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(OPEN)The Holiday Soul Reaper Spirit


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(OPEN)The Holiday Soul Reaper Spirit Empty (OPEN)The Holiday Soul Reaper Spirit

Post by Lee_Takamoto on Sun Dec 14, 2014 1:46 am

The streets of the rather normal town was lively with what human's called 'Christmas Cheer'. There were many out and about with the intent of claiming gifts for loved ones, family or friends in hopes of getting something for themselves in return. The caused the shops to be full for the better part of the day and even more so during the night when all were off from there jobs and had the free time.

This time was also one of laughter and merriment as taverns and bars were full of patrons to happily spend there money on such endeavors. The air was crisp and chilled but would bring about a sense of calm and refreshment to all those in it, along with a bit of frost bite but it was something all were willing to endure. It was here that a single man stood out, donning a red suit with matching hat and a sack over his shoulder, the golden haired man seemed just as happy as the next man.
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He wore a smile just as anyone else and seemed to be in the festive spirit as anyone would. Though was this truly his intent, to blend in?

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