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Tier System Suggestion

Izaya Mishima

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Tier System Suggestion

Post by Izaya Mishima on Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:24 am

So this is the Tier System that Platinum Hearts uses. Soundz and I thought that it might be a little easier to understand versus the current stat system that's in place. Look at it and tell us how it sounds. This is the main part of it, but it can be tweaked a little to fit BD's style.

What Is A Power Tier: Essentially, a power tier gauges where your characters overall energy levels are once your application is approved by a staff member. It ranges from lowest to highest; which is 6-0- to 0-0++ in extremely rare cases. However, in the long run, it is your skills in roleplaying that play the largest part. But, this isn't to say that tier doesn't matter. If Kenpachi were to fight Hanatarou, who would win? Most likely Kenpachi due to his immense power. Even if Hanatarou's Roleplayer's skills are better, the scale is still tilted towards Kenpachi.

Sub Tier Levels: You see things like "2-1, 2-2, 2-3" and etc? Those are the different levels that are within tiers. These are used in order to tell about the different measurements of power for within their respective tier groups. For instance, if a 2-3 were to get into a fight with a 2-1; while they may be in the same tier class, the 2-1 would definitely have the upper hand based on him being further along the line in the second tier. The same effectively applies to all tiers listed below. The higher the - dash is, the higher up on the chain a character is in their tier level. So it goes: 6 tier < 5 tier < 4 tier < 3 tier < 2 tier < 1 tier < 0 tier. And for sub-level it goes: 5 < 4 < 3 < 2 < 1 < 0.

Increased Power levels: Since the Winter War Ichigo had partaken in over 400 years ago on this site's timeline, there have been many evolution's, increases and discoveries in powers. This was further accelerated after the larger then life battle with Ender had ended; which resulted in the entire world becoming aware and effected by spiritual beings over the next few centuries. Therefore, it has reached the point where levels of power have dramatically changed compared to most other Bleach Sites. For example, a two tier would be more then able to take on a Canon Captain (See: not PH Canon) depending on how skilled the user is, the type of powerset they have and their overall energy level. Thus, everyone who reads this should know just where our power scale is before creating a character or passing judgement.

What Are The +'s and -'s: The +'s and -'s are used to put a character closer or further behind those on their level. For example, if someone were a 0-2+, that would automatically put them on a somewhat higher footing then a regular 0-2. The reason for this is that the + represents how close someone is to unlocking the next tier above that. So, with that said, the - represents the opposite. It allows for someone to become, in this situation, a 0-2. However, they would probably be a higher disadvantage against a regular 0-2 or a 0-2+. With that said, ++'s are rather rare and represent a character who is dramatically more powerful then others on his/her tier. For example, someone like Kenpachi would be 0-2++, while someone like Ukitkate, based on his sickness, would be a 0-2-. Thus, this is mainly seen with 1 and 0 tier type characters; but can be used for lower tiers. And yes, it is possible for a character to reach a -- level as well.

Short Summary: So, in short, six tier is the weakest character possible and zero tier is the strongest possible. The same apply for all sub-tiers that you see and +'s mean you have an edge up on those in your tier class, while -'s make you have less of an edge.


Level 0: Master Class

What is 0 Level: For all intents and purposes, this is quite possibly the strongest level a person could ever dream to obtain. Once a character is able to reach 0 tier, they are often referred to as some of the strongest in their races, organizations and even those in the Elite Class can run into trouble fighting these type of characters. Tiers 4 and 5 on 0 tier are often exponentially stronger then those below them. Meanwhile, when one begins to enter the 3rd tier, it is possible for some races to begin obtaining transformations stronger then Bankai. For instance, Vizards tends to obtain their Resurrección States , Iramasha's begin to obtain their Divine Ascension or Devil's Awakening and some Shinigami are able to obtain an unspecified state that is similar to Ichigo's Final Getsuga Tenshou. However, the main killers begin to awaken at 0-3 and upwards. Some 0-2's even have the power to give someone like the Soul King or Kin Iramasha trouble. More often then not, a 0-2 is typically a faction leader or some sort of Zero Division level character. Anything higher then that, such as 0-1's, have been compared to NEAR demigod levels of power at 0-1+ by others who have fought them. Therefore, those on the higher scale of tier 0 are to be treated with EXTREME caution.

Tier 0: This level is where most would consider a being to be a "Deity-like" or "God-Like" creature. This type of power is almost inconceivable to most people and is mainly reserved for natural forces such as "Life" or "Death." However, for a single character to obtain this power? That, at this point and time, is simply unheard of and there are no known methods to receive this kind of power. (Not applicable or available for any characters. Merely just legend.)

Tier 1: This type of power is comparable to beings known as "The Soul King", "The Demon God" and "Truth". Once a character is able to reach tier 1 of 0 tier, this often the peak of a person's potential. It's EXTREMELY rare for something like this to occur and not every character will get this level as it's almost comparable to a demigod state.

Tier 2: Now, this is most likely the strongest most people get. When a character reaches 0-2, they are often referred to as the top 1% of fighters in the world. They have most likely mastered a large percent of their powers or forms, have extreme combat knowledge, possesses power that would almost be incomprehensible to those four hundred years ago and can easily change the tide in a war if enough of them are deployed. With that being said, when approached by a 0-2, BE EXTREMELY on guard as they are some of the most dangerous characters of this tier. More often then not, they'll be seen as organization leaders and should be treated with extreme caution. They are even powerful enough, on the + levels, to even give people like Kin Iramasha or the Soul King trouble.

Tier 3: Once a character is able to reach 0-3, this is where more transformations are often seen. Things such a Resurrección State, an Arrancar's Segunda, an Iramasha's Divine Ascension or Devil's Awakening and Final Evolution of Bankai's are typically seen here. That means these characters are an extreme threat to most, should be approached VERY cautiously and often can go toe to toe with faction leaders if need be. More often then not, in fact, they are also known as Co-leaders in most organizations. So again, tread CAREFULLY against these people. Even IF you have a slight edge in power.

Tier 5 & 4: This is the first step in a major evolution for those coming from one tier. Once a character reaches 0-5 and 0-4, they are exponentially more powerful then those below them. For a more concrete example, these type of characters would be similar to Canon Nnorita fighting against Pre-Vizard Ichigo in Bankai. Yes, Ichigo was strong when he was fighting against Byakuya; but that Ichigo would face serious difficulty fighting against Nnorita in the Winter War. Therefore, these charaters should be treated with the same respect.


1st level: Elite Class

What is 1st Level: By the time a character is able to reach the 1st level of the tier system, they are effectively known as "Elite Warriors". Thus, upon reaching even the lowest 1st tier, a character should typically know some sort of weak Bankai. Or, at the very least, have a scale of energy comparable to that. Moreover, once someone is able to become a one tier, they have nearly reached the peak of their powers. They typically have more knowledge about racial techniques, more skill and more power then those on the lower end of the tier spectrum when it comes to combat and so on. So, in most organizations, a one tier is often referred to as a "Captain Level" fighter and their numbers start to become more rare when compared to lower level fighters. What's more, it should also be noted that 1-4's and 1-5's are sometimes comparable to Captain's of the Winter War; while 1-3 and up often have far larger power reserves then them.

Tier 1: Finally, you have the highest tier of the 1st level: 1-1. This is where a character is finally reaching their peak as their energy level's are superb, their fighting skills hard to top, their Bankai nearly mastered and their skills will be enough to even give Aizen in his released forms a run for his money.

Tier 2: The 2nd Tier is what is known as the "Experienced" Captain Class of the 25th Century and is a few leagues above the former tier. These characters are highly trained in their Bankai, very lethal and can change the tide in a battle. Underestimating them is not something one should do. They would even be able to take on at least six Captains from the Winter War Arc at a time; in some hypothetical situations depending on the character.

Tier 3: Upon reaching tier three, this is once again where the power scales begin to tip very heavily. When a character is able to reach 1-3 they are then considered in a league above Captain's from the Winter War. Thus, in this day and age, they are often considered what is "Seasoned". That means that they are much stronger then the experienced Captain from the Winter War and have very large power reserves that would even give Aizen trouble. (At least, Shikai Aizen)

Tier 4: Once a character is able to reach the 4th level of tier one, they'll then be equal to a Veteran Class Captain from The Winter War. That means that they'll have a pretty proficient control over their Bankai, have advanced further enough to have a very large understanding of their powers and are often Captains in other orgs.

Tier 5: Characters on this level of first tier are able to hold their own against seasoned Captains from The Winter War. That means that they should have a pretty decent control over their Bankai and are a force to be reckon with.


2nd level: Expert Class

What is 2nd Level: Once a character is able to reach the 2nd level on the tier system, they have become what is known as an "expert class". By the time a person has obtained this type of power, they generally have some sort of ascended form, an advanced control over their powers and are typically referred to as a Vice Captain Class in most organizations. The only road left to go once a person has become a 2nd tier is to obtain similar forms of power such as "Bankai" or the Iramasha's Angelic/Demonic Release. However, in rare cases, those higher up on the chain in this level have been known to have weak level Bankai's. And those around tier 4 or 5 of this level are easily comparable to Vice Captains similar to those from four hundred years ago during the Winter War. Additionally, those who two or one tier of this level are almost comparable to weak or newly made Captains from that time.

Tier 1: The final level of 2nd tier will put them on a power scale equivalent to a weak Captain from the Winter War. At this point, they'll also be eligible to learn a low level Bankai. So, in some cases, if they were to appear 400 years ago; they would easily give Captains from that era a run for their money at the very least. So 2-1 is not something to scoff at.

Tier 3 & 2: Now, 2-3 and 2-2 is where the powerlevel begins to change somewhat. Once a character is able to reach 2-3, they are now on a level that is somewhat equal to a rank between Vice Captain and Captain from the Winter War in terms of energy level's; not Bankai. That means that their Shikai or Shikai-like power will have even'd out and be easier to use.

Tier 4: When 2-4 is unlocked, this is often where a character starts to become equal to a veteran class vice Captain from four hundred years ago. It's also where their Shikai gets to the point where it's more usable or whatever racial version they have; in terms of form or power.

Tier 5: Upon reaching 2-5, this is where most characters can normally have a low powered Shikai. This is also where they begin to reach level's similar to a Vice Captain from four hundred yers ago.

3rd level: Adept Class

What Is 3rd Level: This is where the gap in power starts to begin. Once a character is able to reach the third tier, they become what is known as an adept fighter. They have grown past the need for any sort of academy, have become well tuned soldiers and are the second most common fighter to be seen in most organizations when war situations are occurring. And, at this point in power, once they reach the higher levels of 3 tier; they will then be able to obtain a chance to have release forms such as Shikai in order to level the playing field even further. So this is the level where characters generally learn the nature of their power and work to go up from here. It's also worth noting that those higher along the chain of power in three tiers can sometimes be compared to weaker level Captains from The Winter War over 400 years ago. Mainly 3-1's and 3-2's.

Tier 1 and 2: On these level's, this is where a person can start training for Shikai, where they begin to seat themselves apart from those lower on this tier level and eventually become seated members in the Gotei 13 or similar orgs. These characters are not to be trifled with by those lower then them. Since, in rare cases, once a person reaches 3-1+ or 3-1++, they may have a weak level Shikai.

Tier 3: This is more or less the middle tier of the third level. After they pass this point, they'll be able to train for a Shikai-like form or power. Often times, this is where the peak of the average fighting force can be found. So, once a person has reached this level, they are more or less average in all fighting aspects.

Tier 5 and 4: Once a character reaches the first three tier, they have reached a point in their power where they are a respectable fighter in terms of energy and powers. Throughout these two tiers hey'll typically try to perfect powers.

4th level: Common Class

What Is 4th Level: 4th Tier is essentially a beginner class type of fighter. These people make up the bulk of any army or organization such as the Gotei 13's Regular Members, any sort of rouge hollow in Shadow Fall, random Demon's running around and things of this nature. Around this level is where most begin to train their powers, develop their zanpukto's and essentially strive for more power so that they can reach a higher level of power. So, for the most part, a good reference for these type of people would be Shinigami Academy Class characters. They have powers, can hold their own in combat and aren't powerless; but they are still learning about what they are, learning how to use their powers and evolving each day.

Tier 1: At this point, you are almost ready to enter the 3rd tier. So you have learned much about your powers, your racial traits, have had a decent amount of combat experience and are ready to take the next step forward. These, obviously, are the strongest of the 4th tier level.

Tier 2: Around this level is where powers begin to evolve further, you are a slight cut above the rest in terms of the population of supernatural creatures and you are almost at the next tier level.

Tier 3: This is more or less the middle ground of the 3rd tier. This is where a bulk of soliders are known to have come from and you are considered an average fighting class person.

Tier 4: When they enter this level of the 4th tier they'll then have a little bit of experience under their belt. They are almost at the point to where they can be considered an average fighter if they were in some organization such as the Gotei 13.

Tier 5: At the start of 4 tier a character is usually experienced enough to at least be deployed into war. Along with that, they'll begin learning the basic's of their racial skills, getting deeper into the origins of their powers and building themselves up to hold their own against others on their tier.

5th Level: Extremely Weak

What Is 5th Rank: This is nearly the lowest level on the tier. The strongest example of this would be that your able to see spirits as if it were second nature, use your reiatsu in a weak attack to protect yourself and begin to develop any sort of special abilities or powers. The lowest level of this would result in not even having the ability to notice spirits, the average is to hear, smell or see traces of Spiritual Activity. However, it is still possible to retain some special traits. (I.E. having an above average sense of hearing, reaction time, defense and etc); which makes this different then the 6th tier. Which is, to be blunt, people like you and me.

Tier 1: At long last they'll have had a decent idea of what their power will probably be once they reach 4th tier, they are the strongest of the 5th tier and can sometimes even hold their own against Rookie Shinigami in a fight as their powers will have come to a point where they can be rather useful in offensive means. The only thing left is to train in some sort of program or let their powers come to them.

Tier 2: At this point, seeing spirits have become mastered, they'll usually have their powers start to surface even more and their overall energy level would begin to become more useful as they can last much longer then five tiers below them.

Tier 3: Three tier is where the 5 tier character starts to have spirits come naturally to them if it hasn't already. Moreover, they start to have trace amounts of special abilities or powers begin to come into play around this time.

Tier 5 & 4: This is about the lowest a character can go before they are ultimately considered powerless. However, most people still refer to it as being one of the weakest tiers possible. Later on, around 4th tier of this level, this is where a character begins to become somewhat spiritually aware and have a slightly larger energy reserve.


6th Level: Completely Powerless

What Is 6th Rank: This is quite possibly the easiest character to create on the site. 6th tiers are people with no special traits, cannot see spirits period and do not have even the smallest perks some 5-5's even have. Essentially, they are people like you and me and do not require alot of work to create. Therefore, there is only one tier for this level and that is 6-0.
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Re: Tier System Suggestion

Post by Zatoichi on Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:28 am

Bump it..please all that joined bleach dynasty are do join in the future please take a look see at this an make a comment if you think something like this will be more beneficial for our small yet growing community. Because the system we use isn't quite doable for us as in my thoughts it's something more used by a larger more thriving community.

I for one am in favor of this tier system approach for bleach dynasty.

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Alastair Knightfield
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Re: Tier System Suggestion

Post by Alastair Knightfield on Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:22 am

Meh not a big fan of tier systems seeing as to me this is the opposite to me of what Soundz think. This tier system is meant for bigger communities like Platinum Hearts and Bleach Story I wouldn't work with such the small community we have bow but hey if the people like then I like it.

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Re: Tier System Suggestion

Post by Kyouga on Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:40 am

This tier system makes a lot of sense for this site and I would back it personally.

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Re: Tier System Suggestion

Post by alice of the Rose on Tue Nov 11, 2014 9:35 pm

I'm with Ally. Not a fan.

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Re: Tier System Suggestion

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