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A World of Magic (Claire)


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A World of Magic (Claire)

Post by Senetue on Mon Oct 20, 2014 9:36 am

It was a particularly dark night within the Human World, the sun having disappeared over the light filled lands of London. Now, the moon found itself locked within the center of the sky. The provider of light but always looked to as an evil omen of bad things to come. Waning Crescent, an image that could produce millions of words ranging from beautiful all the way to dreary. The night was only enhanced by the sight of clouds which seemed to surround the lower half of the moon. In medieval times, it would surely be taken as a sign of greater evil being on the prowl. If such ideology existed in these times, they would be completely correct.

The soft chiming of bells filled the air and what few pedestrians who wandered the night found their gazes pulled towards Big Ben. The hour hand of said clock tower rested precariously on the ten's spot and the minute hand rested squarely on the six's spot. Once the tower stopped playing it's chimes, the night seemed to go still once more. Said pedestrians went about their plans for the night, motor vehicles moved along the roads and gave the night air it's own sense of urgency. Though, some eyes found themselves on the tower a little longer than usual. A strange sense of foreboding filling those individual's minds before they tore themselves away and went about their own actions. They had every reason for the feelings they got as a small figure sat atop the beginning piece of the minute hand in the center of the clock face. The soft sound of teeth snapping at cookies filled the silent air in front of the tower as a small chuckle rang out.

One look at this rather strange character would drive many to think that it was a child. At least until the cold teal eyes locked onto who ever gazed upon his form. Standing at only a foot in height with nubs for feet and infant like hands hidden within an over sized jacket. He found himself taking another bite from a cookie in his mouth, the piece held in place by his lips as he nibbled on it. A box full of said treats rested by his side as he found himself mumbling to himself and bringing up a pair of binoculars to look out into the city below him. He nibbled the rest of the cookie rather quickly as he found himself humming a small little tune.

"London Bridge is falling down..." He hummed, his eyes locking onto different human beings below as information was fed to him through his binoculars. "Falling down..." He sang, his hands bringing the binoculars down as he found himself grinning into the empty night. "Falling down..." He said, his hands disappearing with in jacket once more as he reached for his box. "London Bridge is falling down..." He chuckled, his hand reaching into his box of cookies once more before bringing a cookie to his lips and taking a bite out of the cookie.

"My fair lady."

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