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Zakiri-Kun's RP Guide

Prof. Zaki 95
Prof. Zaki 95

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Zakiri-Kun's RP Guide

Post by Prof. Zaki 95 on Fri Mar 18, 2011 8:34 am

Welcome to Zakiri-Kun's RP Guide:

Table of Contents:

  • I - Preamble/Purpose
  • II - What is RP?
  • III - RPing Basics (What do I do?)
  • IV - Now Lets RP!

I. Preamble/Purpose
Hello Welcome RP noobies and Maybe even Veteran RPers that need a quick Refresher for RPing before you start again. Now what is this guide was made so that you can be a better RPer, but first...

II What is RP?

RP is Roleplaying. It is where 2 or a group of people get together over the Internet or over a Table (D&D for Example) And Create Characters that they play as. Now of course because I'm not a history teacher and I'm too lazy to do this anyway. I'm not gonna give the history of RP and all that. This guide is to make you better not to show you boring facts.

III RP basics (What do I do?):

Ok so now that we have all that outta the way lets begin with your first step in Training. Now Number one. There are a few things you may be asking yourself like. Where do I go? How do I act? Why is that old man looking at me funny (XD JK in the final draft of this guide this will probably be taken out)? Well all those (Except that last one) I can answer for you... Why that old man is looking at you... I don't know...

Anyway. Where should you go? Well in all simplicity you should go certain places depending on your Race. I believe all of you should know about bleach so I shouldn't have to explain too much, So you should know where Shinigami go and where they don't go. So you can be anywhere where that race would go.

Next is how do I act. On that one you can act however you set the character up. If you set him up to be a wealthy snob then by all means be a wealthy snob. If your a shy girl act like a shy girl. However if you set up a character thats power hungry and has a blood lust. Don't make him afraid to kill people. That can really hurt you in the long run.

Next.. .Why that old guy is looking at you funny... Well Go to court and get a restraining order. Moving on!

IV Now lets RP:

Ok now I am going to talk to you about RPing. Now this is how you controll your character. This is also how you interact with other peoples characters. Now at first let me tell you the Do's and Don'ts of this. We'll start with the Don'ts...
For all Examples in this Section I will use a guy name Mark and a girl named Mary

Do not use 1337 Speak: Please don't speak like you don't know what grammer is and like Numbers should be used instead of letters . It makes you seem Unintelligent. To RP like this.

H3110 i W41k ov3r 4nd sit...

I don't know about you but I couldn't read that.

Next is

Do not only post 1 liners. Here's an Example of that

Marik looks over to the troubled girl and he gives her a smile. "Of Course I'd love to go to the dance with you." He told her. He then awaited her reply Patiently.

"Ok..." She said.

This gets annoying after a while. Please think of something else to besides that. This would be better for Mary to say.

"Ok!" She said as her outlook completely changed. She had always thought Marik would dump her because she wasn't pretty Enough. Rose Quickly shot him another smile because he had accepted her question

Now do you see how much better that was.

Next on the don't list.

Do not Use -- ** or ~~ To explain actions. It's harder for everyone else to read this and it really doesn't look too good. Besides this is not an IM you have time to think when you write these things. Theres no Time limit to how quickly you have to Reply to something. Slow down and think more about it before you reply. Read over it some. You might find something that you missed and you might even have a better idea when you read over it.

Don't Medigame/ Controll other people's Characters:

This is a no-no. Now do not give your character information that you know about them, but your characters don't. Here is another Example with Mark and Mary.

She thought long and hard about what she was going to do. 'I could go to the field or go to the mall.' She thought as she looked around. Then her brother Josh came into the room.

Josh came into the room and looked at his sister. "Don't you dare go to any of those places. You know your grounded." He said to her.

Now do you see how bad that was. Josh wouldn't have known that his sister was going to go to those places. Also theres controlling the other persons character. Here's what its like

She continued to play her video game very intently. Venessa was very close to beating the high score that she had longed to beat ever since she had gotten this.

He came into the room and just like that Venessa stopped playing the game and lost. She was more intent on him then the game anyway.

This is not a good thing to do. Your taking away the other persons right to be themselves and no one wants that to happen to them.

Thats it for the don'ts now for the do's

Please Use () [] or {} For Out of Character things. If you wanna say something outta character use those. It keeps things more neat and organized and helps keeps things from running together

Next is please use " " and ' ' For Speaking and thought. Once again it keeps things neat and makes it to where people know when your speaking or acting.

Please Post at least 5 sentences. That is the minimum on this website. It gives the other person RPing with you enough information so that they can RP themselves.

Now here's the last do of RP


RPing is all about having fun. Don't take things that happen in the RP seriously. Its just like a game. If your character dies its not the End of the world. (Though if your killed without permission then you can report the other person to a mod) Just create another character. This is all about having fun.

Now its your turn. Below this Create a 5 sentence RP sample with these skills. Thanks so much for reading.

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Prof. Zaki 95
Prof. Zaki 95

Posts : 271
BD-cash : 3167

Re: Zakiri-Kun's RP Guide

Post by Prof. Zaki 95 on Tue Apr 12, 2011 8:03 am

Example of Awsome Post!

~Wh-Wha? Who are you?~


{Out Of Caffine:}

~Why are you here?

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