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Carrie Collier [WIP]


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Carrie Collier [WIP]

Post by Carrie on Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:43 am


(Your character here)

Carrie Collier

"And you shall sink to Davy Jones' Locker!"

Basic Information:

Name: Carrie Collier
Alias: Magnificent Frigatebird/Man of War
Home District: N/A
Age: Nineteen
Gender: Female
Affiliation: None
Rank: 1st District Lieutenant
Personality: Carrie is well known among the expanse of Quincies as being that one person who has too many smarts going for her. Highly analytic in any situation, Carrie is well known for taking her time to analyze any conversation or fight that she ends up in the middle of. As such, she is capable of easily distinguishing races, what with her extensive study. Thus, she tends to come off as being a little more serious in situations and at times will refuse to be uplifting and her attempts at sincerity come off as blunt. She has also been often quoted for calling her commander or other Quincies 'idiots'.


Carrie has the typical distaste for Shinigami, their attempt at dealing with hollow problems coming across as time consuming and unhelpful. She views many Shinigami as murderers, ones who will go out of their way to perpetuate their point and as such is specifically cold towards Shinigami. She wont be outright hostile in the presence of Shinigamis' but she does have a sharp tongue that is known for cutting deep into people.


A life long hatred for these creatures infests Carrie's heart due to the various pains that had been brought on her through past conflicts with Hollows. She is much the same with Hollows as she is with Shinigami. Though, she is known to be more on edge and willing to react within a split second to destroy a hollow if it shows any hostile intent. She has just as much of a sharp tongue for Hollows as she does the Shinigami and will commonly berate the more intelligent Hollows. In her eyes, they are nothing but mindless creatures seeking to devour life.

--Behind Closed Doors--

Despite her rather cold exterior, some have been graced by a selfless and most generous Carrie. Depending on the individual and her general likes and dislikes with some one, she will treat them better than others. She is particularly known for showing kindness more often than not when she is with her Commander. She tends to treat her Commander as an equal but will always jokingly call him an 'idiot' when he specifically deserves it. When she is outside the view of a multitude of people, she tends to soften up and more responsive to outside stimuli. She even enjoys playing games every once in a while, so long as they take some sort of intelligence to play.
Appearance: Carrie is a lover of the sea, which is easily understandable and believe-able due to her choice in clothing. Most of the time she is seen in a school girl top with white, green and a red knot tied around the neck. She is also seen usually in white skinny jeans along side brown work boots. A top her head is the usual sailor's cap with matching anchor insignia in the center. Though, she has been known for wearing the occasional black cloak with her outfit.

Carrie has a very proper appearance and will always standing with a straight back, unless crouching or laying down. She tends to take a very military-esque approach to things and will commonly stand at attention or at ease, even if not instruct to do so. Her hair is a dark black and is always messy and taking on the appearance of being dried by the sea's winds. Her eyes are of a deep crimson and her skin is a very light pale. Standing about five feet and seven inches in height with about 120 pounds of weight on her bones.

Your Legacy:

Your Story:

(What's the story behind who you are, it doesn't have to be long, but don't make it too short either. We embrace creativity, and love good mystery.)


(Show us how you RP, we prefer quality over quantity.)

Powers and Abilities:

(To be able to use technique, Spirit Weapon and Vollstandig, knowledge and know how must be acquired in-game)

Quincy Cross Appearance:


The appearance of Carrie's cross takes elements both from the natural belief of silver combating evil and her strange love for the sea. Combining the silver for the base of the cross and the top of the cross which extends from said silver base. From the base, in an aura like manner, the blue extends from half way up the base to the top of the cross giving a three tier like effect.
Bow Name: Suijin
Quincy Bow & Spirit Arrows Manifestation: Carrie's bow takes form of an antique sea blue long bow. The top ends of both the top and bottom are known for being particularly engraved with tales of the sea. Her arrows take on a strange appearance and nearly resemble water. Though, careful, they hurt just as much as any typical Quincy Arrow.
Sanrei Glove: (What does your Sanrei Glove look like?)

Spirit Weapon
Spirit Weapon Release Phrase: "Drag them to the depths!"
Released Appearance: When released, Carrie's weapon forms in the shape of a rather large and ornate anchor. The anchor itself nearly as tall as herself and nearly two times as three times as wide as her form. Rather bothersome in the long run, it is particularly destructive in her capable hands.
Spirit Weapon Special Ability: She is capable of forming a chain on the end for easy return of the weapon if it is used for a ranged attack. Nearly weightless to herself, the anchor itself is massive in weight when felt by other beings. The outer edge of the anchor and the tips of both end are also known for being razor sharp despite appearing dull.

Quincy Bangle
Quincy Bangle Appearence: (what does your Quincy Bangle look like)
Quincy Bangle Release Phrase: (What is said to release your Bangle into its full form)
Released Appearance: (Your Quincy Bangle's released state appearance)
Quincy Bangle Special Ability: (What can your released bow do that makes it special)

Vollstandig Release Phrase: (what is the release words to bring about your weapons final form)
Released Appearance: (what does it look like)
Vollstandig Special Ability: (what is your weapons special power)

Abilities (Max 12, you can add/unlock as you progress, but to be able to use technique, you must acquire it in-game)

Name: (Name of the ability)
State: (Regular, Spirit Weapon, Quincy Bangle, Vallstandig or All)
Terms of Usage: (Is the technique activated, or can you do it without any special terms or conditions)
Description: (Describe what your technique can do)
Downside: (What is the downside to the technique?)

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Re: Carrie Collier [WIP]

Post by Zatoichi on Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:35 am

Application moved until member returns to wish to finish it.

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