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Nikolai Forge WIP

Nikolai Forge
Nikolai Forge

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Nikolai Forge WIP

Post by Nikolai Forge on Fri Oct 24, 2014 6:14 am

(Godking Ruler of Empty)

(Your character here)

Character Name

"Character quote here."

Basic Information:

Character Name: Nikolai Forge
Gender: Heterosexual
Age: 195 years old
Appearance: Saying that Nikolai looks well is an understatement. Well, it depends on your definition of "well." In his human form, he stands at a lean six feet tall, with an orange hue of skin color. He is a lean man, with well-developed muscles and other body features
Personality: {How does your character think, move and act.}

Your Legacy:

Your Story:

{What's the story behind who you are, it doesnt have to be long, but don't make it too short either. We embrace creativity, and love good mystery. Tell us how you lived as a human, how you came to be a hollow, how you grew stronger and finally achieving your rank of God-king/queen, ruler of Hueco Mundo's 10 kingdoms.}

RP Sample:

{ Submit an RP sample to be ranked. I'd go for quality rather than quantity. }

Release Information:

(This is for future reference, you must acquire this techniques in-game, same with the process of Espada evolution)

Basic information:

Zanpakuto Name:
Weapon of Choice:
Spiritual Pressure Color:
Other Information:

Resurrección: (please re-use this form if you have more than one resurrection)
Resurrección Name: {What's your ressurection called?}
Descriptions: {Ressurection description/information}
Release Command: {A release command, to activate your ressurection}
Released Appearance: {What changes occur in your appearance?}
Other Changes: {Environment wise, changes that has nothing to do with your characters appearance}

Techniques: (maximum techniques 12, re-use the form provided please)

Name: (Name Of technique)
State: (Regular, ressurection or both)
Terms of usage: (Is the technique activated, or can you do it without any special terms or conditions)
Description: (Describe your technique)
Downside: (Your techniques weaknesses.)

Kingdom information:
(Every God-king gets a kingdom)

Kingdom Name:
Size: (Small, medium, large.)
Climate: (Constant climate of your kingdom)
Geography: (land Formation)
Limnology : (inland bodies of water, lakes, rivers)
Vegetation : (Hows the vegetation of your kingdom)
Population: (How large is the population of your kingdom, divide into two, Infantry, nobles, citizens, slaves, or just write the number as a whole lol)
Description: (An over all description, you may add images as well.)

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