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Madison Richter [Arrancar to be]


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Madison Richter [Arrancar to be]

Post by Aoi on Sun Oct 19, 2014 1:14 pm

(Godking Ruler of Illusion)

(Your character here)


Basic Information:

Character Name: Madison Richter
Gender: Female
Age: 1811
Appearance: Madison as a hollow was a small hollow whom had no special attributes to her appearance, aside from that she was one that resembled a spider. She was dark blue in color, roughly 7 feet tall in height on those 8 legs of hers and her mask was always cracked just slightly, but never really more fragile than any other hollows mask.

As an Arrancar, Madison has a hole over where her heart would be, as a symbol that she has no feelings towards empathy or mercy. She stands at roughly 4 feet 6 inches tall and has long purple hair that stretches down to the back of her knees when down. She mostly always keeps it up in a ponytail but on occasion will let it down or throw it up in a bun or braid it somehow, but she isn’t someone who pries on her appearance. In attire, Madison wears either her usual more common attire or she may she may wear a sleeveless black top with a red line running above and below her small chest area and down either side from her armpit and down to her waist. A pair of over the elbow detatched sleeves that stop at her wrists and the midpoint of her bicep. She wears long baggy pants, nimble in stretch for easy movement and a pair of boots that would reach partially up her shin.
Personality: There are several traits to Madi’s personality to which she has, and others she doesn’t have for various reasons. First off, Madi is a cold hearted person. She hates feeling empathy and mercy towards others and it only proves weakness upon people that do show it. To her, anyone who show this are weak hearted and should not fight if they can’t commit to their sword. In her mind a sword is something you use to kill and for the purpose of a cause. Those who use it for just pointless and countless murder are useless souls who should be struck down and devoured themselves. However there is a part of her that shows respect for those that use the sword to defend something close to them, or even to protect others. Despite who and what she is, there is still a part of her that shows her own side of respect for even those whom she wants or needs to kill.

Another part of Madison’s personality is for respect and for gaining it herself. First of… DON’T. CALL. HER. SHORT. (if you cherish your manhood boys, and girls might lose something important to them as well >.>) That also goes in tune with names associated with height such as shrimp, shorty, midget, and so on. That’s one of her biggest triggers and she won’t hesitate to beat the crap out of someone for it, or at least get in one effective hit to teach them their lesson. Aside from that she isn’t very much more of someone who cares about insults. However there is an exception of her hair. She just really hates when people insults her hair and to her she has really doesn’t care for appearances so it had never occurred to her why she cared so much. Showing respect for her superiors is among the highest regard for her, even the ones whom disrespect her. No matter what, her superiors, and occasionally her equals are among those she will treat with some form of respect no matter whether she likes you or hates your guts.

Finally there are the likes that Madison has, as everyone has. Her first like is a respectful person. Whether in combat or in a normal conversation, no matter whom the person is, she has a nice amount of respect for those that show her it back. In said case, Madison also loves to read books. It’s always been a nice thing since she was able to hold on without crushing it like a grain of sand and had taken such interest in reading them as often as possible. Another thing she likes and keeps as hefty a secret as she can is gothic dresses. She loves how she looks in them, but truthfully would never wear one unless an occasion would arise to do so because she would never know when she would need to. However looking and admiring her figure in them is something she adores to do a lot. As broad a spectrum this may be, kink is another secret like Madison has, but she has a little bit of a fear that people might find out and abuse that for their own gain.

Your Legacy:

Your Story:

In human life, Madison was just a normal child like every other person. She never stood out from others aside from having the longest hair of any girl in her class every year. It made some girls a little envious, others found it adorable and liked to brush it and play around with it. It gave Madi friends and enemies, mostly the former than the latter thankfully. Throughout school Madi was a big fan of Kendo arts; joining any and all clubs relating to it and enjoying every bit of it as well. She trained and competed in many of fights for her school and tournaments a like to earn money. In her off time of either competing or training Madi enjoyed to read and study, being mostly a bookworm in her off time and she spaced her time out to be able to do it all efficiently.

By the time Madi was in middle school, she had become the school bodyguard. She would break up fights and bullying issues, even by force if she had to. She carried around a wooden short sword with her to make sure that she had something to help keep the idiots at bay. However in doing this kind of work had served her some trouble with the teachers and school staff for having to put her hands or her sword on other students. That never phased Madison’s want to help the other people, but she also had wanted to knock down any person whom had made others lives miserable. She went from a procurer of justice to a little vigilante and would go over the line every time to prove that she wouldn’t show a bit of mercy to those who didn’t show she respect other kids deserved. Unfortunately that also caused her to be feared in the school by many students for it, though by then her carefree and justified personality shifted to a lack of care and concern and just to doing what she thought was right because she knew it was right no matter what others had told her.

One night, after a tournament Madison was competing in was over, she was on a walk home, when she had taken a shortcut to her house. She passed by and through a few alleys before she was struck in the back of her knee and dropped. From all sides kids came in and kicked and punched at her, holding her up by her hair and arms while she was defenseless and beaten near unconsciousness. They dropped her to the ground and took off running in all directions, and Madi left dazed and confused. The girl looked around and struggled to even move a bit, when she saw a large ghostly figure looming over her injured body. It’s mouth agape and taking her body in whole.

When she awoke, her body was morphed but her mind still intact. She could remember everything that had happened to her and she looked around and her body felt odd. It was strange but as she looked down at herself, she noticed what her body had become. She was devoured and herself reborn as that of a hollow. She was afraid of herself, of what she was and why it had happened to her of all people. It took some time to get used to it, but after a while Madi returned to her old ways of protecting weaker hollows from the stronger ones. In doing so she had killed and devoured them, growing stronger and gaining the lust to continue as her power grew and grew. Some time, roughly a couple to a few hundred years later, Madison finally retained her old human form, size and all. With it, she quickly grew back to her own fighting ways and still continuing to challenge herself in fighting, killing, and devouring strong hollows souls until she had gained herself the power necessary to rival even those among the same form as her. With that she used the Menos forest to train her abilities to their peek and use her own basic abilities to formulate her own go around of fighting to the best of her ability without having to use this resurrection ability.

She headed into the large building to which Espada had come to gather and she, as small and nearly unnoticeable as she was, had tried to sneak in as if she were an assassin. She made it right to the main chamber, a large white room with a number of chairs both large and small surrounding a long table. She took her time scoping it out before she jumped under a table as people entered. Her small figure let her fit under this table and move around with ease under it as the few people whom entered took their seats. The child listened In to the conversation and she waited under it, still as could be. Her breathing was silent and calm, simply starring at the small group of people as they discussed and argued for what seemed like forever. It was dull and boring, points blatantly easy to solve if their bullheadedness wasn’t so thick. Another voice cried out, angry at the others and the few there panicked, apologizing to the foreign voice before running out. Madi hid a giggling laugh before the new voice walked up to the table and squatted down, spotting her instantly. The woman remained silent and ordered for Madi to get out from under there, to which she then had her sit and berated her with questions on how she got in, why she was here, and so on. From there, she was placed into the ranks of Espada, her rank undetermined, and her fighting to prove it so going rather easy compared to what she first thought it would have been like.

RP Sample: Such a rough and rather challenging tournament, unlike most others she Hd competed in over recent years of competing in them. She was rather surprised she had done as well as she did, but then again she was near a prodigy so it wasn’t a surprise that she had been able to out-do the other people she was fighting. It was rather annoying that people would try to treat her differently as she was a female competitor rather than a normal person, but hopefully they learned from their mistakes. Madi took no mercy in striking down anyone at any time, and she wouldn’t let her small appearance or her gender be something to hinder herself at all.

The child took a turn into an alley, switching between an alley and a street or two in a shortcut to get to her home. She let out a stretch and yawned while she walked turning down an alley, when she felt a hard hit to the back of her knee drop her down. Voices ordering around whispered about before she felt her arms tightly pulled on and yanked aside and her hair gripped tightly to keep her head up and still. Feet pinned her knelt position down as she squirmed and fought for her freedom but was quickly overcome by the flurry of kicks and punches to her face, head, and body. They continued this assault for a while before they stopped and all of them let go, only to give one final blow by throwing her gripped up head towards the ground and letting it crack onto the ground before they all ran like bats outta hell into every direction and left the girl to lay there in some of her own blood. She came to a moment later, looking around in a daze and hazy vision and managed to roll onto her back, where a large devilish looking creature, mouth agape and roaring as it loomed over her lifeless body. She could only scream before darkness shadowed her vision –and her existence.

Release Information:

(This is for future reference, you must acquire this techniques in-game, same with the process of Espada evolution)

Basic information:

Zanpakuto Name: Sylvari
Weapon of Choice: Short Sword
Appearance: Sylvari is a short sword stretching 2 feet (60 cm) in length overall; 1 ½ foot long (45 cm) blade and a 6 inch long (15 cm) hilt. The scabbard is a plain black color and the blade overall rests horizonally along Madison’s waist always.
Element: Illusion
Spiritual Pressure Color: powder blue
Other Information: None

Resurrección: (please re-use this form if you have more than one resurrection)
Resurrección Name: Sylvarisa Del Rossa
Descriptions: Sylvarisa is a form to which gives the user the ability to make illusions of themselves. These clones have stability based on the Reiatsu of the user (explained by the ability itself if clone making is involved). The user gains no extra form or looks any different than usual, but the user may also use their illusions for other purposes such as substituting, and exploding them.
Release Command: The roses of war beseech thee.
Released Appearance: Madi’s sword will only begin to glow a faint powder blue color, the same as her reiatsu color.
Other Changes: The type of kingdom in which Madison derives will cover the area, allowing a large vast and empty shoreline to cover the area.

Techniques: (maximum techniques 12, re-use the form provided please)

Name: Substitute
State: Both
Terms of usage: None
Description: When being attacked, the user can create a clone to replace themselves in that one singular spot and the caster quickly Sonido’s back about 5 meters back.
Downside: The clone is destroyed in one hit by anything equal or above her reiatsu level, two if below and cannot attack. This also has a 2 post cooldown.

Name: Replication
State: Both
Terms of usage: Zan in hand or on person
Description: The user creates two clones of reaitsu in front of her. These clones can use basic Cero and other basic techniques, bu cannot use ress or other cloning spells. They have the same battle stats as the user.
Downside: The clone is destroyed in one hit by anything equal or above her reiatsu level, two if below and has a 4 post cooldown.

Name: Shatter
State: Ressurection
Terms of usage: Use of ress
Description: The user can cause all of the active clones the user has to explode, causing damage to the user based on the number of explosions hit. The clones will use one Sonido towards a target location and will explode from there. The radius is 5 meters in distance.
Downside: The clone is destroyed in one hit by anything equal or above her reiatsu level, two if below. This spell has a 4 post cooldown and also is weaker with the fewer number of clones used.

Name: Illusive Escapade
State: Both
Terms of usage: None
Description: The user creates a clone in place of themselves and gains one post of invisibility from sight. The users invisibility will fade if they attack in the post and cannot use Sonido in the invisibility.
Downside: The clone is destroyed in one hit by anything equal or above her reiatsu level, two if below. The cooldown or this ability is 5 posts and the user can be spotted by anyone with equal or more reiatsu than the user herself.

Kingdom information:
(Every God-king gets a kingdom)

Kingdom Name: Sunohara vas Psychosi
Size: Large
Climate: Warm
Geography: The kingdom is a shoreline; a rocky shore with a warm sand front and a vast sea with a dark night sky hanging over the area.
Limnology : A large sea on the other side of the rocky shoreline.
Vegetation : None
Population: Empty
Description: The kingdom in which Madison has her own claim of is something rather empty and devoid of people. She prefers after so long to be left alone and refuses to let others come to her “kingdom” unless she chose otherwise. The kingdom is a large beach front in the middle of he night. A full moon sets the beach and the sea water with a shimmering light and colors the sea a black color. A sharp rocky shore line separates the sandy beach and the se from one another, and the beach stretches for miles along, as does the sea and shoreline, leaving that only to be the one scenery available.

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Re: Madison Richter [Arrancar to be]

Post by alice of the Rose on Mon Oct 20, 2014 12:10 am

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Re: Madison Richter [Arrancar to be]

Post by Alastair Knightfield on Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:28 am

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Re: Madison Richter [Arrancar to be]

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