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How To Make an Application

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How To Make an Application  Empty How To Make an Application

Post by Zatoichi on Sun Dec 13, 2015 10:59 am

On The Surface
Name: Some people like their names reversed in true Japanese style, others first then last, others have no last/first name at all. Still other characters have nicknames or the like. Be sure to indicate which is which so other players know how to refer to you! (An example of Gary Thompson, nickname "Killer" reversed would be: Thompson, Gary. "Killer.") Note that we frown on copies of other people's work. If you try to pass an orange-haired swordsman who fights for his friends and is named "Kurodaki Ichido," don't expect it to be approved.

Age: This section is pretty much up to you. Want an old man? A teenaged girl? Somewhere in between? Feel free to go with what seems to complement your character best.
NOTE that even if you play a 2,300 year-old Shinigami, they may look much younger. After reaching physical maturity, the aging process slows down greatly. How a Soul Reaper looks is largely dependent upon how old they were when they first died. Note that (as with Rukia) times may change drastically while you're outside of the Human World. So if you have a one thousand year old Shinigami they can look as young as 20.
Mortals when spiritually aware can have life spans two to three times as long, meaning a spiritual aware mortal that has been that way for most of their life can appear 20 when they're actually 40 or even a bit older!

Gender: male/female/ both

Loyalties: To whom do you give your allegiance to? Of course, this could be something abstract as well. Beyond the race-specific organizations, there are plenty of ideals you can swear your allegiance to. A higher power? A Division? A promise?

Hair & Eyes: What color is your character's eyes? What color and how do they style their hair? This can be a quick "Blue eyes, blonde hair", or you can go into greater detail explaining all the finer points.

Physical Description: Here's where you can get visual. Your character must have something that sets him apart, right? Does he have tattoos, piercings, a favorite shirt? Does she have a journal she carries, headphones, a particular perfume that identifies her? Think of what an observer might see if your character walked by. Then think about what lays beneath that first look. Here is also the place where, should you wish it, a picture can be placed to represent your character. Of course, no internet picture will perfectly show your unique character, but a visual can be helpful for those describing how your character looks.

As a secondary part, consider including how your character would look outside of his "natural habitat." For an example, Shinigami have Gigai (fake, material bodies) that they use in the Human World. Often these bodies are clothed in such a way to help its wearer go unnoticed. How would your character dress to evade suspicion?

This section is really a catch all for anything that you could use to describe your character. How do they walk and talk? Do they have an accent? What might people think when they first meet them? You can even explain what they look like in a spiritual sense! Tell us about their Reiatsu or what others might sense about your character. There really are no limits to this section, so don't be afraid to really explain everything you can think of!

Behind The Eyes
Positive Traits
•These are very important pieces of your character.
•We've just established how he/she looks different, but how does he feel?
•What drives her, what makes her a positive person to be around?
•What would people say about your character if they were praising them?
•If you have difficulties figuring out some of these, try coming back after you finish the Negative Traits, or even after you finish the backstory. Chances are, your character will have formed in your head enough that you can finish these.

Negative Traits
•Similarly, what would people say about your character if they were talking badly about them?
•What might make him/her a difficult person to be around?
•It could be a small thing like needing to purchase every stuffed animal your character sees, or something large like a desire to burn houses down.
•Note that some of these traits may be both positive and negative. Being dedicated to a girl could be a good thing for her, but a bad thing for everyone else you're ignoring.
•Again, move forward if you're stumped on these. They'll become easier as you go along.

Your traits are the core parts of your character's personality. What drives your character to do the things they do? What sort of quirks do they have? Keep in mind that these are not learned or trained behaviors, but rather things that they were born with. A character who was born friendly, would probably have the Charismatic trait, but a character who has read all the books in the forbidden library would not have the Intelligent trait.

That being said, don't feel limited to the list format! Having a paragraph or two above or below your traits can really help sum up your character's personality and also give you a chance to figure out more about them. You'll find that sitting down and just writing about your character for a little bit will really help you think of a few traits that you can add.

We do have a few traits that we don't necessarily allow, so try to avoid them. The traits we like to keep at a minimum are: Intelligent (instead of telling us, show that he's smart), Mentally Disabled (things like "Psychopath" or "schizophrenic" are not actual personality traits, but mental disorders. These are better fit as an extra section not part of your traits), Loyal (mostly for Shinigami, this trait can be very redundant. Having a Shinigami Loyal to the Seireitei is already given.)

Strength of the World
Here is where race-specific abilities and the like come into play. Addressing each one is a bit beyond this walkthrough's scope, but other guides can be found elsewhere. One note, though: Abilities and techniques are two different things. Abilities are overarching concepts that often give a clue into the character's personality. Bob Thompson's ability, for example, is water manipulation. He can move it, play with it, morph it into neat and interesting shapes… and that's about it. His techniques, however, are more advanced. One of his techniques, Obligatory Water Shark forms a shark out of water and has it charge at an opponent, teeth bared! However, that's not what we're looking for here.

Legacy Created
Here is where your character's past unfolds. We're looking for a detailed summary of what your character has been through. A common theme is merely going through step-by-step, but other ways of breaking the past into pieces are also acceptable. What you want to have here is, besides a history, an explanation of how your character got to this point physically, spiritually and mentally. What events made him have the positive and negative qualities he has today? What contributed to her mood and personality? People don't have all of their traits predetermined. Events change them and help them grow in new ways. Remember that in some races these memories should go up to and beyond death, but they may not remember them afterwards. If you plan on roleplaying that your character, now deceased, is still haunted by memories of a beloved pencil case from all those years ago, you'd better have a very good reason for it.

Be sure to keep track of dates, or some sort of time progression! Not only does it help the grader get an idea of when certain things were happening to your character, but it also gives your potential threading partners an idea of when they could have met your character in the past. For most people, simply dividing each section with a time frame is enough (such as, Mortal Life: 1800-1850 followed by the content of their mortal life). Having vague time stamps like "Centuries passed" or "Time blurred together" aren't nearly as useful, as every perceives that differently. For some people, they may think 3 centuries, other people may think 8 centuries.

*Note: Even if you do not remember your past, please include it. This will help create an even deeper character and possibly a personal plot that you may later wish to delve into, something for your character to build his actions on, or maybe you won’t use it at all. The choice is yours, but we still want it included.

Roleplaying Sample: Please provide a roleplaying sample detailing your skill.

Giving credit where credit is due. This is a chunk I have used from other bleach rp site that I feel outlines just about everything that could qualify for writing up a good role playing application. the site I found it on is

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