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Sozen Kurosame

Sozen Kurosame
Sozen Kurosame

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Sozen Kurosame  Empty Sozen Kurosame

Post by Sozen Kurosame on Thu May 21, 2015 5:10 am

(Shinigami Warrior of God)

(Your character here)

Sozen Kurosame

"My apologies, I didn't know you weren't used to fighting demons"

Basic Information:

Name: Sozen Kurosame
Age: Unknown
Age Appearance: 27
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Gotei 13
Division: Division Six
Rank: Captain

Height/Weight: 6'0/174 lbs.

Description: This is the most handsome man in Soul Society. Handsome, good looking, attractive, gorgeous, damned sexy, you name it! He has a lot of adjectives and terms that can apply to him, but the bottom line is that there's no one in the Soul Society with looks to really rival his. All girls are constantly squealing in fangirl fandom because of how much they love him. He's also the most eligible bachelor in Soul Society, and people who work for media always want to interview him. He manages to escape all the time though. His looks blow people out of the water. He also dresses well, an elegant man. His perfection is a marvel for everyone. Many people think that he's a pretty boy who spends more time making himself look good than training. They're wrong. He's not only powerful, but looks good naturally.

His hair is perfectly straight, and neatly combed. It's a silky texture, and jet black too. The length is one that is in between, with the hair falling neatly at the sides, parted so that not only does it only minimally touch the forehead, but it never gets in his eyes. It is well groomed and conditioned so that it stays in place, almost like a magic trick, even when he is in combat. His hair almost never seems to move, as if he is a perfectly super attractive wax figure. Sozen's hair passes over his ears. It's long enough to cover them, but is trimmed just neatly enough that it passes over them, allowing his ears to be seen and his hearing to be unaffected.

His skin is soft, smooth, and warm. In touch, he's everything that fangirls typically want in a man's touch. His hands are warm, his face is warm, and his body is warm. He isn't so pale that it's like he never ventures outside. Quite to the contrast, he is always venturing outside. His tone is simply fair by genetics, and he is light skinned from that. His skin is perfect, in that there is not a single mark on his body. No one knows why, but Sozen has a "perfect healing" ability with his reiatsu. His reiatsu naturally causes wounds to heal completely if they don't leave handicapping damage. He's never left with scars. He has no scars, no blemishes, no moles, no birth marks. He has no distinguishing marks or bumps on his perfect, smooth skin.

This isn't to say that his skin isn't solid. To the contrary of that as well, Sozen has hard muscles. His shoulders are big and strong in a good working shape. People don't see him as the type to train a lot, but Sozen spends a lot of his time training his techniques to make them stronger. He regularly spends time molding his body with training as well. His muscularity is well toned on the body, but it's a thin toning. He isn't a body builder, but his body feels hard, and is pleasuring to the touch. This is because of all things, he excels the most in looks. He has good muscles in the limbs, and a pack of abs in six on the stomach.

His face is attractive. He's good looking, and boasts a perfect, calm face which usually also has a confident sliver of a smile on it. His eyes are a bit narrow, and are shown to always reflect a calm expression, showing that he is calm and also vain. He is known to believe that there is nothing that he cannot do once he sets himself out to do it. His nose, chin, and in fact his entire face seem to reflect perfect features of a perfectly attractive young man, appearing to be in his late twenties physically. He is young, in the prime of his body, and has a breath-taking personality as well.

Even though his eyes are unusual, they don't take away from his attractiveness at all. His eyes are a bright red color, and they never change. They always stay this way, exactly the same. They are actually quite fitting to a title that he was given. Some people have called him "Bloody Massacre" when he battles. Particularly the bloody part, as red is his signature color. His red eyes reflect a calmness that no one else ever has, and a confidence that he can do anything that he vows to do. His eyes can reflect passion too, and rarely do they express negative emotions like anger, or like hopelessness or lust.

Though he wears a black haramaki robe and pants set outfit, like all Shinigami do, his outfit is quite expensive and customized. He is quite finicky about this outfit in particular, and claims that it is that which he fights best in. It is made of the finest cloth material. It is warm, comfortable, and certainly close to silk in how fine and expensive it is. The design boasts gray flower patterns across the sleeves and lower torso half of the outfit. His sash is also black, and kindly houses a black sheathe for his black wrapped hilt katana. His outfit makes him look quite gorgeous too, according to many girls.

He doesn't actually often like to wear the formal things, though he wears them anyway. He has his white Captain haori on his person, wearing it in a normal, and traditional manner. He also has the ceremonial combs of the Kurosame family on his person, tucked within his robe just at the heart. He does not like to wear them, but this is not to say that he doesn't have them. He can wear them if he so chooses to, but he chooses not to. It is simply proper for him to keep them on his person at all times, so that he can prove he is a Kurosame, as the combs are a one of a kind Kurosame brand, and cannot be replicated by anyone that is not of the Kurosame family.

His reiatsu is unique, and doesn't give off an aura of light or energy. The only time his reiatsu can be truly seen is when his eyes are glowing, and black flower petals are flowing around him. His body becomes surrounded in calmly flowing sakura petals, except black in color. This is the image of a Kurosame, and not just any Kurosame, but the Kurosame Head Captain. Contrary to a minority of beliefs, Sozen is the rightful heir of the Kurosame. He is the first heir, and the absolute first in line for the job too. When he returned home after a trip, he had no quarrels with anyone, and they immediately let him ascend, such was his presence and power.

Face Claim: Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji

Personality:Taking the appearance of a tall and calm figure, Sozen is always seen acting as a noble should. He is an example of a good noble, but also because he needs to play the part well. It is of utmost importance that he acts sparkly clean, and perfect. It is of imperative importance that he acts like nothing is wrong with him, and that he has done nothing that a noble should not do. He is always strutting his own personality and stature in this way publically. If he doesn't do this, then he knows that the other noble houses will consider him weak, insane, or worse. There are a lot of things that will go wrong if he does not keep up his stature.

He is usually very aloof, very calm. His composure is renowned and famed throughout Soul Society. He goes through a lot of pressure and situations without losing his calm or his smile. He is confident, and exhibits an enormous amount of charisma that attracts people, usually female, to him. He seems almost too good to be true, really. His personality is one of the nicest, and most polite and calm in Soul Society. Even when directly insulted, he maintains this personality. He is known to be calm, and some refer to him as a pushover. He stays calm however even when killing.

His confidence is almost suffocating, and he is also very condescending. While he seems to be accepting and even very good at dealing with pressure and mistakes, he is usually someone that fakes it. "I know that mistakes happen" he says. A lot of times, he will be especially polite and confident and calm, and this is being condescending. He rebukes people in such a way that he comes off as one of the most arrogant individuals. He is usually likeable, until he meets someone to which he must be condescending. He always very picture-perfect. He is too polite, and his manners are too good.

He often shows a little mock concern for those that he cares about. He stresses on the less important things, like how expensive something will be, or how the good tea will be wasted. His concern seems like a joke, when in actuality he can be quite concerned. In very little ways, he shows his concern. He has sometimes offered his Haori to people when it's cold, or he has been a little bit too protective. Oftentimes, especially with his students, he will interfere just slightly in their lives to make things work for them, claiming that he can "make magic."

He never actually lets those he cares about fall into real harm. He lets them be in some minimal amount of danger, but it seems like he is always in control. He seems to be able to always keep command of the situation. In fact, it seems like most enemies can be defeated by Sozen. He never makes it seem like he's going to lose, and all battles seem to dictate smoothly into his planning. He is a very fine person after all, meticulous in everything that he does.

He often says poetic and dramatic things, showing charisma that way. Likewise, he will often say sarcastic or even odd things just to lighten the mood a bit, and relieve tension. His meticulous behavior extends to social situations and to other things too. It is rare for Sozen to be uncertain of what he must do in a situation. He is usually one of the people that is first to try to remedy the situation. And he usually succeeds in doing so when that happens.

His duty is very important, and he knows it well. He often acts and improvises to get his duty done, and goes to great lengths to ensure that not only is everything according to plan and duty, but according to schedule as well. When things are off schedule, meaning late, he is very disheartened with himself, or those that caused it to be late. He believes firmly in a strict organization for things to work, and he usually does things in this way.

Even when he's angry, he doesn't lose his smile or really change his personality. His eyes are what change. The anger can be seen in his eyes, even if he doesn't display it in the rest of his body. He doesn't seem like a normal person. When he's sad, he stops smiling, but he doesn't shed tears. Shedding tears is something that he hasn't done in years. He is almost always the strong one, and he is full of advice too. He knows and can do many things, and to many people just seems perfect. Too perfect.

He has a habit of getting too close to people, and invading their personal space. He may even take pleasure in their discomfort, and in startling them a bit with his presence. He is a man that can be counted on to make things fun, unexpected, and a bit too perfect. After all, that is his motto that he will sometimes say. When he particularly likes or approves of something, he'll say that it's "A little too perfect" with a good smile on his face.

Your Legacy:

Character Story: See Second Post.

RP Sample:

(We prefer quality over quantity.)

Powers & Abilities:

{To be able to use technique, Shikai and Bankai, knowledge and know how must be acquired in-game)

Zanpakuto Spirit Description: {Describe your Zanpakuto Spirit}
Zanpakuto Name: (Name of your Zanpakuto}
Inner World: (What does your inner world look like)
Sealed Appearance: The sealed Zanpakuto is a rather fine blade. It isn't anything unordinary, but it isn't merely conventional either. This is a sword fit for an Emperor. It is only natural for the Head of the Kuchiki Household to have a blade worth at least this much. If one measures blade quality, Sozen's blade has the highest quality and is the most expensive in all of Soul Society. As the Kuchiki Head's Zanpakuto, in addition to known abilities, its worth is estimated at roughly 13.4 billion ryo. However, as a sword by itself, it is worth around 5.2 billion ryo. Almost half of its worth is from the sword quality itself, and not just the powers and who it belongs to. It is so expensive just because of how great it is.

The wrapping on the sword is red. There is no getting around that. The sheathe is red too, and ornately decorated. The red wrapping on the hilt is Sozen's own ideal design for his blade, for a select few purposes. It's his trademark color, only naturally. His sheathe has a fine quality to it, to where it can withstand the highest quality of bladework. It means that the sheathe can even take a hit from Sozen's billions of ryo sword, and survive easily. It is able to withstand blows from any blade, and none will cut through it. That is the quality to it.

The blade itself is long, maybe around three feet, or a little bit longer. It's curved only slightly, like any other katana. It is shiny, and the tsuba has flower petal decorative patterns across it. The blade is a silver color, and is fine tempered in clay forge. It is a ten eighty carbon steel, with thin and thick strips perfectly balanced out to create this perfect masterpiece of a weapon. Its forgery is masterful, and the sword has a cutting ability unlike any other. Only a master of use like Sozen can handle it without cutting himself.

Just touching the sharp edge of the blade will massively split open someone's hand. This is how truly sharp the blade is. It's shockingly sharp. It can cut flesh, other steel, and bone with great ease. The sword quality is so high that there is no other sword that can stand to it. It is presently known as the finest sword in Soul Society, and the finest Zanpakuto. Sozen's sword will easily cut other weapons if they aren't main weapons, like Fullbring or Zanpakuto. For Fullbring and Zanpakuto, cutting through them scheme works normally.

Name: Akai Birido
Shikai Release Phrase: Raze, Akai Birido
Released Appearance: The Shikai release does not change an awful lot about the blade. The sheathe stays intact, and the Zanpakuto's hilt wrapping turns black. Meanwhile, the blade turns a deep blood red, as if it has been stained, and then made to glow. It's eerie, and is bright enough to actually light the darkness in times when there is no light. It lights his way with the color of red. It maintains a constant sharpness in the same way it has in the sealed state when it is in Shikai. All blades generated by the ability of this Zanpakuto also have the same sharpness as in sealed state.
Shikai Special Ability: There is no range limit, and the ability is to create blades from anything that is the color red. The Shikai has a size limit. It is only able to create blades that range from one inch in length to the full length of a "long" katana. Blades can be up to a meter in length, but no longer. They can be shorter than that too. The preferred length is approximately three feet, the same length as Sozen's Zanpakuto. When he creates blades, the amount that he creates depends on the size of what the red is. If he can only fit one blade on there, so be it. If he can fit many blades on there, then it is far more beneficial.

Moreover, his Shikai has the ability to turn what it directly cuts into red. It can't turn something living red. It can't turn leaves or trees red, it can't turn plants red. It can't turn something like gas or smoke or air red. But it can turn liquid red. And it can turn other materials red. It can turn weapons red, or it can turn clothing red. If it touches the other object with the blade, then that object will turn red. He can force many enemies to disarm themselves because he creates blades out of their own weapon, heading towards them.

If reiatsu strength is significantly higher, then he can't turn a main weapon red with his slash. Another limit is that Kido and other magical techniques can't be turned red. There won't be turning the opponent's Cero red, and there won't be turning a Hierro or other coating layer red. Instead, his power is consistent with what was mentioned above.

What is finally most beneficial is his ability to use the sheathe for the powers as well. It is not specifically the blade that needs to touch as well. The sheathe is special, and is part of the Zanpakuto too. The sheathe and Zanpakuto go hand in hand to complete each other. They make each other whole. The sheathe has the same ability to turn what it touches red. It makes fighting against him a whole new battle, and is yet another surprise when facing Sozen Kuchiki.

Name: Akai Birido Seken
Bankai Release Phrase: Bankai. Akai Birido Seken
Released Appearance: The Bankai causes the sword to disappear into a flow of red sand. Suddenly, for everywhere in a mile surrounding Sozen, everything turns red. The ground turns red, the clouds turn red, and buildings turn red. Only living beings and their affairs do not turn red, unless they are already red. Well, the sky doesn't turn red either. This "red world" uses Sozen as a center, so it moves in the same way that he does. If he moves, the red will move with it.
Bankai Special Ability: Sozen's Bankai is a scary thing. When his mile radius world of red is formed, he has jurisdiction over it, and can create blades from the red. Clouds can make blades, if he and his opponent are high up enough for that. Buildings are red, and trees are red, the ground is red, water is red. Everything that is not an enemy and their personal affair (something they are wearing, or their main weapon) will turn red. It makes facing Sozen terrifying, especially indoors. There is no safe place to hide from him at that point. He can create an entire realm of blades with just one motion and a large sum of stamina if he wanted to turn his whole "red world" into blades.

Blades disappear if something stops being "red." The blade size has also changed dramatically since Shikai. The width of the thing first of all is capable of going up to 10 feet wide. That says that the blade has a lot of potential for cutting and slicing deeply into. More important is the length. It can extend for up to three hundred meters meters this time, much larger than before. If everything in that radius is red, then it becomes difficult to fight against Sozen. An important distinction is red skin. Native American skin does not count as "red." However, someone who is painted red, or by some unfortunate coincidence is actually red, can be manipulated to form blades.

Even in Shikai, this affair of the skin is possible. One should be most careful against Sozen. Fighting in the air is probably the ultimate counter to his Bankai. He rarely has room to form blades up there, and he doesn't keep his Shikai blade during Bankai. Instead, it dissolves into red sand, leaving his grasp, and leaving him with free hands. He doesn't keep the sheathe either. When his blade reforms after Bankai ends, it reforms sheathed at his side, without him having to do anything.

His blades are okay though. They have the same ability as the original Shikai blade. In Shikai, the blades were just blades that formed to attack. In Bankai, if any of the blades he forms in his red world touch something that isn't already red, then that thing will turn red. They can turn weapons, clothing, and personal affairs red. Only a living being that isn't already red will not be made red. Lipstick, it should be known is one of the worst things to wear while fighting against Sozen. Oh, one more useful tidbit. In Bankai, the blades Sozen forms are already red.


(Max 12, you can add/unlock as you progress, but to be able to use technique, you must acquire it in-game)

Zanpakuto Techniques

Name: Aka No Suna (Red Sand)
State: Shikai
Terms of Usage: Must be holding sword to activate.
Description: This is similar to what happens to his sword during Bankai. If he uses this ability during Shikai, people meet think that he is just using this technique again. The distinction is that this doesn't turn the red sheathe to sand as well. Only the blade will turn into red sand, and float off. Also, in Bankai the sand just disappears. In Aka No Suna, the sand will become a small cloud of sand. It's small, having only a total volume of 25 meters cubed in space inside. But if someone gets stuck in the cloud of sand, blades from everywhere will impale them. Blades can and will form anywhere in this cloud of sand. When someone gets stuck inside of here, there is chaos.
Downside: The size is a limiting factor. It's easy to get out of, and the sand won't be able to stick to someone or on someone unless they're wet. The cloud also only moves at speed equal to half of Sozen's current speed. So it's not very fast. If he's weakened, it's even slower. It's also his weakest technique. It can stay active as long as Shikai is active. When it's time to put it away, he can recall the sand back as his blade. If the sand is blown away or dispersed, it automatically reforms the sword.

Name: Aka No Senkou (Red Flash)
State: Shikai and Bankai
Terms of Usage:Must be holding Sheathe.
Description: This power can only be used as long as Sozen has his red sheathe with him. However, it allows him to instantly teleport to anything that is red that he can see. It's instant teleportation. This is faster than any step technique out there. Also, it isn't a step. It's teleportation. He literally leaves behind the place where he was, and disappears. He literally dematerializes, and then rematerializes. This allows him to dodge attacks very well using this technique, and appears wherever he pleases if there is red there. This is the only Shikai technique that can also be used during Bankai.
Downside: It is extremely taxing to use, and can only be used twice a post at most. The stamina drain is also so much higher than normal techniques that Sozen will be left breathless even for just two uses. He will need to stop and catch his breath. Too many uses over a longer period of time will be a severely detrimental to Sozen's stamina.

Name: Aka No Suna: Modo Kyoujin (Red Sand: Mode Giant)
State: Bankai
Terms of Usage: None
Description: This is another version of Aka No Suna. It's a Bankai level. All of the red of the red world lifts off. The red world turns normal color, but it becomes covered in a large floating and dense cloud of red sand. The red sand is a mile all around, but is not in constant movement like red world. It can't change places like the original Aka No Suna either. It's a mile high, a mile all around. Blades can form from anywhere within it, so anyone that fights against Sozen and encounters this technique will get barraged in every conceivable angle endlessly unless they escape the sand and go somewhere else. At any time, Sozen can force this to revert back to the red world.
Downside: In order to use the technique it puts as much strain on Sozen's reiryoku reserves as his Bankai does to activate, it can last as long as his Bankai.

Name: Aka No Seken: Modo Chiisai (Red World: Mode Small)
State: Bankai
Terms of Usage: None
Description: It's one of Sozen's ultimate techniques, but is also has a very minimum cost. It's one of the more usable and less finale techniques in his Bankai. He does after all need those. He initiates it by placing his palms down flat against the ground, and saying "Aka No Seken" out loud. Then, the entire red world retracts, and he closes his eyes. When he opens them again, a shockwave explodes out from his body, repulsing any incoming attacks. It isn't a defensive technique. It's a release of power. This release of his power takes away his traditional red world, but it also lets him blast away incoming power with his own. Then, the technique becomes usable. The only change that had come upon him is in his eyes. He has sucked the entirety of the red world into his eyes. They have taken a new form. Because of this, Sozen gains a power unprecedented. He has the power to turn anything that he touches red, and all blades created eject out at speed equivalent to the blade reiatsu strength. The blades have a reiatsu strength equivalent to twice Sozen's. More importantly, he can steal "red" covering from things that he touches as well. If he does this, he can implant it onto something else too, turning that "something else" red. Example, he can suck the "red" out of a red smoke, turning the smoke gray. Then, he can plant that "red" in a top, turning the top red. He can only hold one "red" at a time.
Downside: It loses the advantages that red world had. Red world had a range advantage. This becomes a much more personal combat, and is fatiguing to Sozen, who must continue to combat while using his powers at this state of fullest. It seems like a whole new Bankai when he unleashes it, and it is like that. His stamina gets quickly depleted if he tries to use this for too long. It also, again, eliminates the advantage that he had with his powers before for red world. It becomes easier to take him out. This mode only lasts for 5 posts. When Sozen uses this, his personality becomes just a little bit colder. He becomes a little bit more calculated. His mind turns more to more sadistic and to darker thoughts.

Name: Aka No Isou (Red Transport)
State: Bankai
Terms of Usage: All blades must be retracted
Description: This is Sozen's weakest Bankai technique by far. It doesn't have any direct offensive ability. This technique is used for escape and maneuvering. As long as red world is intact, for no reiatsu drain each time, Sozen can quickly sink into something red to displace himself. He can then emerge out of anything else that is red. He can't hide, but must directly emerge. He can hide only if he emerges out into something that provides him with cover. However, he can enter ANYTHING red, regardless of size. That is an advantage. He can disappear.
Downside: It costs some stamina to activate this each time, and he can't use it to hide. It needs to be immediate transport and displacement. He also can't have any blades out while he's using this. Blades must shrink back into their red while this technique is being actively used. This can be done well enough, though. The teleportation is faster than using Shunpo, and is faster than Sonido. It can also be done at any time, and doesn't need preparation, or a "step." The blades must be retracted is all.

Name: Aka No Zecchou (Red Climax)
State: Bankai
Terms of Usage:
Description: This is Sozen's strongest attack in Bankai. The red world disappears, and instead flows into his body. He becomes surrounded in overflowing red reiatsu that takes the shape of a winged woman, an angel with a halo. It is giant when surrounding him. He puts all of his powers into this last attack. He plunges forwards, and all of his stats combine together to make each other equal to the combination of everything. When he slashes, all of his hyped up stats combine for reiatsu strength in one big explosion that terminates the opponent.
Downside: This can only be used once in Bankai. It drains all remaining reiatsu. It knocks him out of the battle by rendering him unconscious, and leaves in unconscious anywhere from three days to two weeks depending on how much reiatsu he used up for this transaction. It can be assuring to Sozen to know that he usually doesn't use this unless he is low on reiatsu and on options, and must defeat the enemy.

Non-Zanpakuto Techniques

Name: Shunpo (Flash Steps)
State: All
Terms of Usage: None
Description: Shunpo (瞬歩, Flash Steps) is a movement technique, which allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow. The focal point which determines the basis of this technique is speed. As speed is the main factor of the technique, the method is best characterized by how fast one can get from point A to point B in the least amount of steps. Training and skill are what determines how fast a user of Shunpo can move; users of little skill in the technique or those who have not used it for an extended period of time would obviously be out of practice, causing them to be considerably slower, which requires the use of more steps to move the same distance and become winded in a shorter amount of time
Downside: N/A

Name: Senka (Flash Blossom)
State: Regular
Terms of Usage: Shunpo is necessary
Description: Moving behind the opponent, the practitioner attacks and seals their Saketsu (鎖結, Chain Binding) and Hakusui (魄睡, Soul Sleep) in two rapid attacks. A victim may not be able to tell whether they were attacked from the front or the back because of the technique's speed, and even an outside observer may find it impossible to tell what the movements are.
Downside: Not very effective on someone of equal strength.

Name: Utsusemi (Cast-off Cicada Shell)
State: All
Terms of Usage: Shunpo is needed
Description: The practitioner moves at great speed to avoid an attack, leaving an afterimage which can appear to have taken damage.
Downside: N/A

Name: N/A
State: (Shikai, Bankai, Regular Or All)
Terms of Usage:

Name: N/A
State: (Shikai, Bankai, Regular Or All)
Terms of Usage:

Name: N/A
State: (Shikai, Bankai, Regular Or All)
Terms of Usage:

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Sozen Kurosame
Sozen Kurosame

Posts : 9
BD-cash : 1469

Sozen Kurosame  Empty Re: Sozen Kurosame

Post by Sozen Kurosame on Thu May 21, 2015 6:49 pm

Character History.

So you want to know my story? I'll be happy to explain it to you, if you'll take the time to listen to it. My tale isn't very sad, and it's actually quite happy. That joy was what made me who I am today. I had some rough times, but everyone does. I'm just a regular person at heart, but I'm also pretty strong. You'll learn all about me as you venture with me through my tale. You know, someone once told me that you learn even more about yourself if you tell about yourself. The more you observe about yourself, the more that you will learn. It's surprising, but I think I can handle that kind of party. I don't really like gatherings of nobility and such, but I do like to gather with people. It's fun. I like talking, I like socializing. You might learn some of that about me in this story. I think it's more likely that you'll find something else about me, something a bit more private. So if you can, I'd like you to keep it a secret. Shhh...Don't let anyone know...

Oh, me? That's right, I haven't even introduced myself, have I? You want to know who I am. Yes, that's only natural. The first thing about me is that I'm a mighty combatant. I'm an experienced fighter, a loyal and warm lover, a teacher, a mentor, and a student too. If you must know, I'm even the head of a house of nobles. Not just any house of nobility, I might add. I am the current head of the famed Kurosame Household in the Soul Society. This is one of the strongest and most famous of the four noble houses. I have plenty which allows me to be the head. There are many qualities to me, you know. I'm not so inexperienced as you expect me to be. I might be young, but I have admirable qualities if I do say so. Well, that's enough of my introduction. I'm Sozen Kurosame, and I am one hell of a Shinigami.


Play this for the whole story

Chapter 1:

~Chapter 1: Day of chance

Since I told you about myself, it's only fair that I skip the boring details. Since I introduced myself, you know the majority of my life. You know that I was born in the Kurosame Manor in South District #1 of Rukongai. You also know that most of my life I was just raised as a noble, under the finer things, and I was groomed to be the heir. I didn't associate with peasants, or very often with lower ranks. I trained to become strong, and I had few friends, since I didn't go outside very much. My best playmates I think were a few friends of my father that came to visit me. Ah, it's natural that you don't know. My brother was the second son, Kurosame, Onuya. He was made Kuchiki Head while I was away on a trip. We share a father, Kurosame Mephisto. This isn't so important, though. The more important story of my life started on the day I ran away for a day, and rested on the side of a road far away in a forest. It was important because it was a day of chance, you see. I met someone important there. To me, she. . .


She was quite attractive. Sozen admitted that. There was a mysterious glow to her face, bright like the sunlight that broke through the thick underbrush of leaves up above in the tall trees. The dirt road that Sozen was sitting on had dirtied his robes, which he wasn't allowed to do whenever he wasn't training. It was his mother's insistence on the matter, rather than his father's. Sozen had yet to begin his very slowed aging, and was 15 at the time that this happened. The girl appeared to be roughly this age as well, give or take. She was breathtaking to see. He was not only used to seeing only nobles and Shinigami, but he wasn't used to seeing people his age, let alone anyone attractive like that who was his age. Sozen saw her, and he liked what he saw. Her hair went down to her shoulders, and it was poofy and blonde. She was fair skinned, and had an enlightening smile on her face. It went well with her small nose.

Sozen wasn't able to take his eyes off of hers, when she approached him. They were a beautiful emerald green, brought out especially by the violet yukata she wore with the flower pattern decor, and the pink sash. His eyes never left hers from the moment that he gazed into them. He'd just been sitting on the road next to a rock, when suddenly this girl walked out from the other side of the forest, and sat down across from Sozen, also next to a rock. They were symmetrical while their eyes rested on one another. They didn't move for several minutes, and just watched each others' eyes. There was no strange awkwardness to the moment, but it was just a shared minute between two that found an instant spark. Sozen's hair was neatly combed in the same style as he'd have in later years of his life, and he wore a white haramaki. His red eyes did not leave her green eyes, and they didn't speak either, for several minutes. Birds of the early morning chirped. It was barely cracking dawn, but already the sun's rays could pierce the foliage above.

"Why're you here?" The girl suddenly asked Sozen. He was startled, but didn't show it. The silence had been broken by the first words. Sozen cocked his head to one side, and replied in a tone that was a bit bleak, without smiling either. He wasn't sure what to do with his face. "I ran away." Sozen said. A few more minutes passed, and then Sozen asked her the same question. "Why are you here?" He said in his smoothest voice, not yet smiling. He still wasn't sure what to do with his face. The girl turned her head to the side, and then smiled a bright smile that filled Sozen's heart with warmth. "I ran away." she said. Sozen smiled back at her at last, two dazzling smiles. They started laughing lightly at first, the silence being broken. Then, because of the awkwardness of the situation, and perhaps some irony and a bit of luck, their laughter became loud, and lasted for further minutes. When it ended, Sozen didn't stop smiling. He kept it up, bright this time.

"Do you want to...go somewhere else?" Sozen asked at last. "I know some nice places here." The girl smiled back at him, and nodded her approval. "I wouldn't mind." Sozen stood up, and he patted himself down, dusting himself off. Dust and dirt had gathered on him, and he had to get it off, or it would be annoying to him later. He was a little bit OCD about that. It came with his Kurosame nobility grooming. Sozen walked to the girl, knowing how to be polite and chivalrous. He bent over, offering his hand to help her up. She stared at his hand, and then started laughing. "No one has ever offered me their hand for getting up!" she exclaimed in between giggles. "I thought it was so old fashioned!" Sozen turned red, not sure how to proceed with this reaction. "Who are you?" the girl asked, taking Sozen's hand so that he could help her up. Sozen only cracked another fabulous smile with his calm demeanor.

"I'm only the most interesting man in your life." Sozen said modestly. The girl started laughing again, and then squeaked when she tried to get up. She looked down, noticing she'd stepped on something, like glass. It broke, and Sozen was quickly down with her. He tore off a piece of his robe, and wrapped it around her foot. People had done something like that for him many times. She helped him put pressure on it, and helped him tie it tightly. Sozen did have trouble tying knots. "It looks like I need to carry you today." Sozen said, lifting the girl onto his back. She was light. Her thin arms wrapped around his neck and down to his chest, and she held her legs against his hips. He carried her by balancing her that way while slouching, and holding her thighs to keep her balanced there. Sozen started walking. He knew a place to go. "What's your name?" The girl suddenly asked. "I'm Sozen." Sozen replied with a smile. "What's yours?" The girl smiled back at him. "Aoi."
Chapter 2:

~Chapter 2: Daisy

It was a day of good luck, I think. I know who she was now, but I didn't know back then. It was coincidence that we ran away at the same time. Completely different situations drove us to run away and hide in that forest. By coincidence, it was at the same time, and in the same place. We met there, at the edge of the road, far away from either of our homes. No one could interfere with us. It was there that I bonded with her quickly. Desperation to escape probably joined us so fiercely, and with such tenacity. We just wanted to escape for that time. We wanted to escape forever, now that I think about it. I was tired of a predetermined destiny, and of being the destined Kurosame Head. She was tired of a different situation. We were there because we were both tired. It was on a road of luck that we met, and it was from there on that a day of chance started. The day that I met Aoi was the best day of my life. I remember that. . .


The first place that Aoi and Sozen went was a stream. It took some walking, but they arrived at a stream, where Aoi unbandaged her foot, and they sat down next to each other. They were both barefoot, and they dipped their feet in the stream. Sozen felt the cool water passing across his feet, and was happy. It was nice. The sun was getting higher in the sky, and light had cracked from the outer and cloudless blue. Something rubbed against Sozen's foot. It was cold and clammy, and it tickled too. He shivered, and laughed a moment. Aoi looked at him, but then it passed across her foot too, and she laughed as well. Both of them had been started by the same fish! Sozen laughed with Aoi. It felt gold to be there with this person that he'd just met. He couldn't explain it then, and the words would not flow to him until years later. It took away the veil of darkness that came with waking up. It made him feel like he could enjoy everything that he wanted in any way that he wanted.

"Where are you from?" Sozen asked Aoi. She put a cool, thin finger on his lips, and smiled at him, mimicking the movement across her own lips. "Shhh..." Aoi said to Sozen. "It doesn't matter what our backgrounds are. Today, none of it matters. It's just you and me right now." Sozen smiled, accepting that. He didn't feel like explaining his position as a Kurosame either. He was tired of being seen like that. For just one day, he'd be seen as a normal, ordinary young boy. "You, me, and the fish as well, I presume?" Sozen joked with his smile, growing ever more carefree as it widened to show perfect white teeth. Aoi laughed, and started kicking her feet a bit. Sozen pondered a moment, and then smiled coyly. He kicked his foot too, and a few droplets of water sprayed on Aoi's face. Her eyes widened in surprise momentarily, and then lowered back into narrowed slits as a devilish smile lit her. "You dare to challenge me?" She murmured.

Aoi kicked her foot, and a large splash of water hit Sozen's face. Smiling back at her, and laughing, Sozen pushed Aoi's back lightly, since they were sitting next to each other. With a start, she fell into the water, splashing in it. It was shallow. She'd gotten all wet, and so Sozen stood up and offered her his hand with a smile once more. Aoi, with a gleam in her eyes, grabbed his hand and yanked him down into the water with her. With a splash and a thud, Sozen hit, and felt the cold drench his body and skin all over. He felt warmth in his heart. It was nice, and it was the feeling called joy. He splashed at Aoi again as he stood up. She stood up as well, able to stand by then. They started splashing each other back and forth, neither one willing to give in to the other. At the end of it, neither one was sure who'd won. It didn't matter, because they'd had a lot of fun. They were still kids, after all. They'd met by chance on a road, and that was it for them.

When Aoi and Sozen turned away from each other, back to back, they took off their clothes, hanging them up on rocks to dry. Then, they sat without facing each other, backs together to keep warm with each other's body warmth. There was no fear of anyone coming, so they didn't have trouble with doing that. They were alone in that clearing with that stream. They didn't say anything at first, letting a few minutes pass as they calmed down from the fun that they'd had. "But I still won that." Sozen broke the silence at last. Aoi laughed, and so did Sozen. They were happy. However many people could connect this well on their first meeting must be few in number. They were having fun, and it was all that mattered. It was a day of luck, and it had started on a road of luck in the forest. In future, Sozen's inner world would come to mirror this place where he met Aoi.

"This is nice. I haven't had fun like this in a long time." Aoi said with a sigh, smiling with that release of air. Her exhale had a breathy sound to it. Sozen was biased about it, no question, but he found even her sigh to be cute. "I haven't had a day to myself in years." Sozen said truthfully. Every day was rigorous, and there was never any rest. Being a noble in the Kurosame household was difficult. It was even worse for the future head. His brother, Onuya, trained the same way that he did, but a few years behind from age difference. Onuya also wasn't supposed to be the head. He was going to be a powerful right hand to Sozen. In that, he would also replace Sozen if anything ever happened. It was the way of the Kurosame. They knew it worked. There was too much honor in that family for anyone to kill for ascendance. Sozen noticed a daisy on the ground, and picked it quietly. It was lovely. Without turning around, he extended his arm backwards, holding it out. "It would look nice on you." Sozen said. Aoi smiled, putting it into her hair.
Chapter 3:

~Chapter 3: Our day of luck

This was our day of luck. It is my most treasured memory, which even many, many years later I continue to hold dearest to me. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without this day of meeting Aoi Chika. I didn't learn anything about her on that day besides her first name, and I didn't need to. There was never a need for it, for I was happy right with where we were. She too felt this way, I do hope. Inevitably, things progressed in our day. We did many things together in that day. After our time at the stream, I brought her to a place where my mother brought me when I was younger. It was a beautiful place, and I was only there with someone once. I've gone back many times since my first trip to it, but until Aoi, I'd never been there with company besides the first time. I'm glad that this all happened. Because of it, my memories will stay strong and beautiful forever. It was our day of luck, you know.


"It's so pretty..." Aoi murmured. It was, and Sozen couldn't disagree. In fact, that was why Sozen brought her there. He brought her there to enjoy the view of the place. The enormous, expansive field was filled with flowers and green. Roses, ranuculi, daisies, jasmines, and all sorts of other flowers filled the field with scenery and color. The high up sun loomed over the field, giving it a warmth and a glow that was akin to a paradise of the imagination. Sozen couldn't forget the look of astonishment and wonder in her sparkling eyes. Tears filled those beautiful eyes, streaming from her face as a smile lit it as well. "Are you alright?" Sozen asked worriedly. Aoi smiled while the tears continued to form and fall. "It's so beautiful, I just lost myself in the moment." she said joyfully. Sozen liked it too. This place was so beautiful and cliche that it couldn't be anything but the best experience. It would be one of the most memorable parts of their day together, after that. Sozen had planned for it to be memorable.

Though, when instinct took him, and actions and words started flowing without his logical thought behind it, both he and Aoi were taken by surprise. It was nice afterwards, but it was astounding when it first happened. Watching tears on Aoi's beautiful face, and watching her smile, Sozen lost himself. He couldn't help but feel like melted butter. Before he knew it, his hand joined with hers, and he pushed forwards, his face drifting towards hers. In spite of how recently they had met, and in spite of his own experience and disagreeing instincts, Sozen kissed her. Their lips bumped together awkwardly like moths, light and uncertain as well. Sozen didn't meet disappointment when he drew away, for he found Aoi's hand clutching his tightly as she looked into his eyes. Aoi was the one who pulled Sozen back, and they kissed again. In between kisses, Aoi spoke. "My mother told me about a feeling like this. She said it's called love. She said it can happen very suddenly like this too."

Sozen smiled in between his kisses with Aoi, clutching her hand all the more tightly. "Even though I only met you today, I can't stop the way that I feel now. I like you. I've fallen for you, it seems." Aoi and Sozen embraced in the middle of the clearing of flowers. It could have been seconds, minutes, hours, days, or even an eternity that their lips were locked in a passionate kiss. Sozen could process only how good she smelled, and how soft her lips felt. Her hair smelled nice. Her body was warm. He didn't want to end the moment. When they drew away, he could still taste the joy that he'd felt while they discovered together this newfound love. It didn't matter if it was love or if it was attraction. It was something that might just make even Sozen feel a bit giddy inside. His feelings for her had gotten strong in a short time. He couldn't help but feel that this was a lucky day. It was a beautiful story for him to know, and to tell people about later. Perhaps one day, he would share it as his most defining experience.

They kept their hands joined as they lay down in the flowers, hiding in the taller blades of grass, nowhere within view even if someone did come to this secluded, unknown place. There, they held hands as they watched the sky. They watched the milky white clouds that drifted aimlessly in the sky, pushed by wind and air currents. Sozen and Aoi watched the clouds wordlessly, so lost were they in those moments of love. A golden joy had broken Sozen's heart. It was like a knife had hit his heart, and a weight had been added to it. It couldn't stop pounding. He was so happy that it was painful. He couldn't stay anything but calmly content while he was there with Aoi. The whole world made more sense. The whole world was a lot more beautiful while he was with her. With his hand in hers, he kept a smile while he watched the sky. When he turned his head to face hers, she turned her head too. Their eyes met and locked like when they had first met, and stayed there for a few minutes.

Like when they'd first met, they just watched each others' eyes, and they said nothing. There was nothing that needed to be said. Everything had been said. It had all been displayed by passion and by action. It had all been revealed through emotion. The few words that they'd needed had already elapsed. Sozen stayed in that position with Aoi a few minutes more, and then leaned his lips into hers again. They kissed each other like that, and continued kissing while they hid in the tall grass. Something about the moment seized them, and some unfounded attraction controlled them. Aoi tugged on Sozen's sleeve, and he rolled on top of her as they kissed. Quietly, he parted and lifted away Aoi's yukata, undoing the sash and pulling the beautiful robe from her body. He put both of his hands on hers, pinning her hands to the ground. They kissed, and then let the moment of love decide where they went next. They pushed their passions to the limit, and gave their love up to action.
Chapter 4:

~Chapter 4: Last hours

We lay there for hours, I remember, when we were done. When I confessed, we kissed again and again. And when we expressed our love, I was only able to feel joy about it. I can't explain the feeling that I felt back then very well, but I can say that it was the greatest thing I have ever felt. There was never a time in my life when I was happier than in that moment. There has never to this day been any moment happier than that very first day, except perhaps for one. But, as it was, we were well aware that it was coming to an end. It was our day, but it was still only a single day. In the time of a lifespan, or in the world's life, or in the universe's life, a single day is nothing. It is less than the blink of an eye. A day is nothing but a second in the great play out of things. I am one hell of a philosopher, some could say. I remember the sorrow that I felt as I realized that soon we would be parting ways. I wanted to stay with her, to run away with her. But I knew I couldn't. I had responsibility. She knew too. I remember it because. . .


Aoi suddenly spoke while they were lying there, entwined in each others' arms lovingly. "I want to run away with you." Very suddenly, she said this, out of nowhere. Her face was filled with longing, her eyes full of this earnest honesty. This earnest desire to leave together was strong in Sozen as well, but he knew that they couldn't. And Aoi seemed to know it too. "But I know we can't...We both have responsibilities, and we both have families. We can't throw that away for one person we just met, right?" A tear formed in each of her lovely emerald eyes, falling as glitter down to Sozen's cheeks as well, spreading as a virus as the tears came from him as well, welling up. He brought his lips to hers, holding her close, and holding Aoi tightly. His tears and his kiss were both bittersweet. It was nice, but the fact that their time together was drawing to an end was plaguing him, and lingering on it. He decided at the end to forget about it for a while.

"We can't run away together right now." Sozen said. "But why don't we enjoy our last few hours together? Forget about the parting. We still have some time." He stood up, his skin a pale, luminous white under the weight of the full moon's glow. Sozen dressed, sliding his haramaki back onto his body. Aoi stood up and slid her yukata back on, and tied the sash back. Sozen and Aoi held hands, joining them together as they started to walk. "I have one last thing to show you." Sozen said. "So let's enjoy it while we can." This was something he wanted to enjoy. He'd come to love this girl in a short time, and this was also the first day he'd had to himself to do whatever he desired in at least three years. It was hard to find this kind of day. This kind of day full of good luck was something that only happened once in a lifetime. Sozen, holding Aoi's hand, took her with him back on the walk that they'd come from.

They passed to the end of the flower field, where Sozen kissed her again as they left it. They went past the stream, where Sozen kissed Aoi under the light of the moon and in front of the calming sounds of the running water. Holding her hand, he continued to bring her back the way that they'd come, until they returned into the forest. He kissed her at the entrance to the forest, and again as they got a little ways into it. When they finally arrived where he wanted to be with her, Aoi's eyes lit up in surprise. She was astounded. Her sparkling emerald eyes traced around the area. It was where the two of them had met, with the two rocks facing each other. And, in the night, all around that area, dozens of beautiful and bright fireflies could be seen. Their light was a grand, magnificent sight. It was a beautiful sight. They starts running and jumping in the fireflies, playing tag by weaving in and out of trees. When they stopped, they held hands and sat against a tree and watched the bugs move.

When they kissed while watching those fireflies, it was a sad kiss. It was their end kiss. They knew it. The end was coming. Taking comfort in each others' arms, they fell asleep there, their lips only an inch apart the whole time, and not a stir of movement changing that position. They were warm together, and their sleep was something that many would later refer to as cute and adorable. They were there for hours, until past the crack of dawn. Before it, the last firefly started to drift away, and disappeared back into its home where it would sleep. Together, they wanted to enjoy their last moments together. Sozen and Aoi slept there soundlessly, peacefully. Only the crickets and other insects could be heard across the night as the moon's cycle shifted around. Not even any kinds of birds could be heard while they slept there. It was like nature itself didn't want to interrupt the two young lovers while they were together. It was certainly one hell of a day of luck on the road of luck.

What Sozen and Aoi both dreamed of were more days together, where they could find love in each other once again. They dreamed of eating together, sleeping together, bathing together, and of kisses under the moon and the sun. They dreamed of sunsets and of aging together, and of throwing away everything for only their happiness together. They didn't have any more time together, but they wanted it. It was a dream that couldn't be fulfilled yet, but it wasn't impossible either. Maybe if they met again in the future, they could reconstruct their love for each other. Maybe they could excite each other once again. They left each other at the place where they'd met, that road of luck. The day of chance was finished. It was one of the finest of loves, and they would remember that meeting together for the rest of their lives. It was a beautiful ending for the two of them. It was a handsome romance, and it was a beautiful story. When their eyes opened, and it all ended, they left each other feeling a little love lucky.
Chapter 5:

~Chapter 5: Return

When all was said and done, I had no choice but to part ways with her, right? We couldn't have run away together. Not with those ongoing responsibilities. I didn't want to leave her, but I couldn't just escape the Kurosame nobility so easily. I'm not so sure that I don't regret that decision not to run away with her. I am quite certain that things would have been quite different if I had, and that despite the good things that happened because of my choices, I would have been happy having run away. I am the Kurosame Head now. Many things took place to put me there. I cannot even begin to imagine how painful it must have been for her as well. She'd found an escape from something which I later discovered to be dreadful. If I had come to help her and then run away from her, had I known, then I would have had no problems. My brother could have taken over for me a little early. I had no chance for that, though. I remember our parting, for. . .


It was the saddest moment of Sozen's life. He was standing in front of Aoi, and their hands were joined in each others'. It was already past dawn, and the sun was rising higher for the morning. The daylight was breaking through. It had been their day together, after having run away. They'd had their day and they'd had their fun. They'd had their joy, and they'd had their romance. It was time for it to end, that day of theirs. They could not cry about it, because it was what they'd decided. But they couldn't take pained looks off of their faces or out of their eyes either, and they didn't want to leave each other either. Even another minute would suffice, but they couldn't have that extra minute. The extra minute would simply learn to another, and another, and they would never want their extra minutes to run out. They'd never want things to end. It was the way it worked, and so they had to split off from each other while it was still something that they could do.

"I love you." Sozen said suddenly, leaning in to kiss Aoi gently. They held each other during the kiss, and they spoke again when they broke apart. "I love you." Aoi responded to him, and they kissed again. They looked at each other, and then came up with an idea. The pact that they formed was what would drive them onwards after that, and give them motivation to continue living their lives as normal. It was what they wanted to do so that they could be whole again after leaving this encounter. "Aoi, I know we're young." Sozen said. "But I want to spend the rest of my life with you, if you will have me. We are young now, and we have responsibilities in our near futures. But, why don't we meet again, you and I? Let's travel this whole Soul Society together one day, and find love in each other once again." He really wanted to do it, too. He was saying to her that in a certain amount of predetermined time, they'd meet each other again, and reconvene no matter what the situation.

"If you'll still remember me and hold me in your heart as I will remember and hold you," Aoi said, "Then I will meet you and go with you again one day." Sozen smiled, leaning in near to Aoi's face again. His smile and his voice were faint, and it was a whisper when he spoke to her that time. "In 100 years." Sozen declared. "I will meet you here again at this spot and on this day in one century. My responsibilities will be tied up by then. And I will travel the world with you for as long as I can." He kept his smile, and Aoi nodded, agreeing. "It's a long time, but I'll wait for you, and I'll tie my responsibilities too, and also become a good woman." Aoi responded to Sozen. They kissed there, one last time, before letting go of each others' hands, taking their lips away from one another, and turning away, their backs to each other. They walked away, taking opposing sides of the pathway to leave. Where Aoi headed, Sozen did not know. He went back to where he lived, in the secluded mansion far away.

They left each other in the start of the morning on the road of chance, at the end of their day of luck. With the end of their day of luck, Sozen walked for hours and arrived back at his isolated home under the bright orange glow of a sunset. His eyes were glinting when he walked towards his home, and saw his family waiting for him. "Where have you been?!" Onuya, his younger brother, demanded. He rushed up, hugging his older brother quite quickly. A foot taller than Onuya, who was still quite young, Sozen put his hand on Onuya's head and rubbed it, and patted his little brother. He smiled calmly, charismatically. "I'm sorry for worrying you." he said to both Onuya and the rest of his family, bowing his head a ways, and then letting go of Onuya to bow all the way. "I just needed a break. It won't happen again. From today on, I will dutifully place all my passion to my study and my training, and I will one day become an excellent Kurosame head. You have my word that it will happen one day."

Mephisto, the current Kurosame Head at the time, nodded. "Fine." he said. "I'll allow you to get away with it just this once. Tomorrow, I will send you to your grandfather, Ginrei, to complete your battle training over the next few years. After that, you must be prepared to return for the most difficult of training. I will beat innocence out of you. You will learn how to kill, how to capture, and how to torture your adversaries. I will teach you inhuman things that you must know as the head of the Kurosame. And I will not let up until you understand the importance of every single aspect of what I am teaching to you." Sozen knew that this was no bluff. In time he'd have victims on a table, and would be slicing them open for torture with a scalpel. In time, he'd become familiar with all sorts of anesthetic drugs that could be used for capturing his opponents. He'd come to learn a lot of things, like Kido and like Shikai. Sozen had no doubt about this. He didn't mind. His love for Aoi would keep him going. Forever if it needed to.
Chapter 6:

~Chapter 6: Why don't you do it?

A lot of time passed after that. It took me a few decades to finish my training. And then following that, it took me a few more to complete a few travels around Rukongai. My training included a lot of things that I didn't enjoy. I had to learn some Kido, and I had to master Shunpo. Actually, I no longer remember the Kido that they tried to teach me. I created my own afterwards, and subsequently the old ones ceased to be of use to me, and so I can no longer remember them. My brother trained nearly as hard as I did, though not quite I might say, without the motivation provided by someone like Aoi. He learned Shunpo and Senka and other useful techniques, but I've always considered myself his better in strength. Still, I feel his level was appropriate for the choice that I made. After the last leg of my training, which included also the capture and torture of evil men, and torturing them to death, and even included killing innocents that "would later have become threats," I was done. I was done training. What happened afterwards, I remember well. I met up with my brother, and I spoke to him. . .


"What are you talking about? Have you lost your mind, Sozen?" The speaker was Onuya Kurosame, who by that point was roughly the same physical age as Sozen. Both of them were roughly 19 physically. Their age had long since slowed in body. It was at a time when physical ability was high. Age was still slowing just a bit for them, too. Onuya had a scarf of light blue silk, and he had black Shinigami robes on as well. His hair was decorated and had the traditional Kurosame combs as well. His Zanpakuto was sheathed at his side. He was an agent of secrets in a way. He worked in secret on certain Shinigami missions of difficulty that was unheard of for most who had unlocked only a Shikai. Sozen had also only gotten through to his Shikai at that time, but already he was getting close to the Bankai. A few more decades, and it would be his. Older then, without combs, and with the same hairstyle as years previously. Sozen had on blue robes made of quite an attractive silk., monotone design.

His eyes were locked with Onuya's. He was a little taller than his little brother. "I'm leaving." Sozen said with his smile. He was more charming. He knew all about how to woe others with his charms. He could speak well. "I don't plan on being the Kurosame Head right now, Onuya. You're strong, you're dignified, you're intelligent. You can take over for me, I know." Onuya was staring in shock at Sozen, who had trained harder than doing anything else for many, many years. Sozen continued smiling, and Onuya at last delivered what he had to say. "Why are you doing this?" he asked. Sozen cocked his head to one side. He smiled. "There is something a little more important to me, I'm sorry little brother." Sozen murmured. "I need to go to her." Onuya's eyes narrowed accusingly, and he didn't say a word at first. It was a pause. Sozen remarked with irony and giggles in his mind that he had a lot of awkward pauses in his life, in all of his interactions with people. Onuya didn't say anything, and he didn't even give an additional comment.

It wasn't until his accusing eyes got a bit more narrow that he spoke once again. "Her? What is special about her which makes you want to betray the Kurosame family? You're a joke." Sozen didn't stop smiling, and instead drew his sword, pointing it directly at Onuya's face. "Are you going to accept it if I beat you in battle, little brother? I know that you're direct. It's all about honor with you." Onuya smiled back coldly, drawing his blade out as well. Holding it there and then slamming his brother's blade away, driving it back, Onuya stayed in deadlock with Sozen. "You know me well. When I crush you, you will become the Kurosame head after our father." Sozen held his blade back against Onuya's, smiling even wider. "Then I'll beat you and leave." Sozen noted. It wasn't long before their blades started sliding back from each other and slamming with sparks back and forth. The metallic clashing sounds were loud, and shrieks like lightsabers flying around were heard.

When Sozen jumped back with a skid, Onuya chased after him, aggressively slashing at the older brother that wanted to run away. With venom in his eyes, Onuya kept striking out with his blade. Sozen blocked it effortlessly, using prestime sword skills that not even the one who would soon become a great Captain could match. Sozen started retaliating, stabbing with vicious and blurring maneuvers. Onuya took one hits, two hits, three hits, and then a fourth. Left shoulder, right cheek, across the right hand, straight past the chest. Droplets of blood sprinkled into the air, and Sozen then moved his left hand out. A punch to the solar plexus knocked out Onuya's breath, and he wasn't able to catch it. His air was slowly leaving him. His left hand jutted out to hit the liver a few times in repeat after that. Onuya's body started to shake, and he dropped onto the floor without the ability to breathe. Sozen's foot clamped down on Onuya's back, and pressed him onto the dirt ground. Then, drawing his foot away, Sozen pinned his blade at Onuya's neck.

"Did I win?" Sozen asked, smiling. Onuya was still coughing and sputtering at the end of the encounter. He'd taken some damaging hits to the body. His solar plexus hit had stopped his ability to catch his breath, and then the repeated hits to the liver echoed out to the rest of his body. He couldn't catch his breath at the same time that the chemicals in his brain were giving him a sense of fear. Sozen had beaten him fair and square, and his body was still shaking. He was no match for the skill of his older brother at that time, and it was likely that he wouldn't be a match. Sozen had beaten him so badly that it wasn't funny or even a surprise. Sozen's smile was big. "I win, little brother. That settles it. You can't even move anymore." Sozen's blade slid away into his scabbard, the red always a catch to the eye. It would be a bad match for a bull. Sozen turned away from Onuya. "I'll see you again some day." he said. "I will be sure to visit. I promise." His disappearance with Shunpo was invisible to the naked eye.
Chapter 7:

~Chapter 7: Reunion and Burning

I met someone during my journey to the place of meeting. I was getting close to the day where I had to meet Aoi, but first I encountered a strange enemy. His name was Rialgo Shiri. He had a humanoid body, certainly. He resembled an ordinary blond man. However, he had what appeared to be the remnant of a broken Hollow mask covering part of his mouth. He also had a hollow hole in his throat. He had very obvious hollow characteristics. And he also had a Zanpakuto, like a Shinigami. Though I ultimately defeated him, he was more powerful than any hollow that I had ever faced. No match for me, he soon lost. However, he referred to himself as an "Arrancar," and said that in Hueco Mundo, the Hollow World, accidents like him happened occasionally to Menos. Some were able to break their masks and attain a close to Shinigami state, which made them stronger. He said he was obviously incomplete, but that in perhaps a thousand years, Hollow evolution would dominate the Shinigami and destroy Soul Society. I have no way of discerning how true this was. It was a few days later that I met with Aoi.


They met once again at the same road, at the same place. It was like they'd revisited it over a million times as the years passed, keeping it firmly in their memory. They committed the pathway to memory in imagination, as they both considered going back so many times, just for the memory. They both arrived at the same time, both knowing the way there quite well. Since their day of chance and luck so many years ago, the pathway had not changed much. The rocks were a bit darker, and some of the trees were taller or gone, but otherwise nothing had changed. As Sozen arrived and as Aoi arrived, together they relived memories. In their minds, with each step, one of their memories replayed as it had in dreams and imagination without relent over these decades. They'd kissed numerous times at that meeting place. They'd held hands and watched fireflies there. They'd fallen asleep together. They'd found their love at the field of flowers, and they'd discovered its existence at the stream nearby. It was all coming back anew.

Their feelings were ready to rush out, as they first laid eyes on each other. They stood in the same places that they'd sat when they first met. "It's been a rather long time." Sozen smiled. He was confident, and he was calm, and he was full of joy. He was happy to at last see this girl he'd dreamed for years about. It was the one that he loved, and had continued to love ever since their encounter of only one day, more than a hundred years ago. "So it has." Aoi replied to Sozen. More mature, both had experienced many things since their time together. Sozen had met many women, and many had offered themselves to him, attracted by his looks and by his seductive personality, and also by his natural charm. He had rejected them all, in the end. Sozen hadn't let his lips touch with someone else, nor had he gone to bed with anyone else. This whole time, he'd waited for the day to see Aoi again. Aoi, likewise, had had many offers from men, none of whom had fit in her heart as Sozen did.

"So will you excite me again, and make me fall in love again?" Aoi asked with a smile. She was able to stay calm and stand there, without rushing. Sozen, who was mature enough to do the same thing, answered her in kind. "Will you steal my heart away once more, and this time me with it?" With both of them smiling at each other, they rushed forwards. Their emotions rushed out with that single step as they embraced. Their lips met without any delay. Sozen had dreamed of this day every night for years. It was a crisp morning with sunlight breaking down onto their faces through a foliage that had become thin before this day. Aoi's lips were soft, and her hair smelled nice. Her body was warm against his. It was just the way that Sozen remembered her. He hadn't forgotten it. He hadn't forgotten this feeling, or this attraction. He'd moved through his training faster than expected because he wanted this. He'd tied up his duties. Aoi herself had done the same thing.

It wasn't until later, as they sat by the stream with their bare feet once again submerged, that they explained to each other their stories. Sozen talked all about his family and his lineage. He explained that he was a Kurosame, and that he'd decided to be with her instead of becoming head. He'd given it a hundred years and the full extent of his training to make a decision, but his love had never been unwavering. He could never have chosen anything but a life with Aoi. And then Aoi explained her life. She explained how she had been a member of a rebellion in her section of Rukongai, almost unheard of and isolated. Those there had been mistreated by a minor noble family that ruled that area. She and the villagers had rebelled, and these last hundred years had been her helping with set up a system for that village, and connections. It became one of the wealthy districts. It became one of the peaceful districts too. Her full name was Aoi Chika. "Together, why don't we travel the Soul Society, you and I?" Sozen asked her as they lay in flowers later.

In that field of flowers, once again hidden in the tall grass with their hands together, they kissed before Aoi answered Sozen's proposition. "I would love that." she replied to him. "We're no longer restricted to a day, after all. We have all the time in the universe together." Sozen smiled and nodded his agreement. They kissed again, with Sozen taking her up there in the tall grass, into his arms. As he held her and kissed her, and as they expressed their love to each other physically, there could not be any more joy to them in the world than in that moment where they came together and felt that love. It was later that they traveled together around the Soul Society. They took many years together to find everything. They learned about everything in Soul Society together. They went even farther, to the very farthest wilderness, to parts of that world that not even Shinigami could get to for the isolation. Together, they wandered for many years. They were bound together for centuries, inseparable. It was years later that even a new idea came to the both of them.
Chapter 8:

~Chapter 8: The end, and forever after

Years passed of us together. And yet, we never thought to a future beyond traveling together. When our time together had ended however, it became quickly apparent that we still had things to do. Soul Society was a large place. It had taken four hundred years to travel it. In the time that it took us to travel the entirety of it from the start point, it had grown far larger, and expanded heavily in population. This was only natural. Therefore, we took even more time to tour through it. We arrived at last at the end of our journey. We then went together to Hueco Mundo. During our time together, I'd given Aoi power as well. Her abilities were quickly recognizable as a prodigy unlike any other. After we defeated most of the Vasto Lorde that we could find, we left. Aoi displayed more power than even many Captain Commanders during our time in Hueco Mundo, and it was soon that she was recognized by another organization. The Zero Division came down, offering her a place, and an opportunity to see many worlds. She initially refused, wanting to stay with me, but I told her. . .


"This is a good opportunity, Aoi." Sozen said with a smile. "Exploring even beyond our wildest dreams is something I would love to take up. Go with them. We can still see each other." Aoi's eyes were tearing up, and she embraced Sozen there in that place. In the dense jungle in which they'd been traveling, with the pale moonlight luminous to them, Aoi and Sozen kissed each other. Despite the fact that the man from the Royal Guard was watching, and despite the sadness in Aoi's heart, Sozen could still feel it in her heart and in his. There was still a fresh joy when their lips locked, as if they were still new to each other, and sparks were still flying. They'd been in a deep, unbreakable love since the first day. It was love at first sight, eternal and lasting. It was like in a dream, or a fairy tale. It was beautiful to Sozen. He loved her, and wanted her to go, and see even more of the beautiful universe, and not just the world. "I...I want to travel with you!" Aoi exclaimed. "It's meaningless if you're not there!"

Sozen smiled again, holding her close. "Then I'll come with you, when I can." Sozen said. "We will see each other whenever possible, as you will still be Shinigami. And I will grow stronger, still, seek glory and heroics. I will join you in the Zero Division one day, and then travel to all of these places, together with you." Aoi's eyes met with Sozen's, seeing his fierce determination. He wasn't bluffing. He wasn't overestimating himself. Even the Zero Division Shinigami that was already there was able to recognize that potential. In a later report that he would write, he would talk about a careful observation of Sozen, as this one had the potential to be a powerful member. He was as strong as they got outside of the Zero Division. All it would take was just a little bit more. Kissing Aoi goodbye, Sozen had just one more thing to say to her. "I'm surprised that I didn't ask this sooner." Sozen said. "Marry me, Aoi. When I have joined as you are now, marry me. And when we have traveled to the content of our hearts, become human with me. There exists such a technique for this. Become human with me, and settle down with me. We can live in love together, forever in that world."

Aoi's eyes sparkled with tears as she kissed Sozen a dozen or more times. "Yes!" Aoi's voice went. "Of course! That...I couldn't ask for anything better!" Sozen smiled to her, and kissed her one more time before she departed. When Aoi and the Shinigami left through the gate, Sozen didn't need to cry. It would take a few years, in all probability, but he would get himself there. He would arrive at the gates of the Zero Division, and proclaim himself to them. He would tell them that he wanted to join them, and that he was strong enough to do it. It gave him an even better goal than ever to strive for. Sozen then spent around a year traveling back to the closer districts of Rukongai. Later, he was located by a cousin of his, named Risshin. This cousin told him of events that took place five decades previously. About his father's death, his brother's and many other events. Though Sozen then wept for his younger brother, and for his late father, and even for his grandfather who too had gone to the Zero Division, he agreed to become the next head at last.

5 days later

With civil steps, Sozen marched directly to the Kuchiki manor. Shocked faces were present everywhere while the gray clouds rolled and boomed in the sky, roaring as thunder did and as lightning flashed. Rain crashed down in fiery everywhere while Sozen walked to the manor. He kept his head high, and he smiled. He walked with pride and with dignity, and he ignored everyone that stared at him. They were shocked that after over five centuries missing, and presumed dead, the true heir to the Kurosame had returned. His eyes were bold, and anyone who dared to think they could challenge him lost their courage as they saw him. They shrank down, realizing not even assassination would be possible against Sozen. Straight to those who held control of the Kurosame in the absence of a suitable head, Sozen arrived. For decades, they had been the ones ruling this noble family. In a single negotiation of five minutes, Sozen had them under his control. He took a white Haori that his brother had once owned, and his own black robe and sword, and he made proclamation to Soul Society and its world.

"Good evening, Kurosame family! I have returned to the main part of the Soul Society! As the first in line and the direct heir, I, Sozen Kurosame, take the position of Head of the Kurosame Household. I warn you now. I am one hell of a Shinigami."
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Bumping for Completion. You don't have to read the whole history if you do not wish to it just goes on about a love story that goes through out his life.
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I am not even half way through the character description and abilities and i am already disliking this character. here is why:

Age: unknown. Set an age for the character but keep it within reason.

From the description of the character description he is stated to be the most handsome member of soul society, better looking than any other male in the Seireitei, and that he is the head captain of the family. It is one thing to state that it is an attractive character, but something drastically different to say that they are the pinnacle of how a man should look.

It is stated that he has the most expensive zanpaktou in soul society. A zanpakutou is a reflection upon the user and not something that could be bought. It would be a different story were it a keepsake or a token of the house, however a zanpakutou is without a price.

Shikai Special Ability: There is no range limit, and the ability is to create blades from anything that is the color red. The Shikai has a size limit. It is only able to create blades that range from one inch in length to the full length of a "long" katana. Blades can be up to a meter in length, but no longer. They can be shorter than that too. The preferred length is approximately three feet, the same length as Sozen's Zanpakuto. When he creates blades, the amount that he creates depends on the size of what the red is. If he can only fit one blade on there, so be it. If he can fit many blades on there, then it is far more beneficial.
Upon reading this i decided to to to give a benefit of the doubt, however when I see about the zanpakutou's shikai abilities it stated that t can make countless blades out of anything that has the color red. what is to stop him from wearing a red cloak and becoming unstoppable, with these blades which are apparently sharp enough to cut through bone and steel with the ease of slicing flesh.

Regardless of the description, this character sounds like every over powered character ever who is best at everything, not to mention ties in with a family that is non existent in this forum (Kuchiki). Unless there is a radical change to this character, I will not approve of it.

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