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Akimoto Mifune-Haine (WIP)

3rd Division Captain
3rd Division Captain

Rank : Captain
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Akimoto Mifune-Haine (WIP) Empty Akimoto Mifune-Haine (WIP)

Post by Aki_624 on Mon Jan 11, 2016 7:27 am

(Shinigami Warrior of God)

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Akiteru Mifune-Haine

"In my dreams, I was alive."

Basic Information:

Name: Akiteru Mifune-Haine
Alias: Haine, Kenpachi
True Age: 1307 years old
Age Appearance: 19-20
Gender: Niether
Sexual orientation: Literally drags face on pavement before they commit to anyone
Division: Third Division
Rank: Captain
Akiteru stands tall at 5'7", but weighting just at 110 lbs. A bit underweight for someone of their stature but they just aren't that big. Aki's figure is like that of a corpse, pale and thin. Almost frail and breakable, a petite one for someone with such power. But don't let those illusions fool you as they are actually quite well built and carry much muscle with them. Their most distinct feature, long beautiful hands as white as snow and just as delicate but palms and fingertips hard from extensive training and master of the sword. Rarely seen, under Aki's clothes are quite a number of tattoos as well, covering scars and marks from years of battle. The artist? A mystery to all.

Such good features are wasted on such a soul. Aki's face slim with very distinct features. A strong cheekbone and thin lips. Eyes slit, ever rarely opened to reveal a bright golden iris. Bright like a cat in the dark. Almost terrifyingly beautiful. But once again, those features are wasted. As they ruined their beauty with a reckless scar straight through the left eye. Stretching from the top of their eyebrow to just where their nose ends. And piercings, quite a number of them too. Some they have removed over time. Aki at the current time favors the vertical labret and one on their tongue, quite a few on both ears as well. All self done of course.

The captain likes to switch their outfits around, one can never stay stagnant in fashion of course. Most of the time they can be seen in their usual black turtle neck and over it a kimono and a hakama. The bottom altered to be slimmer and tighter as it reaches the bottom which they stuff into their tabi boots. At times they will drape another kimono over that outfit or their haori. They usually favor traditional wear out of everything.


Akiteru Mifune is an eccentric character. A one of a kind captain, almost a first in the soul society history. There hasn't been a captain that really didn't care about being a captain in almost centuries. While most captains hold honor and dignity in their position and role as a leader. Aki is one that couldn't care less about titles and ranks. They regard everyone the same, but usually less and really boring. In political and official matters that mostly fail to show up due to lack of concern, but usually is forced to show up at risk of losing their position. Because as much as they hate the work the title also comes with a lot of power. They also manage to never fail at neglecting paper work and official captain's duties. Instead they'd go around doing what they do best. Causing mischief and creating, sneaking around and playing around with commoners and experimenting.

Positive Qualities:

Aki is prideful individual. Although they might not hold much care for a title as captain they hold a lot of pride in their division and self. Even though Aki does cause much trouble for their divisioners they trust the captain with their life. Why? Aki might be a cruel one but those strongly loyal to them Aki is faithful back. They resonate strength and endurance even if the world is against them. Such unwavering souls are lacking in such times. No matter what the circumstances might be the captain holds their ground, morals, pride and smile strong even in the darkest of times. Nothing could tilt them over. There is nothing in the world could make them admit defeat. They are also one to never stop moving forward. There isn't much holding them back from doing what they want or holding them down.

Negative Qualities:

As grand as Aki might seem as heart they are a cruel individual. A charlatan child as some might call them. No one knows what they hide behind their smile or if what they speak is the truth. Cunning, they'll do whatever it takes to achieve their better end. There is a center in them that's shrouded in darkness. Whether its friend of foe, anyone who dares to stand in front of their blade won't have it easy. As ironic as is it, they are almost soul-less. Lacking empathy, sympathy, a good sense of justice. A lack of awareness in rank has met them with sour as well. Those in lower ranks might regard that as noble but to those of higher rank or fellow captains they see Aki with shame. Aki disregards such things as respect and is often seem with scorn.

They're years of experience and mysterious darkness that accumulates in the center of their soul blinds them from the path of righteousness. Aki holds immense power and strength but unconscious fear of losing the grip of the only thing keeping them sane holds them back from reaching higher grounds. They have wasted their potential and have strayed from the road that could lead them to better prospects. Choosing to "do what they want" and living freely.

Your Legacy:

Character Story:

Like almost all souls who pass onto the afterlife Aki has no recollection of their life before the rukongai. Vague glimmers of who they once were stray a bit onto their memory but no details ever come to mind when they think back. Maybe it was for the better, as a human Aki led a much different life, a different name. As a human Akiteru's name was Seijuro Akimoto, a long that they have long forgotten but like glimpses of their memory remains a part of them in the form of a partner that Aki forged with their soul as a shinigami.

Seijuro born into the Akimoto family. A name that carries many sins and blood throughout generations. Although small the Akimoto family is a very strong yakuza clan that thrived in the underground. They took on many small jobs for bigger blood families. Whether is was information, disposal of personal or deliveries they did it all. With honor and grace. Never a scandal or a problem with the trust of other families, never getting to fights or any underhanded tricks to grow bigger and more powerful. For generations they stayed as a small honorable clan. Seijuro was the second child of the 23rd generation of the Akimoto. Their older brother, Tsukishima, the next eligible heir to the family name. And good thing too, for Seijuro couldn't care less about familial duties or being a leader. It was just too much worry for them honestly. Who wants to be in a tight position like that. Seijuro did their best to still hold the Akimoto name high but they caused so much mischief it was hard.

Seijuro went to the same private institutions as their brother did but quickly came to realize academics were not their forte. It was hard to get them to even show up for attendance, and when they did it was even harder to get them to stay awake or pay attention. They only did well in the arts, music, physical education. It was hard to see the two as siblings. The only thing that kept them from completely ruining the Akimoto name was their brother. Who took care of them and loved them no matter what. Tsukishima saw that Seijuro had their own strong points that will lead the family into greater heights. Although the rest of the family began to ignore Seijuro and focus ther concerns on Tsukshima, Tsuki never failed to care for their sibling. Tsukishima saw their little sibling as a great right hand. Someone he will work alongside till their death, someone he can trust more than anybody in the family. And Seijuro thought the same, even though they were pushed into the shadows of his brothers and ignored he didn't care. Because their brother saw potential in him, when Tsuki went into power, so will he.

In Seijuro's second year of junior high things took a turn for the worst. Who could have predicted, who knew. In the middle of the night the household was ambushed. Gunshots rang about. Seijuro found himself shaking with a gun in one hand, empty of bullets and their dying brother in their arms, blood seeping into their clothes. Seijuro looked up to see the killer standing over their the bodies of the dead parents. Sei demanded a reason but with no avail, in an instant they too died. When he awoke as a spirit the chain of fate stuck on weakly. A shinigami watched over the whole scene and sent them to the soul society.

Seijuro awoke in the North Rukongai, District 80 Zakari. The most dangerous and lawless region of the Rukongai. Void of memories they didn't remember a single thing, no name, no family, nothing. They were thrown around like garbage and stole and killed. At first he wasn't successful. Failures almost resulted in countless deaths for them. But eventually they became a sly fox that used their smile to trick grumbling criminals and murderers that laid about. One night Seijuro got caught in an attempt to thieve and was on the run. When the moment of his death rang a mysterious samurai swooped in and rescued them. Who was he? Hanzo Mifune. The man they owe their life and future to.

They began to travel together. The nameless child and a rogue. His mission to help defenseless souls around the lawless rukongai. Sei learned the ways of the sword from him a little and grew some spiritual powers along the way. Hanzo wished to become a shinigami, further his powers to help the spirit world, where Hanzo went Sei followed. They adopted a new name, Akiteru in order to enroll into the academy. A name from a street shamisen player they took a liking to. Akiteru failed the first entrance exam while Hanzo moved on. They trained for one year before enrolling again, this time they succeeded.

Hanzo was advancing quickly and so was Aki. Their powers grew fast but were unsteady and their academics were bad too. Mastering the sword and combat wasn't a big deal, but things like the spirit arts or lectures were all meaningless to them. By the time Aki was in their last year Hanzo moved onto the ranks quickly. Already a full fledged captain. Instead of moving onto the 11th division like everyone expected Aki was assigned under Hanzo in the 6th. They fought hard, making trouble along the way of course. In a short amount of time Aki became Hanzo's lieutenant. They were a strong power duo. A steady unwavering captain and a mischievous reckless vice captain. At this time Aki finally developed their shikai and learned to communicate with their sword.

On a mission with other squad captain's everything went a miss. During a major battle their captain disappeared. To where, who knew. But that day Aki returned to the barracks along. With the damaged captain's haori in their hand. Aki was appointed as the new captain, not without argument, but the crumbling division needed someone. Asap. Unsteady at first the division lost its honor and was a wreck for abit. But months past and it became an iron wall it once was. But at the moment Aki was living in a dead man's shadows. The camellia was not suited for them. There was something inside them that was waiting to burst.

When the division's stability was confirmed Aki entered the division of despair, the third division that had just begun to witness the now ongoing plague of acid rain. The third division was shrouded in shadows and mystery for a few years. Quiet and rebuilding itself. Not a word was heard from them during this time of rebuild. The captain themselves failed to show up publicly. The only thing that was heard from the third was from a representative 3rd seat who'd report to the meetings and file paperwork. After years of silence the captain one day showed themselves. Aki had changed quite drastically at this time. Their former dark jet black hair had turn silver and a long scar ripped through their eye. And a smile, to this day that hasn't faded never left the captains face. Everyone demanded an explanation but the captain merely laughed and snickered.

"Ya missed me didn't ya~"

Aki was a ruthless captain. They abandoned their noble ways that led the 6th into it's strong force and into a cruel sadistic captain. Aki took reins where they pleased. Only weeks after their return they murdered the 11th captain who also held the title of Kenpachi. Some said it was a battle for the title of Kenpachi but the fight was so one-sided and unannounced many said it was just murder. Akiteru was promptly arrested but the rules of the 11th said otherwise. When the Kenpachi is defeated the winner of recieves the title of Kenpachi and usually becomes the 11th's new captain. But Aki merely wanted to be the strongest not the 11th division itself. That's why although they have defeated Kenpachi many fail to recognize them as one. After the 10th Kenpachi incident Akiteru has also managed to receive over 30 referrals from central 46 as well as other captains and many disciplinary meetings.

The mystery still surrounds them. Why were they gone for so long? And why is it the head insist on keeping them. To many Aki should have been sent to the maggot's nest long ago. Currently they still reside in the third which has grown dramatically since.

RP Sample:

Unnecessary I believe

Powers & Abilities:

Zanpakuto Spirit Description:

Seijuro in he's most basic and "sealed" form appears as a older man, that towers over Aki, standing almost 7'3" tall, and closely resembles a fox spirit that is brilliantly adorned. Unlike Akiteru they are a much calmer and wiser spirit. They are the only one that can calmly guide Aki's soul. Although they scorn their master most of the time for their actions Seijuro is very loyal to their master just as any other zanpaktou. They are also the one that knows the true darkness over Akiteru's soul. If anything they are what keeps them at bay and consistently reminds them that it can take over any day if they don't handle themselves. Although Aki likes to complain about their zanpaktou they frequent a visit to their inner world and talk with their sword daily.

In their "released" and true form Seijuro transforms into a beastly dragon. The size of a small town, but at will can grow smaller but chooses not to. Unlike before their scales take on a greyish color, metallic hard and rougher than their sealed form.

Akimoto Mifune-Haine (WIP) 1j58pw
Akimoto Mifune-Haine (WIP) 2wddq0w

Zanpakuto Name: Seijuro
Inner World:

Akimoto Mifune-Haine (WIP) Ir15wp

Aki's inner world resides in a small quiet forest. Constantly filled with mist and rain. Dark and grey. An endless sea of trees, a maze of forestation. When the soul is lost of clouded one could get lost and lose their way easily. With heart and mental stability you can find it's center. A small shrine with two statues at the front guarding it, a fox and a dragon.
Sealed Appearance:

Name: Seijuro
Shikai Release Phrase: (What is said to release your Zanpakuto into its Shikai)
Released Appearance: (Your Zanpakuto's released state appearance)
Shikai Special Ability: (What can your Shikai do that makes it special)

Name: (Name of your final released Zanpakuto)
Bankai Release Phrase: (What is said to release your Zanpakuto into its final form)
Released Appearance: (What does your Zanpakuto look like in its final state)
Bankai Special Ability: (What can your Bankai do that makes it special)


(Max 12, you can add/unlock as you progress, but to be able to use technique, you must acquire it in-game)

Name: (Name of the ability)
State: (Shikai, Bankai, Regular Or All)
Terms of Usage:(Is the technique activated, or can you do it without any special terms or conditions)
Description: (Describe what your technique can and cant do)
Downside: (What is the downside to the technique)

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