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13th Division HQ

Kuria Kōsetsu
Kuria Kōsetsu
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13th Division HQ Empty 13th Division HQ

Post by Kuria Kōsetsu on Fri Dec 05, 2014 7:50 am

13th Division HQ Peaceful_kingdom_by_andreasrocha-d4uierd

Squad 13 Headquarters

The headquarters of Squad 13 are more natural than that of other headquarters, although having an artificial touch with the buildings that climb up the mountain side. The headquarters itself is very secluded and peaceful allowing the members of the Squad to relax and easily concentrate as they do there work. The headquarters also has many facilities to benefit it's members in there work and other activities.

Recruit Training and Recruitment Area
The training and recruitment area for recruits is a small temple with a training ground and is empty on the inside, the inside is used mainly for mediation so that one can try communicate with their zanpakuto spirit and better attempt to unlock their power.

Male Quarters
The male quarters maintain the temple like inside as the other buildings usually have and is pretty simple with rather large corridors able to fit 4 men abreast. About every 5 meters their is a door, the door of which has a traditional japan look to it and slides and is rather fragile. The rooms that are occupied by recruits and unseated members are five square meters with a small bed for unseated members and the recruits usually bunk with two to a room and the single bed is replaced by bunk bed. Desks can be requested by the members but go through the chain of command with it going to seated officers that have designates for their responsibilities.

Female Quarters
The female quarters are much like the male quarters keeping the plain design and the same set up with the recruits and unseated members, the female quarters naturally have more privacy being a fair distance from the male quarters. The same room design and rulings apply to the quarters with recruits two to a room and unseated members one to a room, like previously said those who wish for desks must refer to the seated member in charge of the quarters.

Seated Members Quarters
The seated members of Squad 13 are in a different location to that of the quarters of the general squad members and recruits, this is done to keep them able to work in peace and do their designated responsibilities. The building is much smaller than that of the usual squad although has bigger living space than that of the usual members and adds an office for each seated member.

General Training Area
As the name suggests this is the training area available to all members and is used for training in the ways of the soul reaper, the training area is divided into many areas each made for different scenarios and conditions, there is also 4 other rooms mainly a plain area used for practicing Kido, Zanjustsu, Hakuda and Hoho.

As the thirteenth squad is about records and archives they are entitled to have a small archives which is filled with the technology to access the archives however all those who wish to edit and add records to the archives must submit it to the captain for her to investigate and read through them to add them to the archives as the captain is the only one of the squad who has full ability of the archives.

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