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Itami Kurushimi [W.I.P]


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Itami Kurushimi [W.I.P]

Post by Itami on Fri Dec 26, 2014 8:17 pm

(Shinigami Warrior of God)

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Itami Kurushimi

"Everything has an end, but I am an exception."

Basic Information:

Name: Itami Kurushimi
Age: 448
Age Appearance: 26
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Gotei 13, Soul Society
Division: 11th Division
Rank: Vice Captain

Itami stands six feet tall and weights at about 175lbs. He has long shaggy blond hair which slightly cover his ears. He has a normal build and is a bit muscular.

Instead of wearing the normal Shihakusho, he wears one sporting the colors white and blue. He wears a white shitagi, A white kosode, a white hakama, and a white Hakama-himo. What's interesting is that he wears an haori even though he is not a captain and is just the lieutenant. His haori is however blue with a few white colors in it, mostly by the shoulders and near the legs and some scattered white spots. Unlike a captain's haori, his haori does not sport the insignia of his squad. He wears his haori over his shoulders only and does not insert his arms in the sleeves which makes the sleeves flail on the back. He can normally be seen smoking a pipe.

His gigai wears a sleeveless black vest over his white long sleeves which is similar to what his shinigami uniform looks like. Below, he wears black pants and black leather shoes. Also, sometimes he wears shades of different colors mostly black, blue, and purple as well as those black cotton gloves he wears with his uniform. He can normally be seen smoking cigar in contrast to him when he's smoking a pipe in his shinigami outfit.

See for yourself:
Shinigami Clothing

Gigai Clothing

Personality: Itami is usually urging for battle and has a wild, vigorous, and aggressive personality. He is serious at everything he does, this includes his job. He is loyal to the Soul Society and is a fearsome vice captain of the eleventh squad. He is also uncompromising, anything he decides to do is final and nothing can make him change his mind. Merciless towards his enemies, he never hesitates to finish them off. Due to his wild, aggressive, and unpredictable fighting style, he tends to make a lot of mess in battle. When he starts the battle, he won't mind if anything breaks just as long as he is enjoying so he moves the battle to a safe surrounding, far from places where he can cause massive damage. Despite of all of these, he is joyful and friendly in nature. Always there for fun with his friends. But before the fun, he believes that his job as a vice captain is still first before anything, well... except for fighting. On some rare occasions, Itami would look calm and collected, this does not mean he's all relaxed, this would only mean that he's already serious.

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