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Tournament Invitation

The Lich King

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Tournament Invitation

Post by The Lich King on Fri Nov 21, 2014 10:25 pm

The strong presence of death could be felt as a Death Knight, a creature only told in history books and in legends appeared in the Eighth Division, she stepped out of a portal similar to a garganta.

As soon as the Death Knight stepped into the unknown territory the floor would slowly begin to freeze over and the rain that was falling rapidly would freeze over and would be changed into snow. The creature stood at roughly 6ft wielding a strange looking blade and armour that has never before been seen.

The creature gave off a presence of death, the (NPC) Squad members of the division surrounded him all un sheathing their blades and preparing for anything that comes their way. The creature spoke out, it's face covered by a hood with the parts of where his eyes are glowing.

"Captain Zatoichi Martinez! You have been selected by The Lich King himself to take part in he's tournament on his island of Death. You have no say in this, if you do not willingly come then we shall take you by force. You will be placed up against your fellow comrades and forced to kill them for survival, if by chance they decide to spare your life then you shall forever become a slave, tied to un breakable chains and forced to do the Kings bidding!"

The Death Kight aims her blade towards the Captain. "Come with me, or be forced to witness the Death of your Petty members and the destruction of your squad."
12th Division Captain
12th Division Captain

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Re: Tournament Invitation

Post by Zatoichi on Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:19 am

As the knight made his request he had zero knowledge of how this squad operates and his words spoken fell on deaf ears as most of thd underlings which house nearly hundreds of corpses as in the eyes of the current 12 captain sees fit to create copies which walk about in the 12 division domains. The actual squad members are all off held within parts which are hidden from all records an whereabouts of every other individual except for the captain and vice captain's knowing.

"i do apologize for your request is being relayed as we speak toward the 12 captain and vice captain. I am nothing more than a corpse copy to greet such a presence as yours." Despite looking exactly like Zatoichi Martinez in every which way. He is merely built with limited resources and does the usual routines which consists of conversations and walking about.

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