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Akira Tanaka (wip)


Akira Tanaka (wip)

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 11, 2014 10:28 am

(Shinigami Warrior of God)

(Your character here)

Akira Tanaka

"Character quote here."

Basic Information:

Name: Akira Tanaka
Age: 432 years
Age Appearance: Mid to late 20's

Gender: Male
Affiliation: ()
Division: 12th Division
Rank: A little ambitious but Captain
Appearance: Akira stands at 5' 10" and weighs 185 lbs. Akira wears the traditional shinigami Kimono and modified Captain's Haori, he has Headphones that he wears around his neck unless he is listening to them and a pair of glasses. He also carries a small white satchel under his Haori with Manga, Poky, and gizmos he has made in it.

Personality: Akira has a compelling drive to understand the way things work. He is good at logical analysis, and like to use it on practical concerns. He also has a strong powers of reasoning, although he is not interested in theories or concepts unless he can see a practical application.

He is loyal to the causes and beliefs of the Gotei 13, and is firm believer that people should be treated with equity and fairness. Akira also feels his squad members should follow the rules and guidelines for respectful behavior and conduct at all times faithfully and will not take part in something which violates his personal laws.

Akira like and need to spend time alone, because this is when he can sort things out in his minds most clearly. He absorb large quantities of impersonal facts from the external world, and sort through those facts to making his final judgments.

Akira is also adaptable in spontaneous situations and is able to quickly respond to what is immediately before him with out hesitation. He has a strong technical skills, and is a effective technical leader. He focus on details and practical things. He has an excellent sense of expediency and grasp of the details which enables him to make quick, effective decisions.

Your Legacy:

Character Story:

Akira was a young orphan wondering the streets of Junrinan in the rukon district when he stumbled into a woman shinigami that was returning from training in the mountains, the woman looked down and asked if he was alright Akira replied I'm sorry and tried to run away but fainted from hunger, the woman then scooped him up and took him with her to the seritai.
when Akira regained consciousness he found himself in the arms of the woman, the woman seeing that he was awake said hi my name is Takara and ill return you to your family after you eat something.
Akira started to cry and said i don't have a family and hugged Takara tightly, Takara hugged him back and started thinking about what to do with him, after thinking for a moment she then said to the young boy if you are going to stay here you are going to have to tell me your name little boy.
Akira looked up at her with a excited expression on his face and asked really you really mean it, Takara replied while laughing with excitement yes i really mean it, Akira then hugged Takara tighter and said my name is Akira thank you thank you thank you!!!
when Akira was a little older he started reading books on kido and zanjutsu then when he had a better understanding of what the books were saying he would go to a open Field and try out what he had read by himself so he wouldn't get in trouble by his adoptive mother or the other shinigamis.
when Akira was a suitable age he joined the academy and excelled in his studies, after graduation he was asked to join a squad but declined he would rather stay at the academy a little longer as a teachers assistant and to further his knowledge.
After spending two more years at the academy Akira joined squad 12 and moved his was up to lieutenant with in a few years of joining. As time want by Akira became Captain of squad 12 and held that seat for several years.

RP Sample:
The day was hot, the sun was high in the afternoon sky beating down over the Seireitei as Akira made his way towards the Research and Development Bureau with his headphones propped over his ears while he walked reading his typical manga. Akira hasn't been there for weeks due to the reconstruction and was only going there today to clear out the odds and ends left behind. As Akira pushed open the doors he felt two high reiatsus. "Well, it seems I'm not the only one who decided to come here today." He said aloud to himself as he closed his book and returned it to his pouch.

As he made it to the labs doorway he saw Former Captain Mayuri and Former Captain Urahara bickering over old surveillance tapes, Akira only stood in the doorway as he leaned in its door jam and watched the two, He then pulled a box of pocky from his pouch and removed a stick before returning it to the pouch. "Everything is digital nowadays ya two dinosaurs." Akira said sarcastically as he placed a pocky stick in his mouth then pulled his headphones down around his neck.

Powers & Abilities:

{To be able to use technique, Shikai and Bankai, knowledge and know how must be acquired in-game)

Zanpakuto Spirit Description:

Zanpakuto Name: Kidate
Inner World: Kidate's realm is a dense forest where black and white is inverted and the other colors seem to bleed into each other.
Sealed Appearance:

The Bokken: Akira's Zanpakuto is a wooden sword but is just as destructive as a metal one and should not be under estimated.

Name: Kidate
Shikai Release Phrase: Kidate Be Reborn!

Released Appearance:

Akira's Shikai is also wooden with a different look the sheath and sword are now a jet black color and the blade appears sharper then the blunt appearance of its sealed state.

Shikai Special Ability:
Honoka Splinter: Akira's sword is able to rain thousands of splinters that Peirce what ever they come in contact with then explode.

Akira's Zanpakuto is able to have a vine retract from its hilt to either use as an extension to swing his zanpakuto like a whip or to have the vine retract and attempt to wrap his opponent in it before implying thorns through out the vine.

Nature's Shield: Akira slashes the ground and three fifteen feet high by three feet round tree trunks spring up from the ground blocking attacks. (Akira's tree shield can be used only 10 times and they dissipate after he leaves his Shikai form, also the total width of the shield is 9'). he can also slash down the tree trunks and kick them toward his opponent if needed (These trees trunks are strong enough to block all attacks by an opponents weaker then him or not in released form.[Bankai* Resserrection*]).

Name: Kidate-Sennyo
Bankai Release Phrase: (What is said to release your Zanpakuto into its final form)
Released Appearance:

Akira's Bankai is a wooden scythe that is twelve feet long with a blade that gos across six feet long.
Akira in bankai form has two sets of wings that seems to not touch his body each wing floats independently in a formation of an X.
The wings are insect like in appearance, translucent with a spectrum of colors streaming through them, Akira also has two large Spider Lily, one on each shoulder.

Bankai Special Ability: Akira's top set of wings are used for flight and his lower set are able to move independently to block two attacks at the same time from any direction.

Two large Spider Lilly that appear when entering bankai, one on either shoulder gather Reishi from his surroundings for 2 posts, this ability can only be interrupted if they are cut from his shoulders. after gathering enough Reishi these Spider Lily can fire a large beam of energy at his opponent and cause a large explosion and if it were to miss it would create a large creator fifty yards in diameter. After firing this ability has a cool-down of 2 posts before charging again for another two posts.

While on the ground he can slash at the ground toward his opponent sending a stream of spiked trees through out the path to Peirce his opponent in a line a five hundred feet long fifty feet high.

While in the air he can charge his weapon with spiritual power and swing his zanpakuto twice in succession sending out four pikes per swings and as the pikes Peirce what ever they hit vines rapidly grow entangling every thing with in one hundred yards and begin to crush what ever is in its grasps


(Max 12, you can add/unlock as you progress, but to be able to use technique, you must acquire it in-game)

Name: (Name of the ability)
State: (Shikai, Bankai, Regular Or All)
Terms of Usage:(Is the technique activated, or can you do it without any special terms or conditions)
Description: (Describe what your technique can and cant do)
Downside: (What is the downside to the technique)

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Re: Akira Tanaka (wip)

Post by Zatoichi on Tue Nov 11, 2014 5:31 pm

Captain spot taken...please try again.

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