he rapidly grew in strength as he showed signs of exponentially rapid evolution. He was indeed a vicious beast as a hollow, but he would soon become something even more menacing. Ironically, he didn't stay as a Menos Grande for very long. In fact, he became a Gillian in record time and continued his blood-stained feast of carnage. When he finally became an Adjuchas, he could finally devour hollows without touching them at all. This technique forced hollows to be absorbed into his body. He also looked like a beastly demon while in this form, but it would be a while until he became a Vasto Lorde. Aster gained immense power when he overpowered a group of weak Arrancars, and he now became an Arrancar at this point. Now, at the peak of his evolution, he shattered his mask and moved toward Las Noches.

i became the ruler of this world, i am became... a God-King.

Kyouga is now serving Rioshi in an attempt to become as powerful as he can. His reason for doing this is because he doesn't want to become a burden, and he wants surpass even the limitations that have been set upon him and his peers.

RP Sample:

Kyouga is walking around Las Noches aimlessly at the moment. He was bored and had absolutely nothing to do. He could kill some Shinigami, but what he really wanted was someone to talk to. Was it too much to ask for? Anyway, having the sort of power he had with the other Espada was great and all, but it only made him feel even more bored. Things just weren't as fun as they were when he was devouring hollows for the sake of power. Kyouga gave out a deep sigh as he waited for someone to give him some company, and actually start being a little social with him. Yet, the Espada only seemed to listen to his orders. He now understood that he needed a friend that he could openly talk to.

Eventually he gave up, and went to wander around the desert. Unfortunately, there was nothing for him to do here within the barren bleakness of Hueco Mundo. Kyouga then got really mad, and kicked a crystal tree while in a temper tantrum. Ironically, the tree that consisted of Reishi shattered to dust in the presence of Kyouga's Reiatsu. Rarely did Kyouga lose his cool, but he wasn't feeling happy on this excruciatingly long day. "lemons... Why did I have to stay behind when everyone else went to Halloween Land?! Geez, I'm getting so testy with nothing to do... Remembering my past is the last thing that I want to do at all..." Kyouga said to himself as he sighed. "I suppose it can't be helped, so I suppose I should go to bed now..." he said calmly as he headed towards his room so that he could fall asleep in his bed.

Release Information:

(This is for future reference, you must acquire this techniques in-game, same with the process of Espada evolution)

Basic information:

Zanpakuto Name: Demonio
Weapon of Choice: Scythe
Appearance: Link
Element: Darkness
Spiritual Pressure Color: Black
Other Information:

Resurrección Name: Él Demonio
Descriptions: Weapon shatters, followed by a great burst of spiritual pressure.
Release Command: Crucify this blue sky!
Released Appearance: Link
Kyouga's gains a pair of black demonic wings. Also, most of Kyouga's body turns into an extremely hard demonic skin with special Hierro properies. It is also noted that Kyouga's entire body is copletely black, exept for his number (still located in the middle of his chest) and new tribal tattoos that are colored white and are on his front torso. Interestingly, this is the only form that Kyouga takes that completely shatters the remains of his mask and replaces it with demonic horns. His hair is now a glowing yellow color, and hip-length. Lastly, his eyes are completely black with blood-red irises that contain slits for pupils. While in this form, a dark aura overflows from his body with some kind of black electricity.
Other Changes: {Environment wise, changes that has nothing to do with your characters appearance}


Name: Ma-Hierro
State: both
Terms of usage: Passive
DescriptionA stronger form of Hierro that is a combination of Mano and Hierro; It is an ability that Arrancar are able use to deflect, stop, or even pierce the enemy with their bare hands. This is also the ultra tough skin of the arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. While their skin is strong enough to block even released zanpakutou bare-handed, it is by no means impenetrable.
Downside: In combination with Darkness Skin, Kyouga's weakness to Light-Attributed attacks is amplified.

Name: Darkness Skin
State: ressurection
Terms of usage: Passive
Description: Kyouga fuses his darkness energy with his hierro to litterally become a living shadow. His strength is also increased drastically.
Downside: Extremely weak against Light element attacks.

Name: Caos Cero
State: Both
Terms of usage: Activated
Description: A pitch-black Cero with black lightning emitting from all directions. While this Cero is charging, it envelopes Kyouga's entire hand. This Cero can also be shot from both hands at once for a more devastating attack.
Downside: May be negated by a stronger Cero.

Name: Dark Shockwaves
State: Both
Terms of usage: Activated
Description: When Kyouga swings his scythe or punches his opponent with a lot of power behind it, dark shockwaves are emitted by the attack. These shockwaves are capable of tearing a normal person to shreds.
Downside: This attack can be blocked by a VC's Shikai.

Kingdom information:

Kingdom Name: Symphonia
Size: Large
Climate: Ranges between 60-70 degrees all year long.
Geography: Symphonia exists in a dome-like barrier similar to the Seireitei, but it is more expansive and completely invisible to the naked eye. Regardless, it is a flourishing grassland with plenty of rivers, plants, and trees. It generally has the appearance of a Medieval city with a great castle.
Limnology : There is a fountain in the center of the city, and there is a river that flows from the north.
Vegetation : Great diversity of fruits, vegatables, flowers, and trees. Mainly a grassland plains environment.
Population: Roughly 10 thousand
Description: At first glance, the kingdom looks like a civilized land cultivated from magic and nature. However, Symphonia has a hidden darker side that very few are permitted to even see. Commonly, Symphonia is a kingdom that is build on the fundamental values of the cycle of life, and equivalent exchange. What most people don't know is that there is an elite group (lead by the God-King) that has created a darker mirror image of the kingdom where they study the darkest of arts, including the famed Arcane Benedicta. The God-King knows of how to create the forbidden substance, but he fears the price is too great, and that it could bring birth to corporeal sins. However, the temptation always remains.

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Kyouga Minamoto Empty Re: Kyouga Minamoto

Post by Zatoichi on Mon Nov 10, 2014 12:31 am

1/2 approved

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Kyouga Minamoto Empty Re: Kyouga Minamoto

Post by Alastair Knightfield on Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:02 am

Approved 2/2
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Kyouga Minamoto Empty Re: Kyouga Minamoto

Post by alice of the Rose on Tue Nov 11, 2014 5:25 am

Level: 20

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Kyouga Minamoto Empty Re: Kyouga Minamoto

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