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The Stor

Bleach Universe Rp

Post by The Stor on Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:31 am

"Why are you here?" The voice was calm, almost collected, but there was a faint aura of something else. Was it surprise?

"To honour our oath," Whereas the other was calm, this sound was an icy one, almost too apathetic.

Years ago the Soul Society had attempted to destroy the Quincy, ever so rashly they sought to quash every piece of this estranged faction. Bloodied by war, afraid of extinction, these people formed an alliance, a makeshift truce that was made out of fear. This agreement had two agreements to it. First, the Quincy could no longer destroy Hollows, allowing only the Soul Society to interfere with the spiritual world on Earth. Secondly, each year they would both send an ambassador to an allocated place in the case that the Soul Society might ever need their assistance. Each year, the Quincy sent a man out of fear of breaking the treaty, however, the Soul Society never once sent theirs.

The Quincy thought this a show of their arrogance, a noose to hold over their head least they forget their oath.

In their exile, they had lost hope of the Soul Societies' involvement, they had begun to pick up members and part of them spoke of a counter strike. The leaders cajoled them to send one last ambassador to the meeting place, and when he opened the door a man sat there.

Alone, he drank a cup of steaming hot tea as he looked up at the Quincy, complete apathy his stance but otherwise emotionless. The man, expecting to sit alone for a while before departing, timidly stepped to the table as he sought to find out the meaning of all this. The Shinigami's eyes were grey, they sent a shiver up his spine as he sat there but he tried to show little interest but he knew he failed.

"Your oath? What has changed to hold you to it now, Shinigami?" The man asked, as he failed to conceal a slight scorn in his voice.

The man pulled a box from inside his Haori, from it creating a delicate little cigarette which he calmly lit and took a drag of. For a second he looked forward, the smoke twisting from the corners of his mouth as he spoke, "We have always came. Each time, we concealed ourselves as to test you. Our constant supervision should not be required, we had hoped you would pass this test."

He took a moment to take another drag as the Quincy responded, "I suppose if you have chosen to show yourself now, Shinigami. That means you require the fulfillment of our oath."

"Yes, you are correct," For the first time the man showed some sort of emotion, a tinge of fear.

It should have given the Quincy some sort of confidence, that the Shinigami would come to them for help. It only made his heart drop, something was grievously wrong.

"Hueco Mundo has come alive suddenly, our eyes and ears hear dark rumours that tell of something bringing their forces together, a leader. We thought it would be an easy effort to simply destroy him, the initial scout reports have brought consequence. All the men but one were wiped out, the last only sent back to warn us," The man's voice was definitely not in fear, it was the beginnings of anger.

The Quincy quickly responded, "I am afraid I must consult our leaders."

"You were once a proud people, Quincy. This threat could be the end of us all if they had their way," He had reconstructed that icy hardness as he spoke, but they carried a presence of urgency.

He walked out of the room, as he realised his hand was shaking even as the door closed. That man may not have been afraid, but his spiritual pressure had been enough to disturb the Quincy. If that man needed help, light help them all. Thus, began the alliance between the Shinigami and the Quincy, a strained bond that is weak at best. Can differences be faced in time to stop this upcoming threat? Or will the overcoming darkness strike them down.

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