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Post by Ciel on Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:43 pm

Let's talk more about the above mentioned words in the topic title. I can almost imagine your frustration, yes, it's quite difficult to advance a level if every single skill needs to be trained on.

But that's not true, no, you got the wrong information. We are also role players, who are also real people with real lives, kids to feed and bills to pay, we get it. So that's why we have options like the ff.

Multiple Skill Training

Most of our training/sparing sessions will be for multiple skill EXP earning. Be sure to state all the skills you want to be graded on, but this must all reflect on your post. If we review your training and notice that you missed training on the skill, it wont count. Please dont cheat, we have master readers on our team.

So if you put shikai, train on shikai, if you put Hakuda in, punch a tree, kick a leaf, it's all your call. We will grade them all separately depending on your over all performance.

BDRPG always launches special missions, events and arcs, if you join these special events, they pay out the highest. Depending on the lenght of the event, mission, arc and the work/effort you placed into, we, the staff can give out points, yes points, free points that can be added on wherever field you desire. Even we will be busy and may not have time to facilitate training sessions, so just think of it as a special holiday where you can RP for fun without having to worry about word count or stats, just have fun, enjoy the plot and try solving the mystery.

So don't miss the opportunity to join plot arcs or fillers, because they dont last forever. We will have down times, and by that time, you can get the opportunity to level up your characters in preparation for the next one.

Now then, if there are any more questions regarding this matter, feel free to PM me, Loli gaga or any of the other Baka-Rangers.


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