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Kuria Kōsetsu

Kuria Kōsetsu
Kuria Kōsetsu
Rogue Shinigami
Rogue Shinigami

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Kuria Kōsetsu

Post by Kuria Kōsetsu on Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:51 am

(Shinigami Warrior of God)

(Your character here)

Kuria Kōsetsu

"Fight the enemy not each other, those who can't work together... Will just die in the end"

Basic Information:

Name: Kuria Kōsetsu
Age: 3,84
Age Appearance: 16
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Gotei 13 (13 Court Guard Squads)
Division: Squad 13
Rank: Captain


Personality: Kuria has a very mature personality despite her appearance, she follows all of the rules of the Soul Society to the best of her abilities only occasionally breaking one of these rules, she is very self-disiplned and has high standards and expectaions. She is easily annoyed by people who act on their own accord or are immature.

Although she appears to be very serious to the general person, she is very relaxed around high seated officers such as third seats and higher. She has I big disliking of alcohol only hating it due to the burning effect it has on her throat as she dislikes and occasionally hates hot or warm things.

Her serious and sometimes stern nature often eaves her with a small social group that she gets along with as being relaxed is only high seated officers although she does it subconsciously. Although she never admits it she often gets crushes on males despite her disliking of them although she secretly seeks love to come into her life.

She is a quick thinker and very intelligent as she is captain of squad 13, the squad that keeps track of the archives. This often makes her unpredictable in combat, she has an air of leadership about her seemingly to not fit the physical body of her. She is not easily fooled and has good mental handling this also adds to her high determination and want to exceed. She has pride in herself although hates when someone makes fun or refers to her being less than them because of her size and physical body they often will get her yelling at them and getting angry however that doesn't happen in combat although it does annoy her a bit. As she as pride in herself she also possesses a great deal in her squad occasionally making a speech, much to her disliking of a lot of attention however can handle it if necessary.

Your Legacy:

Character Story:

Human Life~ Kuria was known by Hyou when she was alive and was born into a village, the village was peaceful for most of her life however she was poor and homeless. she made her life by stealing. She was known as the "blue haired demon" in her younger days however begun to mature at the age of 8.

2 years later there was a disagreement between two rival towns, unluckily her village was in between these two towns and as the war started the small peaceful village became a battleground, she was only 10 yet she witnessed death on a massive scale, she lost friends and even her victims of theft to the war however eventually became desensitized to the death as by that time the town was painted red with the blood of the victims and both sides of the war, however the bodies still littered the streets and there was much disease.

She had survived the war however her little village was no more, it was nothing now but ruins with the scars of war, however that wasn't the only war. When she escaped she would see monsters ripping and eating people only to be killed by men and women in black robes as they carried swords and swung them home within the black monsters' white faces which looked a lot like masks to her. There was not only visible wars it seemed but wars unseen to the human's eye as no one took notice of the fighting going on around them.

She was now living in a small village, no longer near her ruined old one, this one however showed the monsters a lot more, of course some even attacked her but were killed by the black robed warriors, however luck always runs out and hers finally did that fateful day when she died.

She was in the village, at a small stand to be specific, the stand collapsed suddenly and the man underneath was crushed no one saw the beast that she saw the monster grabbed at her but she had already taken off sprinting for shelter, somewhere where the thing couldn't go. It was fast very fast, as she turned to look it was gone although she was suddenly gripped and chucked away, most of her ribs' were broken from the impact and her leg was broken, the beast roared loudly sounding triumphant as it stabbed her though her chest and ripped her heart to shreds.

She woke up, in pain of course her body laying beside her and a chain that was broken connected to her chest, her first reaction was to rip it out but she was interrupted by the voice of the monster that killed her, "I wouldn't do that if I were you" she taunted and laughed as his arm got cut off and the laugh died away with a sword stroke to his head as a black robed warrior was there and he approached her, after hearing about his speech talking about how the soul society it was safe she had the konso preformed on her and disappeared into the air leaving the world she once knew.

Living in the Rukongai~ She later formed in the Rukongai it was fairly good however she was lucky and seemed to be summoned in the twelfth district, where most were wealthy and there was protection from the monsters they called hollows and the black robed warriors patrolled the area being called Soul Reapers.

She was at first an orphan or otherwise known as a homeless rat, she later encountered the Soul Reaper who had sent her to the Soul Society, he recognised her and offered her home which she too gratefully living with the man and his wife, she later leared the names of these two Soul Reapers the man being Shin and his wife Nori, they were a happy couple who both seemed to have wanted a child which they now had. Shin would train her occasionally teaching her Zanjutsu, Hakuda and also a bit of reiatsu manipulation but not going into Kido or Hoho.

She trained from a young age wanting to be a Soul Reaper like Shin and Nori, she was almost old enough to apply for a position in the Shino Academy and hoped to be accepted. Shin begun to intensify her training and pushed her past her limits until she could begin to match him at his weaker standard but surprisingly the girl beat him and was able to beat him continually in Hakuda and Zanjutsu.

Shino Academy Time~ After a few more years she was finally accepted not the Shino Academy, arriving there she was passing many grades quickly and excelling in the academy she spent little time there as she was deemed competent at a fairly young age for standards.

She was quickly pushed through the ranks of squad 13 until finally reaching the Captain spot which after the previous captain's disappearance she was implicated to take the role as the lieutenant.

RP Sample:

Kuria looked over the squad 13 barracks, the air was slightly warm it annoyed her, she was extremely annoyed that this tiny bit of warmth ruined her entire evening. She looked up at the stars and then took off again, she entered her office the place was organised and neat to her high standards she looked over her desk quickly and found a piece of paper, part of a report she thought, no it was a message it informed her that it would be wise of her to select a lieutenant for squad 13 although she had handled everything just fine without one, still she could ease off a bit.

After much consideration on the topic she thought it would wait till a later date when she wasn't so busy and distracted by the fact she needed multiple reports in by two days of course she knew she could handle it unlike the other captains she liked paperwork, it would annoy them if they knew that though that she had fun by doing her reports and other "laborious" small bits and pieces, she reaches out for the glass of water on her bench, it of course has ice in it as she wasn't fond of warm water or even the normal water as she preferred as cold as possible for her drinks. After a few minutes she downed her glass and decided to reside for the night, she gets up taking her largely packed folder full of paperwork with her and goes to her quarters encountering no one as she went.

Powers & Abilities:

{To be able to use technique, Shikai and Bankai, knowledge and know how must be acquired in-game)

Zanpakuto Spirit Description: Kōri jinmaru is very wise, he often gives advice however makes Kuria work for it, he keeps a kind personality however has his darker side one that is his true for as he is as remorseless as snow and ice occasionally. He lurks in the centre of the mountain as high as he could possibly go much to Kuria's annoyance, If she wants him he forces Kuria to climb to get to him, He is very silent only talking occasionally, his personality changes occasionally depending on Kuria's mood and the weather that the mood affects, such as when Kuria's happy a blizzard in her inner world happens much to Kōri jinmaru's enjoyment.

When ever Kuria asks for his help he responds, Although occasionally very different he will sometimes start a match with her without a word or teach her something which she wishes to know. He is very unpredictable and always thinks outside the box with multiple methods of teaching.
Human Form/ Physical Manifestaion:

In his human form Kōri jinmaru is a rather small boy like Kuria with a slender build, he wears a head band and scarf and an outfit consiting mostly of light and dark blue, he has a vest with a snowflake insignia on it. On his arms he wears two dark blue bracers reaching from his wrist to his biceps, he finishes the outfit with light blue loose baggy pants which are slightly covered in dark blue cloth inscribed with patterns. He wields two swords which are made of ice which cannot be melted.

If he was ever forced into the physical world he would appear this way, eg. When Zabimaru was summoned by Maramusa and was more human like than the baboon with a snake tail which was previously seen.
True Form/ Rage Form:

Kōri jinmaru in this form has no sense, he becomes as cruel and dangerous as the strongest blizzard, he very rarely ever reaches this form but his true form is devastating. He takes on a dragon like form however it is more resembling to bankai when Kōri jinmaru becomes more dragon, he becomes a serpentine dragon with large wings and two slim front legs with sharp claws, he also has these claws further down his figure. He has a razor sharp tail and hide, his head is adorned with an amber gem and a snowflake design for his heads shape. He maintains a silvery white and metallic blue colour scheme through his form and is very deadly.
Zanpakuto Name: Kōri jinmaru (Ice god round)
Inner World:
Sealed Appearance:

Name: Kōri jinmaru
Shikai Release Phrase: Hail to Ice, Kōri jinmaru
Released Appearance: A small blizzard about 10 metres in every direction, it is made of ice particles. The blizzards is manipulatable through Kuria's hand motions however if struck and melted by fire it becomes water if this continues it will evaporate into steam causing her shaikai to become sealed for 3 posts
Shikai Special Ability: By using her zanpakuto, she manipulates water and ice however she can only use liquid water to freeze and use. This gives her the power to use most of her abilities.

Name: Kōri Ryūjinmaru (Ice Dragon God Round)
Bankai Release Phrase: Bankai! Hail over ice and snow, Kōri Ryūjinmaru
Released Appearance: A complete blizzard approx. 25 metres in all directions, this blizzard is extremely huge and is made of ice particles. The blizzards is manipulatable through Kuria's hand motions however if struck and melted by fire it becomes water if this continues it will evaporate into steam causing her bankai to become sealed for 6 posts
Bankai Special Ability: Unlike her Shikai state ability, Kuria can now draw water and crystallize it into ice from the water vapour in the air. This allows her to fully manipulate the water from in a 50 meter radius.


(Max 12, you can add/unlock as you progress, but to be able to use technique, you must acquire it in-game)

Name: Frost Reiatsu
State: All
Terms of Usage: This ability is always active as it is a trait to her reiatsu.
Description: Her Reiatsu makes those around her feel cold, the closer the person is and the harsher she releases the reiatsu the colder it becomes. Her skin is the coldest part of her and can cause Hypothermia if left untreated for long enough and exposed at a common rate.
Downside: Those affected can neutralise the effects by warming up.

Name: Sub Zero Body Temp.
State: All
Terms of Usage: Only active so long as she pours her reiatsu into it.
Description: Using her reiatsu, she lowers her body temperature below 0 degrees Celsius. This makes her cold to touch and will stiffen muscles and hurt nerves when someone touches her. If she pours enough reiatsu into it, she will cause her body temperature will reach a level so cold it causes freeze burn to those who come in contact with her.
Downside: Drains a lot of reiatsu and can leave her with mild hypothermia

Name: Hisame
State: Shikai
Terms of Usage: The ability can only be activated with suitable amounts of water/ice and in shikai.
Description: Kuria summons the ice that she creates into a sphere around her, it forms a barrier around her for one post them explodes outwards in small sharp pieces of ices.
Downside: She is trapped for one post and the enemy may be able to melt the ice before the explosion of shards.

Name: Shatter
State: Bankai
Terms of Usage: Reform must be active.
Description: If Kōri Ryūjinmaru  is in the form of anything by the effect of Reform. The created object, avatar etc. will shatter and become a blizzard which is it's original bankai form.
Downside: Can melt and cause the effect of sending it Kōri Ryūjinmaru back to his sealed state.

Name: Reform
State: Bankai
Terms of Usage: Shatter must be active.
Description: When Kōri Ryūjinmaru  is a blizzard, Hyou can call reform and then something such as sword and Kōri Ryūjinmaru will use the blizzard to make a sword. The blizzard can become basically anything although it will be made of ice and possibly water. This created "thing" is very weak against fire and can melt. It has no charge and 1 post cool down.
Downside: Can melt and cause the effect of sending it Kōri Ryūjinmaru back to his sealed state.

Name: Ice Coffin
State: Bankai
Terms of Usage: Only able to be activated while Kōri Ryūjinmaru is in shatter
Description: When Kōri Ryūjinmaru is in the shatter form, Kuria calls: encase, the blizzard begins to converge onto her desired location, it freezes everything inside and can only cause frostbite and hypothermia, this becomes worst the longer the target is trapped in the ice.
Downside: Lots of reiatsu require to use also only able to be activated when shatter is active.

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Kuria Kōsetsu
Kuria Kōsetsu
Rogue Shinigami
Rogue Shinigami

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Re: Kuria Kōsetsu

Post by Kuria Kōsetsu on Wed Dec 03, 2014 7:24 pm

Bumping for Completion of App, when app is approved completely I will begin work on the stats which I should be able to figure out...

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Re: Kuria Kōsetsu

Post by ShinishiNamba on Wed Dec 03, 2014 10:06 pm

1/2 Approved

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Re: Kuria Kōsetsu

Post by Funnyguy339 on Thu Dec 04, 2014 10:09 am

2/2 Approved - Just work on your writing skills, always double check your work and you should be alright

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Re: Kuria Kōsetsu

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