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Bleach Damnation

Amaya Shuken
Amaya Shuken

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Bleach Damnation

Post by Amaya Shuken on Mon Oct 20, 2014 2:32 am

Bleach Damnation
An Alternate Universe Bleach RolePlay

Thank you for taking the time to read this advertisement. Let me start off by saying that Bleach Damnation is a new Bleach RolePlay centered around the idea of player freedom. Make your own character in the world of Bleach we all love - minus a few elements the canon has for the sake of fairness - and write out your own story! You, the player, have freedom to do whatever it is that you want, be it to fight endlessly or organize your own Division in the Gotei Military.

There are several organizations and several positions within that organization available, ranging from Soul Society's Royal Guard to the Quincy's Vandenreich. All in all, there is the following:

The Soul Queen's Royal Guard
The Thirteen Court Guard Squads
The Hollow Hierarchy
The Arrancar Army
The Quincy Vandenreich

Each with their iconic positions available and open for all!

Bleach Damnation uses a very, very relaxed mechanics system to help ensure fairness. However, in keeping with the theme of player freedom, the mechanic system is rather loose and intentionally underdeveloped. We like the idea of bringing RolePlaying back to its roots! When things have too much definition, things become strained. There needs to be room for actual storytelling, roleplay, fun and suspense to occur! You can't get that with a rigid Stat System, or so we think!

Please, come and join us! We'll be here waiting for you! :)

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