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Missions/Jobs Guidelines

Loli Gaga

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Missions/Jobs Guidelines

Post by Loli Gaga on Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:35 pm

Here's a short guide in missions you request here.

  • Requests

    To request missions, you must first fill up the template given. (One thread per mission) LINK

    Once your done, an RP mod will review it and give you a mission based on the information you provided, just think of it as a manual mission generator.

    Mission completion has no time limit, so it can last as long as you like it but do inform a mod if your done, in which way we can review the said mission and reward you due to your performance.

    ONLY RP moderators can give out missions, but seated officers as high as 5th seat can give them out with captain/espada permission.

    Once a mission is completed, it will be archived, and you will be rewarded CAR points or Kan.

  • Rewards

    Rewards vary from one thing to the other, but its best suited for bleach dynasties CAR system. LINK

    In which way you can level up your skills with points given from a mission, but since not everyone is using it, we will just be giving out Kan and special items.

    Free technique spots and the likes.

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