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Soneshee WIP


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Soneshee WIP

Post by Sumire on Fri Nov 07, 2014 10:01 am

(Godking Ruler of Empty)

(Your character here)

Character Name

"when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Basic Information:

Character Name: Sonoshee V. Sumire
Gender: Female
Age: 120
Appearance: Sonoshee is a teenage female of about 13 or 15. She has short, slicked green hair and pink highlights. In addition, Soneshee has bright green eyes. Her Hollow mask is positioned around her right eye, spirling around her hollow hole,where eye should be

Her attire consists of a white dress with no sleeves and an upturned collar. Soneshee's dress is also unzipped at the front revealing her cleavage. Her dress also exposes her waist and part of her thighs on both sides of her body.
Soneshee carries an umbrella
Personality: Soneshee appears to be very confident, her self-assurance expressed in the very way she struts down a battlefield, and a self-assured smile. She is also very sociable, slapping a subordinate or even superior on the butt as she compliments their performance. or in a form of greeting. Her confidence can be seen in her fight by the why she seems to mock her opponent.

Soneshee can also be serious, stern and business-like when the situation requires it, usually when shes faced with an opponent she cant fight. If she is forced to fight, she is more cautious and doesnt seem to mock the. Otherwise she returns to her previous behaivor.

However her confidence is not to be mistaken for arrogance, Soneshee is highly intelligent, planning out every move, preparing for every counter, and making sure she has accurate information on her enemy's. Her confidence comes from her knowing more then most believe and that her influence can be powerful. Soneshees intelligence allows her to know when its time to fight, flee, or in some cases surrender.

Your Legacy:

Your Story:
Life and Death
Soneshee, was born in the UK, raised by her mother and father. Her family wasn't rich lived far better then the average person. Soneshee still went to a public school though, and it was in school where they found Soneshee was special, she was smarter then any of those in her class, she seem to have an unconscious ability of deduction, Soneshee soon grew to see others as blind and stupid and found she was able to use that to her advantage.

When Soneshee entered middle school she become the school information broker, using her intelligence and powers of deduction to get what she wanted, she also sold students information like test answer sheets, or even personal information on other students.

Soneshee was a feared and respected person in her school , but she still acquired enemy's. These was the time of her death, a school gang group message that went to far. it was on a dark day in the middle of winter. the gang caught sunshee in an ally, they had beat her and degraded her, but one wrong push sent Sonshee into the street of on coming traffic.

Soneshee wake in the cold sand of hueco mundo. A normal person would have been panicking and confused but it only took Soneshee a few minutes to realize what had happened to her. Soneshee had a moment of anger toward the gang that caused these, but quickly tossed it aside, she had more pressing matters. She had to find out what she had become and where she was.

A few years had passed, Soneshee learned that she could can strength from consuming her own kind or that of her previous kind, but Soneshee choose to consume hollows, and rarely left hueco mundo for she had almost been attacked by what was called a soul reaper.

Soneshee finally regained her human form and with a uncanny devilish grin she was finally able to put a plan of hers in motion. later that night in the palace of hueco mundo the espada enter to see Soneshee, as some of them stood calmly, being that could sense her before they entered a few made quick to prepare for a fight. Soneshee put her hands up and made her motives clear, She was going to take a place for her kingdom. Soneshee lift, soon after claming part of an espadas kingdom as her own.

RP Sample: Soneshee stalked in the dark her eager eye and self-assured smile focused all on the palace of Hueco Mundo, with silence she sonido's over and up its walls. To any hollow able to sense her would feel her presence disappear and reappear several times. She stalked through the halls her umbrella over her head as she twirled it. She walks in to a small room with a large table in it she when to the middle of the table pulled up a seat and propped her feet up on the table.

Soneshee Seat there until she heard voices and the sounds of foot steps, these room wasn't chosen from random, it was small and knew they would come here. Soneshee prepared her self, ready to use her escape plan if need be.

The espada enter and some seem surprised to find her there, though she wasn't making any effort to hid her presence.She quickly stands to her feet her hands in the air." relax if i was here to fight there was many easier ways of doing that"

{ Submit an RP sample to be ranked. I'd go for quality rather than quantity. }

Release Information:

(This is for future reference, you must acquire this techniques in-game, same with the process of Espada evolution)

Basic information:

Zanpakuto Name: Guruguru
Weapon of Choice: Her Zanpakuto is in the form of her umbralla.
Appearance: Her umbralla is elaborately decorated in lace fabric of multiple colors, crimson and white in the middle, and silver and back around the edges. The umbrella has high defensive properties, and has a thin blade within the length of the umbrella.
Spiritual Pressure Color:A pure white almost like a cream like color
Other Information:

Resurrección Name: Guruguru Hada
Descriptions: Guruguru Hada extends the abilitys Hierro, sonido,and bala far beyond previous stengths. Bala becomes faster,hierro becomes tougher, and sonido becomes faster.
Release Command: Spiral
Released Appearance: Soneshhes umbrella turns into a white thick liqiud, like clay, and moves up the arm in a spiral-pattern that stretches all over her body, ending in a circular eye-hole.
Other Changes: {Environment wise, changes that has nothing to do with your characters appearance}

Techniques: (maximum techniques 12, re-use the form provided please)

Name: Sonido silence
State: both
Terms of usage:
Description: When Soneshee uses her sonido her spiritual pressure vanish's for a moment
Downside: her spiritual pressure returns a few moments before Soneshee appears

Name: Repulsion bala
State: both
Terms of usage:
Description: a ring of energy forms around Soneshee, like preparing to fire a bala, then a sphere of energy fires outward from her.
Downside: Soneshee has to stay stationary well firing her repulsion bala

Name: Sonido cage
State: both
Terms of usage: target most be laying flat on a surface
Description: Soneshee sonidos on all for sides of her opponent leaving a clone as she passes. the clones then pin the opponent down.
Downside: Soneshee;s clones will disappear if stuck or if one clone fails to hold there part of the opponent down.

Name: Arc Bala
State: both
Terms of usage: moves her hand in a slashing motion
Description: fires a arc shaped bala with incredible speed
Downside: is even weaker then a normal bala
Kingdom information:
(Every God-king gets a kingdom)

Kingdom Name: Redline
Size: (Small
Climate: consistently in a period of winter all year long
Geography: Is a vast winter forest with frozen streams running through out it
Limnology : Multiple streams run through the kingdom, and are frozen for three quarters of the year. An underground hot spring that's water only reaches the surface ones a year.
Vegetation : there is a vast amount of vegetation that thrives in the cold climate
Population: Soneshee does not know the actual number of residence in her kingdom. She does however know there are 4 settlements she keeps on eye on.
Description: A vast snowy forest with no sunlight the climate does not have a warm period and the many streams that dot the landscape are frozen over for three quarters of the year. On the last quarter the natural hot strings water finds its what into the streams and thaws them.

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Re: Soneshee WIP

Post by Zatoichi on Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:07 am

Please re read your application as their seems to be a few misused words here an there im between portions of this entire application.but for the most part its got a great foundation of key components to build upon. Omce again re read the application an when your ready please include the sample portion an. Bump it when your ready to have it looked at again.

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Re: Soneshee WIP

Post by Kyouga on Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:02 am

1/2 approval.

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Re: Soneshee WIP

Post by Alastair Knightfield on Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:07 am

2/2 Approved.
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Re: Soneshee WIP

Post by alice of the Rose on Tue Nov 11, 2014 5:23 am

Level: 17

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Re: Soneshee WIP

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