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Madeline Kyoku

Madeline Kyoku
Madeline Kyoku
5th Division
5th Division

Rank : 3rd Seat-[ 5th Division ](Inactive)
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Madeline Kyoku

Post by Madeline Kyoku on Sat Nov 15, 2014 10:48 am

(Shinigami Warrior of God)

(Your character here)

Madeline Kyoku

"Good and evil are never fixed, to shinigami hollows are evil, however to a hollow shinigami are evil"

Basic Information:

Name: Madeline Kyoku
Age: 843
Age Appearance: 17
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Gotei 13
Division: Squad 5, originally Squad 12
Rank: 3rd seat of squad 5.

Appearance: Madeline has a dark shade of Ash Grey appearing to be black, it reaches her waist and finishes a little lower than her waist. She has a fringe which reaches just above her eye line and her straight bangs which are long enough to end just below either side of her C-cup breasts. It is well groomed showing a lot of effort put into it, giving it a small gloss and making it silky to touch.

Her body is like that of a teenagers however still old enough to appear mature. Her body is curvy looking voluptuous, however she is still strong, she looks thin and her muscles only show a vague outline when she flexes. She is 167cm tall and weighs 61 kg.

Her skin is fairly pale and smooth, able to burn easily and making her blushes Stan out more on the rare occasions when she blushes, but never becoming rough. She has eyes which are sincere but also show flirting look occasionally, they are a deep sapphire, matching the bluest ocean. Her face is also fairly light, with a small nose and full lips which appear sweet to kiss. Her voice is very soft however she can change it in pitch, volume etc. Making her a good mimic, she is also very good at singing because of this making her voice desirable.

Clothing Madeline wears a lot of different outfits, mainly kimonos, stylish clothes from the world of the living, she also adds some changes to her Shihakushō.

Shihakushō variant 1 - Madeline's first version of her Shihakushō has a white scarf, which she has the tails going down her back, with separate sleeves from her torso region, they wrap around her biceps and flow down to her wrists, getting looser as it progresses. In this variant, her zanpakuto is worn on her obi, on the side. She also finishes the outfit by adding a few bandages around her abdominal region covering her already cloth covered stomach and lower back.

Shihakushō Variant 2 - Her second Shihakushō is actually a modified Omnitsukdo uniform, however it is rarely worn due to her shoulders being exposed and burning easily. It is a tight battle top which has a bare back and shoulders, as it moves down to her legs, the uniform stays the same with the loose hakama, her zanpakuto is instead of it's previous position, located horizontally across her lower back with the hilt to the right.

Shihakushō Variant 3 - To finish her third Shihakushō, she wears something resembling that of a captain, to describe it, she wears all the normal garbs that the original Shihakushō has however adds to it, a plain white haori, it has no markings or enigma however has the Squad 5 emblem on the back in black. This is finished by her bandages that go up her arms to her elbows, they are wrapped so that they cover every finger and reach her elbow. Her zanpakuto can occasionally be seen on this outfit however this garb is mainly in training. Her haori also absorbs her reiayoku, making it heavier. This makes her training more intense and lowers her speed when it is worn but makes her much faster without it.

Casual wear (Seretei) - Madeline in the Seretei, wears a Cherry blossom pink kimono with cherry blossoms on it, the pattern is white , it is adorned by a purple....... She doesn't really have her zanpakuto on her in this outfit.

Casual wear (Seretei) - Another of Madeline's outfits she's seen is in the Seretei is more modern, she has a skirt which is light grey, with a white top on, it gives off a school girl appearance. This also worn in a Gigai, if she was to ever need one.

Casual wear (World of the Living) - Madeline wears a pink dress closely resembling her Kimono, it maintains it's cherry blossom design. She has flat soled shoes which are pink matching her dress.

Formal wear - On a formal occasions she wears a black plain kimono, it is charcoal to be specific, it is only worn in the seretei and is replaced by a dress which is much like her kimono in comparison being the same colour.

Things that are seen in any of her outfits are usually black headphones, a tablet like device which she uses for intelligence purposes. These can be in any outfit and may not be worn all the time.

Personality: Madeline has a very open and diverse personality and mental description.

To begin Madeline is very intelligent, after all she has lived beyond that of any human, and after her short time of being in Squad 12 sh picked up a lot of knowledge, mainly technology related stuff such as hacking. She also uses the tablet she received in her time of squad 12, it is used for mainly analytical stuff and information gathering.

Continuing on, before she became a shinigami and even during her human life, she was very fond of music and sound, she is able to sing very well and play a variety of instruments such as the flute, and other woodwind instruments, although she has some knowledge of Percussion, Brass and String instruments.

She is very understanding although follows the rules, even if she personally doesn't agree with them with some exceptions. She will uphold herself to the highest standard she can get herself to.

When she does something she always sees it through, making her very determined and reliable. Also coming off as very loyal, serving her captain and superiors with great respect and also following their commands considering they are within reason. She is good at making and holding relationships.

She is a shinigami that maintained some of her memories, this leads her to flashbacks and occasionally Lucid dreams, they make her scared and can leave her emotionally stressed. She is affected by this mainly by something that she associates with her memories, however she will always try to hide it, feeling afraid to attract to much attention.

She has many dreams such as to reach the rank of Vice-Captain but not captain as she doesn't think she could handle it, also she seeks to obtain Shikai and then Bankai. She also wishes to find out about her past.

During her life she found herself wanting to protect others, she hates to fail especially if someone died because of her actions, she hates violence which is unnecessary and prefers to talk things over. Her want for knowledge is also a big thing to her, as she seeks as much knowledge as possible, she is often found reading or researching something that has caught her eye and interested her. She also believes that hollows are not evil, only that they can't help what they do because of their eternal hunger.

Madeline is caring, acting like a mother or trusted role model to her subordinates, she likes to help others but doesn't like to receive help herself because she tries not to open up about her past to others. She cares a lot about her squad members and the innocent lives of others and would sacrifice herself for them if she needed to.

Your Legacy:

Character Story:
Human Life:
Madeline was born back when there was no technology that the present had, she was born into a fairly noble family. However it was very lonely as she had to stay and act like a mature person, she often found her young days boring, hating having to be watched over by servants. Her father always ignored her and her mother seemed to busy.

No one paid attention to the fact that she could see spirits, however she tried to tell people but they called her cute for using her imagination, this annoyed her a lot and made her feel upset that no one believed her. However she first saw death at the age of six, when a mad man from the village that their manor overlooks was able to break in and killed a small amount of servants and leaving a couple of women alive, however most had been abused and raped by the madman before getting away, she had seen the bodies in fact she was in the same room as the madman, hidden in a small area that was hidden by a group of chairs. The sound was what she hated most, she was born with sensitive hearing and could hear the crys from the women and sounds of bones breaking. When she left her hiding place she could see the corpses and even the weeping maids that littered the floor crying in pain and agony. There was blood everywhere, covering the once pale white walls and mahogany floor boards.

After her experience she had matured a lot, she also spoke less and seemed to shrink away from others company, she had nightmares about that night, she seemed to enjoy the music of birds a lot more, going to a forest and spending her days listening to their tunes and whistles. She would continue to do this until she had become 14, then everything changed for her.

2 more years past and she had been forced to marry, to a rude arrogant man, who was 2 years older than her, he abused her and harmed her. Liking her screams which her voice made, he enjoyed anyway of making her feel pain and suffering. After what seemed to be another year, she had become pregnant although finally died during child birth.

Rukongai Life:
Madeline after making it to the Soul Society, was reborn as a baby and was taken in by a kind couple in the 35th district although it had less crime than the outer areas there was still the fact of there being a small group of criminals around the 35th district, she grew up happily often disappearing and and playing in warehouses, she often climbed buildings and would do something known in the world of the living as parkour.

She was very young and childish although would also steal occasionally not because she needed to but because she often helped the kids who were orphans and couldn't support themselves. She also still had her sensitive hearing through death which made her often have headaches in loud places such as the markets, however it was also a burden as she would often hear crying or screaming at night from what the criminals were doing to others.

RP Sample:

Madeline stood in the brisk, cold night, there was a gentle breeze as she stood ever so silently gazing at the lake on which her captain's office was, however she was not taking note of the office she was thinking of more important stuff, the cherry blossoms had begun to fall with the winds touch sweeping them in front of her gaze as she stared at the lake from the grove she was in. She then broke her gaze from the lake and looked around.

She had been moved to squad 5, her previous squad; Squad 12 had sent her there before her captain was replaced by Captain...(Soundz)..., she didn't know what to make of that, however she didn't mind after all she liked the Cherry blossoms that littered the Squad 5 barracks that and the seclusion it brought, one could almost forget they were in the Seretei while being at this barracks. She was fairly new and she was not expected to be here until tomorrow morning where she would be introduced to her fellow squad members and announced her rank in the squad, if she had gained that privilege. She could feel the air grow cooler, it would be a long night to go until the day she was waiting for, she went over to one of the Cherry Blossom trees and laid back letting the dark void of sleep drag her into it's abyss.

Powers & Abilities:

{To be able to use technique, Shikai and Bankai, knowledge and know how must be acquired in-game)

Zanpakuto Spirit Description:
Muon Senritsu takes on the form of a well kept man in a suit, he has a violin and can play it extremely well, he is very sweet but hates the silence. Often playing music when he can't hear anything, he seems to train her very kindly although still forces her to improve. He is often found at the top of the floating temple she calls her inner-world and he calls home, playing sweet music.

Zanpakuto Name: Muon Senritsu, Soundless Melody
Inner World:
It looks like this however adds strings which go down the pilars and make noise when strummed, the air also hits these strings and when they do it makes music, the wind however ceases when she is concerned or upset.
Sealed Appearance:
Sealed State:

Name: Muon Senritsu
Shikai Release Phrase: Sing, Muon Senritsu
Released Appearance:
Shikai Appearance:
Shikai Special Ability: Due to it's tuning fork design, whenever it hits metal it makes a sound unable to be heard but targets the opponents eardrums giving headaches and pain in the head when Muon Senritsu hits another metal.

Name: Yuganda Muon Senritsu, Distorted Soundless Melody
Bankai Release Phrase: Bankai...Sing, Yuganda Muon Senritsu.
Released Appearance: Yuganda Muon Senritsu isvery unique in the way that her zanpakuto now becomes one of three girls, these girls, the one that is formed as Bankai has their own fighting style and thoughts giving them variety and ability to change quickly, they can swap out by suddenly glowing one of the others colours and morphing into them, the active girl wields the shikai state and has all of the shikai's abilities. However this leaves Madeline with the sealed appearance of her zanpakuto which is very useless as t acts just like a sealed zanpakuto, Although this may be the case they also can manipulate the sound as their bankai's ability.
Variant 1:
Variant 2:
Variant 3:
Bankai Special Ability: Yuganda Muon Senritsu can manipulate sound completely, being able to amplify it and distort it, this makes Yuganda Muon Senritsu able to control the volume of sound and also distort it to make it sound like someone is saying something they're not.


(Max 12, you can add/unlock as you progress, but to be able to use technique, you must acquire it in-game)


Name: Otonoha, Wave of Sound
State: Shikai and Bankai
Terms of Usage: Otonoha, is activated by it's name being called out and a slash Muon Senritsu.
Description: Otonoha is preformed by Madeline calling out Otonoha while in shikai, bankai it is done by the girls, and a large wave of sound goes towards a target, it can do now physical damage however will cause a loud explosion sound when it hits targets eardrums.
Downside: Causes no physical damage to target, really only used for disorientating them.


Name: Utsusemi, Cast-Off Cicada Shell
State: All
Terms of Usage: Only able to be done when, would be injured by target.
Description: Madeline moves at great speed to avoid an attack, leaving an afterimage which can appear to have taken damage.
Downside: It is really only used as an escape or trick and does nothing to harm or affect the opponent. Aside from maybe surprising them.


Name: Senka, Flash Blossom
State: All
Terms of Usage: None
Description: Moving behind her opponent,Madeline attacks and seals their Saketsu, Chain Binding and Hakusui, Soul Sleep in two rapid attacks. A victim may not be able to tell whether they were attacked from the front or the back because of the technique's speed, and even an outside observer may find it impossible to tell what the movements are.
Downside: It is very hard to perform as a small miscalculation may make the entire attack fail and leave Madeline open.


Name: Kikoeru Shunpo, Sound Flash Step
State: All
Terms of Usage: None
Description: Madeline preforms a usual shunpo, however it is much faster, she can do two things as she uses this technique. She can break the sound barrier and cause a large sonic boom, which is deafening to those around her and secondly is she cn stay just below the speed of creaking the sound barrier effectively making a stealthy, faster Shunpo.


Name: Shizuka, Silent
State: Bankai
Terms of Usage: None
Description: The girl who is active during bankai, uses the sound manipulation ability to decrease all sound to there is no sound only silence, nothing can be heard and this can affect Madeline herself.
Downside: Affects Madeline as well as opponent, Madeline doesn't have the shikai zanpakuto.


Name: Shōgekiha, Sonic Boom
State: Bankai
Terms of Usage: Can not be used while Shizuka is active
Description: By suddenly amplifying a sound, a giant deafening boom happens, it causes severe headaches to all including Madeline and possible bleeding from the ears also ringing in the ears.


Name: Kimitsu Shinmon, Sensitive Hearing
State: All
Terms of Usage: Always active
Description: Madeline was born with sensitive hearing, this gives her the ability to hear very quiet noises and even eavesdrop. Her hearing is natura however it is always sensitive and can only be dulled to a certain point.
Downside: Loud noises hurt her ears and affect her greater, especially yelling. Giving her headaches and very sore ears sometimes.


Terms of Usage:

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alice of the Rose
alice of the Rose

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Re: Madeline Kyoku

Post by alice of the Rose on Mon Nov 17, 2014 8:43 pm

Approved: 1/2 Level: 19 Please note: Your speed techs will only succeed if you are faster than your target.

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Madeline Kyoku
Madeline Kyoku
5th Division
5th Division

Rank : 3rd Seat-[ 5th Division ](Inactive)
Posts : 19
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Re: Madeline Kyoku

Post by Madeline Kyoku on Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:14 pm

I'm not finished and it's not to my standard, however as the level 19, is the equivalent in power to that of a Vice-Captain, I'll agree and work on my Stats.. Thank you Alice,
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7th Division Captain

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Re: Madeline Kyoku

Post by ShinishiNamba on Thu Nov 20, 2014 4:16 pm

Approved 2/2

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Re: Madeline Kyoku

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