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Tengen Ichigama [Mission NPC] (Finished)

Alastair Knightfield
Alastair Knightfield
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4th Division Captain

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Tengen Ichigama [Mission NPC] (Finished)

Post by Alastair Knightfield on Fri Oct 24, 2014 7:41 am


(Your character here)

Tengen Ichigama

"The wolf always gets it's pray."

Basic Information:

Name: Tengen Ichigama
Age: 550
Age Appearance: 21
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Himself
Rank: Captain
Residence: France
Tengen Ichigama:
Personality: Tengen is typically a kind, bashful and relaxed guy. He tends to become bored quiet quickly but stays optimistic. He is a curious guy which leads him into finding out the information he wants to know. He is sneaky and quick perfect for a spy. He is very intelligent and observant down to the smallest detail. He is afraid of science labs of any sort and will react violently to get away from one. When he activates his vizard mask his personality slightly changes. He becomes rash and over confident. His mild nature becomes angered and demented in some cases. He becomes ruthless and unpredictable. He becomes animal like particularly wolf like. He occasionally in battles assumes wolf like stances and growls. He still has consciousness to his original self it's just he goes through a personality change. He is very loving and reliable. Typically cheering and supportive being great for the generation of children and infants. Other then that Tengen is a great figure to look up to but can be quite wild and troublesome.

Your Legacy:

Character Story:

Tengen started off in the soul society just like everyone else he joined the academy worked on nothing but his studies for hours. He became the head of his class the valedictorian Of some sorts. The day of his Graduation his father stood proud and happu as his son was accepted into squad 6. His first weeks were an easy breeze he evenncaught the attention of the captain in traning sessions.The only difference in this life was that his father had been an important figure as well and everyone expected him to be more then he could...

His father passed when his was five, 35 years ago and had been training in the soul society which allowed him to raise to the rank lieutenant of the twelfth sqaud in no time. Being a good son Tengen followed in his footsteps raising in rank until he reached the 3rd seat of the 6th sqaud after 100 years. During that time he was trained by the captain of squad six who had taken a fond liking to him.

He focused main on speed and hakudo. The captain to him was like an older brother one he never had. 10 years after he finished his training the haf passed away leaving him sad so he went to be with his father. Although they were in different squads they bought a home together so Tengen could kept in touch with his father. 300 years would pass when Tengen would began to notice that his father spent alot of time going in between both the lab in the 12 squad but one he had installed into there home.

When he tried to confront his father he had discovered that his father was gone from his lab. So he searched through his lab and discovered his father had been conducting illegal experiments in which he tried to turn shinigami create a shinigami/hollow hybrid artificially through science which had known them as Vizard. He he had looked through his note book and had seen all of the people he had experimented on some of which were close friends those of which had disappeared weeks ago. Lastly he found his father had constructed another secrect lab to conduct these experiments and that he had finally made the perfect serum and was waiting on his specimen to reveal their self.

Angered and betrayed Tengen went to his fathers secret lab to confront him. where he stumbled upon the dead corspes of his fathers experiments. He would then be caught by his father who was acting very strange not like his usual self. He had a huge needle in his filled with a strange green glowing vile. He father would approach him lifting the needle, "Son come here let your father give you a shot." His father rushed at him with crazed demented eyes. Tengen reached for his blade his blade lunging it at his father but to no avail his father disarmed him using his blade and stabbed him directly in his chest with the needle with the strange serum. Tengen yelled at his father, "Dad what are you doing!"

At that moment Tengen chest intensely burned the pain quickly spreading all of his body causing him to fall and hit the floor in crippling pain. His father tries to console him at first but as a precaution throws his son in the cage in which he used to keep the other experiments. As he laid there screaming Tenzo felt husbbody start to change. White bubbles appeared over his skin covering it and solidigying into hard skin. His skeletal structure would start to change as well becoming that of a large wolf. Before the transformation completely took over he managed to utter the words, "How could you do this to your own so..."

It was to late the transformation took complete over. His father called out to his son. At first he though he was still there but he hasnt. The hollow serum took over something of which his father expected. Although this one as different from most experiments. The person would die before the manifestation would take place. Which was a good sign. The beast Tengen would try and break free from the cage but to no avail. Although mentally and physically Tengen was gone spiritually he not been. When he had awakened he found himself a his inner world. He could tell becayse whenever he came herebit was this unique feeling.

Although it drastically changed. It was now a snow riddled forest and his Zanpakutō spirit was no where to be found. He would walk through the forest searching for his spirit but to no avail. It was not until he discovered him being attacked by a strange wold like hollow that could speak. The hollow was preparing to finish him with the finaly blow until Tengen stepped in and saved him. The hollow smiled at Tengen, "I was wondering what was taking you so long Ten boy." Tengen raise his sword the wolf lunged at Tengen which barely managed to dogde his assault. The wolf howled and once again spoke, "If you defeat me Ill give you full control over me and I'll save you dying friend. There is a time limit though and a challenge. If he dies you lose and I get full control. I would say your friend has five mins maximum to win.

Tengen knew the hollow was right. Although he didnt want the power he would give him but he needed to save both there lives. Tengen rushed at the wolf and swung his sword hard again his chest. The wolf hollow would jump into the air while attempting to slam down on him as he fell. Tengen would quickly roll away from the attack, lunging at the wolf again. But the wolf would intercept Tengen by punching him, sending him into a boulder. The wolf would then follow up in the attack by lariating him through the boulder into the ground. Tengen would lay on the could in immense pain almost out of time as the hollow prepared to fire a blast of energy at him to finish the job.

Tengen weak and defeated gather all the power left he had into his sword for a single attack. The moment the blast fired, Tengen would use shunpo to get behind the hollow forcefully slam his katana into the wolfs back slicing him in half and insuring his victory. After the wolfs energy faded to black it stayed in the air, "I have made a promise and I intend to keep it," the wolf hollow said with an angered tone. His energy flowed to both him and his Zanpakutō spirit. The wolf hollow laughed, "But not without a few alterations." Tenzo looked confused, "Alterations?" He noticed that the other half of the energy alreadt covered his spirit changing his spirits manifestation and most like Zanpakutō. Tengen wonder what effect it would have on his spirit but before an answer could come the energy entered his body snapping his spirit back to its subconscious.

Back in the real world the wolf beast who took over Tengen's body managed to break down the bars to the cage. As he walked from the cage he sprinted at Tengen's dad and prepared to strike the helpless shinigami as he stopped in mid attack frozen. The events in Tengen's spiritual world allowed him to gain back control over his body and power over the hollow. The hard white skin would start to crumbled and fall off Tengen's body as his skeletal structure returned to normal. As the hollows skin fulled faded. The only thing that stood left was Tengen with a mask over his face which was an identical match of the wolf hollow's face.

Tengen's dad in a moment of disbelief called out to his son holding his Zanpakutō, "Son is that you?" Tengen walked towards his father with the mask attached to his face staring at him with pitch black eyes with glowing red pupils and a strong power flowing through his veins. Tengen no longer saw his fatyer he saw a man so invested in his work that no longered cared for titles like family and son. Tengen was happy he had this mask on it hid his emotions his anger, pain, and disgust he had towards this man who gave him life. He simply said, "Yes father it is."

When he spoke he noticed words came out morphed like a mixture of his and that hollow. His father was thrown into a state of pure happiness hugging his son and giving him his blade. His father would then turn his back and began writing down notes, "I must let everyone know my experiment was a complete success. The whole soul society will know my name. Tengen had had enough. He surprisingly quickly thrust his sword into his fathers heart. He would then speak tobhis father in a saddened tone, "I'm sorry father but you had to be stopped. You are a monster if the soul society discovered this you would be instantly be put to death. I wont allow you to put anymore people throw this so father I bid you farewell."

Tengen would twist the blade inside his father's chest removing it in the process he would then jump back to the entrance of the laboratory sheathing his blade and holding up his hand as two balls of light swirled at the center of his palm while his Vizard mask started to crumbled revealing tears falling down his face. "With the last of this power I will make sure no one every sees this work. Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens. Hado #73 Soren Sokatsui!" The balls swelled to the size of a beach ball then shot forward destorying all of his fathers work and evidence.

Tengen would then flee the the soul society stealing a gigai from his fathers at home lab and ran to the world of the living. He would live there training his shinigami powers and hollow powers for ten years. During this time he he would constantly be on the move. Traveling the continents never lingering in one place for to long in fear of getting caught. He spent the most time in africa seeing as how spiritual pressure was greatly suppressed their. It was not until he stumbled upon a group Vizard labled the Vizard Squadron. He wanted so dearly to be apart of a group with people like him. But to do so he need to continue training until they rejected him.

Funny thing the first time after the events of the lab he finally understood what alterations the wolf hollow foretold. His Zanpakutō in shikai form had completely changed and become a huge basic sword in which the hilt was surround by soft wolf mane with a basic hilt. His Zanpakutō ability and techniques in addition changed completely. He has some basic mastery over "The Mask" as he calls it being able to sustain the mask as long as he pleases and has to unlocked his bankai. Currently Tengen has assumed the life of a normal human paying bills and working staying completely under the Soul Society radar.

RP Sample:

Tengen would smile as the sun set on yet another boring day in the world of the living. Leaping from his resting spot on the top of a schools roof he would walk off seeming to chase after the sun set. Walk would raise his spiritual pressure which he would think would send an alarm to the Soul Societies radar but he hadn't cared.
He felt free something he hadn't felt in a long time and he didn't plan on wasting it. He would began shunpo(Ing) around the town dancing gracefully among the tops of buildings avoid human site and interaction all together. He would leap once again land on a training ground of a samurai group.
Taking his weapon from it's sheath he would exhale calmly point it towards a training dummy. Tengen had longed for spiritual interaction as far a sparring even death matches. Now he only had one outlet and he intended to use it well. Steeping forward dancing flawlessly int a graceful shunpo he would thrust his blade forward with blurry speed several times as it appeared only to tap the training dummy in three spots.
He would twirl his blade shortly before turn away from the dummy returning his blade to its resting place the clicking sound revealing the several deep cuts imbedded all of the dummies body, "Hook, Line, and Sinker...."

Powers & Abilities:

{To be able to use technique, Shikai and Bankai, knowledge and know how must be acquired in-game)

Visored Information:

(Before being able to produce mask and use vizard abilities, proper training must be done despite membership date within group. The more training you do, the better your control is. Mask Duration will be added when Vizard is ready for RP.}

Visored Mask:
Vizard Mask:
Hollowfication: Tengen and his hollow at most times are neutral as far a hollowfication but he tends to take a sadistic side when over using his mask and yet he still has complete control.
Hollow Manifestation: N/A

Zanpakuto Spirit Description: He is completely identical to Tengen his body his half light and half dark. His life side his hair Is white all of it and the other side his hair is pitch black along with his scar. His clothing also follows this pattern. This symbolizes the great good and also the evil his inner hollow has brought into his life. Low and behold this wasn't Shiroi Kiba original appearance or form until being corrupted by the inner hollows magic.
Zanpakuto Name: Shiroi Kiba
Sealed Appearance: A normal shinigami katana.

Name: Shiroi Kiba (White Fang)
Shikai Release Phrase: "Phase with the moon."
Released Appearance:
Shiroi Kiba:
Shikai Special Ability:

Frozen Hell, Heated Heaven.

Effect: The user by using three consecutive light or darkness moves the user will have the ability to freeze or burn through physical contact depending on which type used. Light Burns and Dark Freezes. If the user uses four consecutive light or darkness attacks the power of that technique would be doubled. If using two light and one dark or vice versa the counter would be reset.

Name: Fukusu Shiroi Kiba (Multiple White Fang)
Bankai Release Phrase: "Complete the transformation."
Released Appearance: While in Bankai slightly changes. The blade its self becomes slimmer then its shikai form. The wolf mane instead of being around the guard or the blade it has now manifested into a whole wolf pelt. This pelt now becomes attached to Tengen's head like a coat. The actual wolf head acts like a hood. The single big blade splits into two giving the attack its name.

Now the blades actual guard is revealed. It is that of a star pattern surround in a golden circle. The blade itself has the ability to change now. By dispersing the blade of the swore itself the blade can now manifest into three wolves. Snow white wolves about the size of a adult. When using his mask the number of wolves increases by two.

These wolves can either be a physical form or a energy form depending on the user. They in addition can be either controlled by Tengen through the hilt of his blade or by themselves. When being controlled by the hilt they are stronger.

Tengen becomes more animal like. He is often caught in wolf like positions and may attack with his wolves. His eyes actually become that equivalent to wolves as well particularly golden diamond shaped and very defined and sharp.
Bankai Special Ability: Frozen Hell, Heated Heaven's: White Fang Assault:

The user by sacrificing the sword of his blade gains the ability to summon three to five wolves at will. With addition to the summons they have the ability to enter a physical or spiritual form of energy either light or darkness. If not used in unison with the users Vizard Mask the user can only summon three wolves at a time. The wolves may switch in between forms as desired and also posses an enhanced version of its preforms Shikai form. The user by using a light or darkness move the user will have the ability to freeze or burn through physical contact depending on which type used. Light Burns and Dark Freezes. If the user uses three consecutive light or darkness attacks the power of that technique would be doubled. If using two light and one dark or vice versa the counter would be reset for doubling. If two elements are used at the same time the most dominant elements with act first followed by the second although neither of these count towards the doubling counter. These wolves can also guard the user from attacks that would otherwise hit him giving their physical form for three post.


(Max 16, you can add/unlock as you progress, but to be able to use technique, you must acquire it in-game)

Name: Wind Scar (Tehehehehe)
State: Shikai
Terms of Usage: Statement of Name.
Description: This technique gather's light energy around the user blade and when they slash it forward releases a giant wave of light energy. 3 post cool down.
Downside: This wave of light is verticle and only goes toward meaning a simple shunpo to the side could avoid this.

Name: Dark Pulse
State: Shikai
Terms of Usage: Point the blade downwards. Statement of name.
Description: This technique gather's dark energy into the sword and when thrusted downward releases it in a wave of darkness which shoots forward in every direction from the source in a circle. Three post cool down.
Downside: This attack can only go forward and cannot modify its height so a simple shunpo upwards or downwards could probably avoid the attack.

Name: Darklight Blast
State: Shikai
Terms of Usage: Statement of name. To be stationary.
Description: This technique charges dark and light energy at the tip of the blade. Once the energy swell to a large enough size the blast will shoot forward. It appears to be like stars in space in the form of a beam. (This ability counts for light or dark usage on the shikai ability.) 3 post cooldown
Downside: This technique requires a post of charge time making him stationary leaving him defenseless.

Name: Lightdark Blast
State: Shikai/Bankai
Terms of Usage: Stationary/Statement of name.
Description: An alternate form of Darklight Blast also the strongest version, by once again converting the two of the wolves into light and darkness energy to be used by the last. The energy charges to a sufficient level and when fired releases a white beam of energy which appears to have black twinkling stars throughout the beam. (This can be used in unison with a wolf an counts light or dark on bankai ability counter.) cool down 4 posts.
Downside: Requires user to be stationary.

Name: Fanged Vortex
State: Bankai
Terms of Usage: Statement Of Name.
Description: Using two of his wolves Tengen changes them from their physical form to their energy form one light and one dark. These energies would attach to the last wolf which would then rush at the desired target. Leaping into the air the wolf would rapidly spin its body creating a spiraling vortex of swirling light and darkness energy. The wolf would then attempt to crash into the target. (Count as a usage for light or dark on bankai ability scale) cool down 4 posts
Downside: Destorying the wolf prevents the attack.

Name: Fanged War Cry
State: Bankai
Terms of Usage: Statement of Name. Stationary
Description: The user orders his wolves to charge their respectice energies into their mouths to fire several blast of either light or darkness (not both.) These at first seemed to be rings of the energy but as they charge a beam fires forward instead tricking a opponent. (Count as two usages of light or dark scale on bankai ability) Cooldown 5 posts
Downside: Requires the user to be stationary

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Re: Tengen Ichigama [Mission NPC] (Finished)

Post by Preach on Sat Oct 25, 2014 4:21 am

Appproved, but as I'll say with any Vizard, watched like an hawk O>O
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Re: Tengen Ichigama [Mission NPC] (Finished)

Post by Zatoichi on Sat Oct 25, 2014 4:32 am

2/2 approved rewarded 5pts to be used for your bdcs.

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Re: Tengen Ichigama [Mission NPC] (Finished)

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