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Lights in the Dark[Meeting topic]


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Lights in the Dark[Meeting topic]

Post by Preach on Fri Oct 24, 2014 5:49 am

"God-Kings to and fro, you are each invited to my Festival of Lights in The Darklands. This is to be a festival of neutrality without fighting or bloodshed, and thus, such acts are harshly discouraged. Furthermore, the festival shall have various foods prepared by one of the many arrancar of my lands, fit for our palatte. This invitation is not requiring you to come, but merely a offer to meet with each God-King on equal terms and simply chat and make discussion and such.

There is no dress code

Emily Friswald, Queen of the Darklands."


Light of Emerald, Sapphire, Crimson and Amethyst all fill the sky of the Darklands, the otherwise desolate and almost blank kingdom of the Queen Emily Friswald. These lights, sit high in the usually blank sky of the world of Hueco Mundo, as though a beacon. Apart from this, all about the seemingly blank kingdom, whose ground is a flat plane of black stone like substance, are several stand like objects being produced from the ground and from the reitsu of the various hollows that seemed to be preparing the festival. Even a false wind was being produced this evening by the power of various Arrancar and hollow placed about her Darklands, that would swap duties in order to preserve power.

All about the Festival, living world mimicked food, made from condensed reitsu from the shining silver river, the food enough to satsisfy the appetites of any lesser hollow, and provide moderate sustenance for an Arrancar. All about various lights where being placed, lightning up the usually bleak Darklands.

Emily, would be standing before her festival as it began to fruit, feeling the air of the wind hollow and arrancar breeze about, and felt the light heat of the lights as they blazed bright, some lights of fire, some of lightning, some of pure reitsu. This was the closest her kind would get to seeing "stars" in the sky as some of the lights hung in the open air high above. While the Festival was still being set up, other God Kings would likely be coming rather soon, and Emily kept her reitsu open to feeling them, her silver reitsu lighting up the main area of the festival.

While her Gigai was roaming the festival area, telling the hollows how to set things up, Emily stared out as she felt her clothing flow lightly in the hollow made breeze. Her clothing attire today being a plain red Kimono with gold trimming, her pixie cut red hair lightly covering her left eye. Unlike normal she wasn't wearing any piercings, and she wore no shoes either. The Kimono hugged her athletic body lightly, and the sleeves drooped over her hands. The clothing would seem a tad becoming if not for the fact she had no mentionable points apart from her toned stomach and legs that where hidden by the kimono.

(Left it short so others could describe what else is at the Festival, more fun that way!)

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Re: Lights in the Dark[Meeting topic]

Post by Senetue on Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:41 am

Senetue hadn't been entirely sure on how to respond to the letter that he had received from one of his fellow God-Kings. He had, at first, taken to the idea of tearing the letter up and letting it go for now. He was a busy man, what with his constant studying and application of human world variables within the Hollow Wastelands. It showed when one looked to Isolation, his own kingdom was one of such technological proficiency. Yet he had been talked into going by a rather unlikely pair of pandas who had made some pretty convincing arguments. Especially at the mention of food.

"You gotta go! What better way to examine the other God-Kings than in a peaceful setting. Size them up!"

"Yeah! What she said!"

"Plus there's food!"

So, there was Senetue doing what he did best, running. He was a quick bugger, especially for his height. Atop his head was one of his panda friends and the other had her nub like arms wrapped around his neck. He kicked up sand behind him, his small legs propelling him forward at a break neck pace. He had very little to worry of in this land, his mind a literal map of the area and with his spiritual suppression, no one would be able to sense him. It was as if he had not reiatsu, the only thing giving his position away was the sand in the air and his small form paving a way to the kingdom of The Darklands. "Darklands..." He said, his voice was soft as the vast expanse of black approached him. His eyes caught sight of the lights in the sky and he couldn't help but grin to himself. Is body seemed to go increasingly blurry, his legs straining harder until he completely disappeared from where he stood.

In but a moment he found himself appearing in the middle of the festival. His arrival was quiet, his form being that of some one just accomplishing a jump. The air around his foot seemed to warp slightly as he silently touched the ground of the festival ground. His large radiant turquoise eyes seemed to scan the festival grounds. Both of the pandas promptly released him, their soulless eyes scanning the grounds and staring at the occasional arrancar. "Hmm... Interesting." Senetue said, producing a cookie from his jacket as he started to nibble on it softly. He could feel Emily, her reiatsu was massive and since he didn't give off even a hint of his own, he could easily feel her presence like some one staring over his shoulder. "Guess I'm the first to arrive so far..."

"This just means we get to have more fun than anyone else."

"Yeah! What she said!"

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Re: Lights in the Dark[Meeting topic]

Post by Nikolaj on Fri Oct 24, 2014 10:47 am

A unexpected invitation arrived one evening within the Kingdom of Crow's Nest. Mail or any other forms of contact within outside the kingdom was quite rare and, in all honesty, nonexistent. Unless it was orders from the King or the Primera, The Crow's Nest Stayed relatively to themselves. So why was it that the king of the Crow's Nest decided to leave their home to attend a social gathering of all things?

Nikolaj Von, the tercera espada, a slim but still well built man, in a clean military uniform was the least of his kind to look like an espada. He looked like a human military man, ready for war. His over sized military cape engulfed his small built and was covered in snow. But as he walked through the festival the snow gradually melted away and eventually the coat escaped his body into the hands of his fraccion.

"It is rare for you to leave my king. I apologize if I'm speaking outside my bounds but, why the sudden excursion?"

Nikolaj merely fixed his uniform and kept walking. "I figured maybe the Primera might be here, and if not I would like to observe the other espadas. It would be wise to be aware of their existence, and for them to be aware of mine as well. And some of the others have also grown concerned with how much I sleep these days. Maybe I should heed their warning and explore a little."

Indeed it was rare for Nikolaj to be awake, and even in another kingdom attending a festival. Although they are a "military man", they are usually very lazy and unconcerned with other matters. But the thought of a festival did elicit some interest. Nikolaj observed a booth selling playful masks and contemplated on which one he would like to purchase.

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Re: Lights in the Dark[Meeting topic]

Post by Zenshin on Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:51 pm

Jack came with Emily to a festival she was holding in her kingdom. She was the first to offer him a place to live, thrive, so who was he to turn her down? Most of the hollows here were way above his level, as those that were his level would just try to eat anything that moved, so again he felt isolated. The Espada was merely admiring her grand creation; this festival of Espada to meet and shoot the breeze. The hollow could feel her power as the silver swirls breezed around her in a mini spectacle.

What was the point of her releasing her energy as opposed to just keeping it to herself? Jack had no idea. Standing next to her was even a challenge as he felt like her "reitsu", as she called it, would crush him. He learned a lot of new things while traveling back to the god-king's domain with her, such as what he was, where he was, what "Espada, Arrancar, and Menos" were. Jack also learned that not all hollows retained their ability to think and speak like a human and how that was normally only for the higher level hollows as well as Arrancar and god-kings.

Though she didn't have to tell him that one, he figured it out when he first tried communicating with them and they only viciously attacked him. His goal hadn't changed since he learned all of these things however, they had only been strengthened. Jack wasn't going to roll over and let some, or any hollow eat him, as it would halt his evolution. She mentioned a top level of hollow known as "Vasto Lord", which immediately became his goal.

It was incredibly rare for a hollow to make it to that level without getting eaten first, but he didn't care. Once he achieved that level, then, and only then, would he proceed past it and rip off his mask. Just like before, Jack now had a purpose, a goal, and that was enough to keep him going. "It's a nice festival you've made. I'm amazed that you managed to really replicate the kind that you'd see in the human world"

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Re: Lights in the Dark[Meeting topic]

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