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Kaze Clan Spell Book

Nathan Crowe
Nathan Crowe

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Kaze Clan Spell Book

Post by Nathan Crowe on Mon Jan 25, 2010 10:11 am

Level 1

Ichi-kaze Wind Blades - Kicking/punching invisible spiritual energy turning them to fast invisible wind blades

Ni-Kaze REVERSE - Requires a lot of spirit energy, the user places his/her hand on their chest in a position parallel with each other, then pushes an invisible wind barrier reversing all course actions.

San-kaze jiten sentou - Spinning winds surround casters arms giving it more force and speed

Yottsu-kaze jiten ashige- Spinning winds surround casters legs giving it more force and speed

Go-kaze Sanso sakashima -This attack is mostly used for finishing moves, trapping an enemy inside a twister suffocating him completely, could be made stronger by Ni-kaze. only record of ever perfectly mastering that move was by the dark lord

Level 2

Kaze-mutsu kazekabe - Caster holds up its right hand flat open forming a wind wall which can stop any form of attack with in a period of time, depending on how much spirit energy was used. Downside is that it loses its effect if the castor puts down his/her hand.

Kaze-sichi retsu - User releases warm air through kicking the wind with his left foot, releasing the wind from his/her heel.

Kaze-yattsu hotto - User releases cool air through kicking the wind with his right foot, releasing the wind from his/her heel.

Kaze-ku winged blades - spirit particles form an icy wind blade underneath the casters feet giving him/her incredible speed and flying ability

Kaze- juu hari ken
- Believed to be the strongest known attack for all kaze clan techniques, it lives up to its name the huricane. The user summons strong winds to carry him/her in the skies to create swirling finishing move, either with a feather blade or a normal blade. (feather blade not needed, but reccomended)

Level 3 (Requires mastery of all techniques)

The Kaze Art Dance:

COMBO 1: Retsu-hotto dansu (requires mastery of all kaze clan techniques) - can use both kaze sichi and yattsu at the same time without activating both separately each, but together, by doing the retsu hotto kaze dance.

Attack and speed increases

Magic defense lowered and use is prohibited

Pattern on how to use:
Attack the enemy at least once with both techniques one with sichi one with yatsu (You can only activate one kaze spell in one post, so this are 2 attacks are separated from each other)
Activate and deactivate Sichi 4 times
Activate and deactivate yatsu 4 times
Activate them together with sichi coming first then yatsu

All this must happen in at least 5 posts, if not then it wont work.

uindo dansu (requires mastery of all kaze clan techniques) - Same with combo 1 only with the addition of flight by using Kaze-ku, and having the ability to use an even more powerful level of Ichi-kaze.

Easy flight, Additional magic attack strength, faster speed.

Requires a high amount of spiritual energy and magic defense turns zero

Pattern on how to use:
Do this prior to activating combo 1. (DO it before doing combo 1, else it wont work)
Use kaze-ku at least twice, in two different circumstances.
Attack the enemy no matter how many times you like, but only in one post, else it wont be valid.
Then do the combo 1 activation.

saishuu nazo (requires mastery of all kaze clan techniques) - Possibly the highest combo anyone could reach, requires a lot of body and spiritual energy training to master.

Its a combination of both combo 1 and 2, added to that are Kaze-juu and ni-kaze.

Can easily defend self with ni-kaze, can summon strong winds with just the movement of any finger

Disadvantage :

No more speed increase, only Class A witches can acheive this level having enough mana to spare.

Pattern on how to use:
Do this prior to activation of combo 2.
Use Ni-kaze at least once, but there must be real threat
Do combo 2 activation
Activate Kaze Ju

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