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Ah Puch

Ah Puch
Ah Puch

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Ah Puch

Post by Ah Puch on Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:12 pm

(Godking Ruler of Crow's Nest)


Truth's Shadow, Ah Puch

"All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.."

Basic Information:

Character Name: Ah Puch
Gender: Sapiosexual
Age: 1676
Appearance: His espada form is meant to be an inversion of his now respected rivals, the Quincy’s. The form you’ll find Ah Puch boasting the most is that of his main. Becoming the self proclaimed “Shadow of Truth”, he dons an all black attire similar to that of the quincies. Even going as far to carry the symbol of his “Teachers”, crosses are embedded throughout his uniform. From the barrel of his “cero-arm” to the hem of his black trenchcoat, these dedications to his goals serve as a constant reminder of his visioins coming manifestation. His resurrecion form has the “heart of the hollow” seated at the crown of his head centered and above his eyes. The constant warping of surrounding pressure causes it to encircle his body and cover what visible parts remained during the the transformation.
Personality: There is a war coming and Ah Puch intends to be around for the spoils that are sure follow. Quincies are doing so much to make sure his followers are of the elite that it seemed only fitting to return the favor. Why stop there though? All races should have the “equal” chance to fight with only those strong enough to survive the onslaught yet to come. In due respect to his “true art of evolution” that he learned at the hands of the Quincies his developing personality and abilities center around that very art.

Your Legacy:

Your Story:

Ah Puch has no memory of his former life as a human, all that may tie him to his past would be the constantly unsatisfied need to find his “truth”. He was always a survivor, a talent he feels is of the most basic for all creatures. To ignore the urges leading to wasted energy and bide your time till the circumstances fall in favor of the opposite….is easier done than taught. It was something you JUST had; whether you chose to ignore or follow that instinct said everything he needed to know about you. There is nothing worth knowing after that fact.
It wasn't until he was able to see how those few elite made it through exterminations and thrived time after time that led to his current goal: revolution. Not one simply based off race but something deeper, more primal, the chance to survive with like talents and reap in the benefits of this “gift”. With Death as his guide, Ah Puch witnessed the extermination of his race as an expedited “survival of the fittest”. One he doesn’t seek to stop but instead recruit from. Having experienced the same “teachings” as Ah Puch, the question of their innate talent was answered and established the precedent for more like-minded.
Now ruler of one of Hueco Mundo’s most capable kingdoms, he boasts power no more than necessary to accelerate his greater goal. As the Quincies have done for him, so he will for all races, so that by vicarious actions his rule will be extended across all worlds. “Only the strong are fit to survive...and then maybe we will have the true strength for an even truer peace…”

Release Information:

Basic information:

Zanpakuto Name: Light's Descent
Weapon of Choice: Collapsable Gun-Sword weapon = Single Katana + Cero Firearm, alternating stance.
Appearance: Weapon common form is that an extremely dark in color, condensed version of its empowered form, attached by a linking chain to Ah Puch's right hand.
Basic Form:
Empowered Form:

Spiritual Pressure Color: Alternating colors similar to visible spectrum of storms
Other Information:

Resurrección: 2nd Ressurección TBA
Resurrección Name: TBA
Release Command: TBA
Released Appearance: TBA
Other Changes: TBA


Name: Pressure’s Presence
State: Both
Terms of usage: No present special terms for activation due to proficient use of single technique basis
Description: Using spiritual energy as a basis Ah Puch creates a vacumm around his ceros to absorb resistance around the projectile and convert it to more kinetic energy for said “arrow”. Shots fired with ranges below will result in the bullet’s impact followed by a lesser (one rank lower) shockwave of inertia that was incurred by the launch and travel of said missile.
Downside: Ranges exceeding 100 meters cause the initial projectile to be disintegrated and it’s kinetic energy to be passed to the trailing propulsive power of it. So that instead of the shot fired meeting its target, the force generated amasses into a single kinetic “missile” and heads for the target.

Pressure’s Presiding Presence
State: Resurrecion
Terms of usage: No present special terms for activation due to proficient use of single technique basis
Description: Ah Puch uses his alternating weapon to simultaneously redirect energy from enemy attacks and unleash a powerful barrage of “Pressure’s Presence”, which because of their density and grouping, appear to fuse together into one large blast. Changing the direction of this attack is made possible, making it extremely difficult to dodge.
Downside: Ranges exceeding 200 meters cause the initial projectile to be disintegrated and it’s kinetic energy to be passed to the trailing propulsive power of it. So that instead of the shot fired meeting its target, the force generated amasses into a single kinetic “missile” and heads for the target.

Kingdom information:

Kingdom Name: Crow's Nest
Size: Small but developing
Climate: [/b Harsh tundra on the outer boundaries, within however is a place rewarding enough for the sturggle to make it that far
(land Formation)
Limnology : One discovered pristine lake within the center of the kingdom
Vegetation : Both vegetation and always blooming sakura trees support all needs of their co-inhabitors; both physically and psychology
Population: Ah and his growing elite claim the castle as their place operation for all affairs. Those blessed with seniority within the growing society have proven themselves time and time again. While those others who occupy the caste are worth putting your faith in, Ah Puch still remains hopeful for any actions that may curb any future doubt.
Description: The Crow's Nest is the most uninhabitable and most unpopular of all the kingdoms in Hueco Mundo. The climate is unbearable as it is terribly cold and always covered in snow. There is little to no vegetation at all in all the land making it lifeless and dead. Which is why only a few dare to even set foot inside the kingdom. But because only a few dare to come, the ones who do stay are loyal and admirable subjects. In the center of the mountainous terrains and the never ending miles of snow is the only beautiful and life-like area of the entire kingdom. With a ancient castle, a clear pristine lake, and a beautiful sakura tree always in full bloom. This is the only habitable place that can meet the needs of the subjects and espada that dare to live in such a place. Come, if you dare.

alice of the Rose
alice of the Rose

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Re: Ah Puch

Post by alice of the Rose on Fri Oct 31, 2014 7:01 am

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Ah Puch
Ah Puch

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Re: Ah Puch

Post by Ah Puch on Fri Oct 31, 2014 4:37 pm

Approved 1/2?

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Re: Ah Puch

Post by Senetue on Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:34 am

Approved 2/2

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Re: Ah Puch

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