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Asgier Blackbane

9th Division Captain
9th Division Captain

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Asgier Blackbane  Empty Asgier Blackbane

Post by vergil_90 on Tue May 26, 2015 2:37 am

As some may have seen I introduced an unapproved ability to demonstrate how it would work in a combat scenario so now for the description.

Name: Summoned Swords
State: All
Description: Asgier summons swords, roughly the size of short swords, and can throw them to a location he can see within 50 feet. He will always know the location of where the blades are. If a blade gets lodged in an opponent it does not harm them, it does not hinder them, and does not put any hindrance on their abilities. Asgier can instantly teleport to any of his lodged blades, and when the action is completed the blade shatters, he will always appear at the hilt of these blades.

Downsides: Asgier can only use the teleportaion effect of each of his blades once per post, and he must wait for a one post cooldown before using this power again. If he leaves a lodged blade more then 50 feet from him it instantly shatters and Asgier must wait for a two post cooldown before the blade
reappears behind him. Asgier can only control two blades for each state.

While I am here I would also like to make a change to Asgiers ability for his sealed state. I know the current ability has raised questions and confusion and to be perfectly honest I have yet to use it myself, but haven't mostly because I would confuse myself trying to describe it so here is the re-work that I have worked on;

Name: 12 Star Slash
State: Sealed state only
Description (passive): Each strike that connects with the target leaves a mark in the shape of a star, max 12 marks. The target is able to see each of these marks. These marks last until the combat is finished or Asgier changes the state of his Zanpakutou. If Asgier returns to his sealed state then he must re-mark the target.
Description (Active): Asgier charges towards the marked target. This dash is no longer then then feet. Once active Asgier can see the line of his slash forming from one of the marks and ending at another, if there is only one mark on the target then the attack is a straight cut in the direction of his choosing. For multiple marks the strike can have numerous combinations, for example;
Target has three marks, the ability begins at a possible three locations and ends at a possible two. It is due to this combination that this attack has it is difficult to predict. This active ability has a two post cooldown.

Downside: It is a reckless charge. Asgier must have a clear line of sight as he must be able to see the pattern that the marks create. Due to the unpredictability of this strike Asgier can either make a successful attack or leave himself open to a counter attack. Asgier must strike the target with his blade in order to leave a mark, connecting with a punch or kick or anything else that is not his Zanpakutou will not leave the star mark.

Would love to hear feedback about these two abilities, and hopefully the re-work to the 12 Star Slash will clear up any and all confusion on how it works. And of course ask any questions you like and I will try my very best to answer them.

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Asgier Blackbane  Empty Re: Asgier Blackbane

Post by Suki on Thu May 28, 2015 7:26 pm

Change Approved

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