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Chapter 5: The Counterattack

The Storyteller
The Storyteller

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Chapter 5: The Counterattack Empty Chapter 5: The Counterattack

Post by The Storyteller on Wed Jun 10, 2015 4:19 pm

Once more you gathered your piece and sent them out to the playing field, and once more you never leave the square you are on? It this out of fear or is it out of your position that you choose for others to fight? Perhaps you fear your true power and wish nothing more than have other fight for you instead. Regardless The order was given and now The captains all fall for whatever their order were.

As the shinigami entered into the human world, Pandemonium was seen. There were hollows flying around trying to get what ever was after them away. All Flee for their lives, just as the report stated. What ever it was that scared the hollows into hiding, it was clear that they were inside in this domain of the humans. And just like the report stated, they were identical larvae like creatures, no taller than half way up Aki's shin.

As another hollow was seen flying away, it stopped as it began to clutch onto it's chest. Soon it exploded as a blood curdling cry came from another one of the beasts that are to believed to be children

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