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Chapter 4a: A Grim Travel


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Re: Chapter 4a: A Grim Travel

Post by Eanuma on Tue Jun 09, 2015 2:16 pm

Eanuma smirk softly. There was a look on her face of not only victory but bemusement. Another come along to kill her... If this man only knew the truth on why Lolth is not dead, or why she is not dead and simply weakened. A small giggle was heard from the woman, before she finally stood up off the throne that did not belong to her.

"Because anyone less would have been too weak for my army..."

So that was the truth, she was after his strength. was it for military reasons or was it for the physical strength and prowess. Was there something she wanted particularly from his, like the mask she just took from the dead hollow? There were too many questions about Eanuma and her intentions. A person who lacked intelligence would probably leaped for this opportunity. She left the palace, she spoke softly.

"I assume you will not tell anyone about our meeting Nikolaj... You are smart enough for that"

It was almost like she has immediately expected loyalty, unconditional for Nikolaj. She truly was a monster; the most human looking monster in Hueco mundo



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