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Danger in Living World arc


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Danger in Living World arc Empty Danger in Living World arc

Post by Kyouga on Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:19 am

Alright, the idea was brought up by my BFF (I think of him as one) Lavi/Daemon. Essentially Fullbringers, humans with spiritual powers that were born from humans that were attacked by Hollows, have been popping up all over in Japan and some even have bad intentions with the use of their powers. Many wish to give a Human/Shinigami hydrid their powers so that they will be able to live lives as normal humans. However, their are some who have no intention of giving up their powers and only see the hybrid as a very powerful potential ally.

Any suggestions or ideas to add? Lavi's new clan goes into more detail about it, if you wish to know more.

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