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Amaya Shuken - Kidō Witch [Shinigami, WIP]

Amaya Shuken
Amaya Shuken

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Amaya Shuken - Kidō Witch [Shinigami, WIP]

Post by Amaya Shuken on Sat Oct 18, 2014 1:15 pm


(Your character here)

Amaya Shuken

"Hahah, you've no idea who you're messing with."

Basic Information:

{Amaya Shuken.}

{Four-hundred and eighty-two.}

Age Appearance:



{Gotei Military Force}

{Fifth Division}



Standing five feet, eight inches and weighing in at one-hundred and twenty pounds, Amaya Shuken of the Fifth Division is both petite and beautiful! Fair skin envelops the whole of her body – an even, light tone – without blemishes or other unwanted, notable imperfections. Her steel blue eyes are perpetually lowered in an analytical stare, meticulously collecting information about her surroundings and acquaintances. The only unnatural supplements and alterations to her body – aside one major, noteworthy modification – would be the thick eye makeup she dons daily to even further her natural beauty and the large crescent moon holding her hair back in a thick, hidden bun.

Donning the traditional clothes of the Shinigami, she lacks much that would set her apart from those around her. Of course, this is setting aside the fact she has four thin skeletal arms – eggshell yellow in color – embedded into the center of her back. Yes, truly! Two additional arms for either side of her body; three arms total on the left side and three arms total on the right side! Of course, with how Amaya's clothing is designed and worn, her two organic arms are hidden beneath the added layer of clothing, her cloak, and she usually performs tasks with her four mechanical arms. In total, the arms are several inches longer than her organic arms and that's only because were they the same size, they'd be shorter and less useful by the time they reached her front side where they could be put to use.

Amaya's clothing consists of the typical Shinigami attire: a black Shihakushō of which consists of a white shitagi – the garment worn beneath the outfit giving it its white trim – and a black, long sleeved kosode. Wearing a pair of black hakama secured with a white tabi, the overall outfit is complete with a pair of wondrously crafted waraji – the sandals worn by nearly all Shinigami. The main difference between Amaya's Shihakushō and that of other Shinigami is simply the craftsmanship; existing and working in the Soul Queen's Realm has given Amaya access to Soul Society's most experienced tailors, who have crafted her uniform extraordinarily. Additionally, having a high sense of fashion from her time as a Geisha, she also wears a secondary cloak pinned together at her diaphragm; a low hanging white garment that rests easy mid bicep and sweeps down to just above the backside of her knees. The purpose of this garment is to hide her four skeletal arms while they're at rest so as to not give her unique secret away too quick.

Positive Traits
Authoritative - Being a member of the Gotei in the glorious Gotei Military Force, it is sort of expected that Amaya has an authoritative air about her. Aiding in the command of an entire division is neither easy or stress free; best to keep your subordinates in check! She insists that she is referred to as, "member of the Gotei Shuken," and nothing else. Her first name is for personal-time only; none are permitted to call her by such unless they are a friend and it is outside of the workplace. Such are the things Amaya Shuken decrees with her powerful authoritative aura!

Competent - Another trait expected of someone as well off, powerful and important as a member of the Gotei of the Gotei Military Force. Amaya possesses the age, ability and experience to perform most tasks given to her aptly. Frankly, her competence is the initial reason she was granted the Lieutenancy of the Fifth Division, not necessarily because she possessed lots of power! That, to Amaya, is what sets Seated Members from member of the Goteis and member of the Goteis from Captains -- not a Bankai, but competence! The ability and know how regarding the completion of a myriad of different tasks. And Amaya has that ability!

Determination - Amaya, again, as a member of the Gotei, is determined to perform her duties. Being a member of the Gotei of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, she cannot -- absolutely cannot be dissuaded from performing tasks because something is difficult or because she is afraid of failure. No! She must lead by example! Her duty as a member of the Gotei is to protect both the Soul Society and the World of the Living and she expects nothing less of her subordinates! How could she, as a member of the Gotei, lead them when she lacks determination? Things must be carried out no matter the cost; Amaya is determined enough to face death!

Intelligent - Something that all member of the Goteis clearly don't possess is intelligence. Now, what exactly this means is in the eye of the beholder. However, Amaya has made it her business to be well informed on the going-ons of Soul Society both politically and socially. This desire to know about the world around her has also piqued her interest in sciences of many kind, though she takes a particular interest in chemical and atomic sciences, as they allow her a keen understanding of Reishi, Reiryoku and Reiatsu. Knowing the ins and outs of those three fundamental spiritual substances is what has allowed her to become so proficient at the Demon Arts.


Negative Traits
Merciless - A member of the Gotei Military follows their orders, sure; a Lieutenant, however, takes the initiative. There are numerous threats to the Gotei out in the world and oftentimes, there aren't orders that call for that problem to be taken care of. That being said, especially where belligerence is concerned, Amaya is merciless. Any and all enemies of the Gotei shall be brought to their knees. Never does Amaya enter true, honest combat with someone with the intent of them, "learning a lesson." All enemies that cross her path as an enemy must perish, of course, for the sake of the Gotei.

Playful - When not overly serious, Amaya is strangely playful. This is definitely unprofessional though it stems completely and entirely from her time as a human Geisha - a trained entertainer - which has taught her many things she simply can't forget. Most of her playfulness includes sarcasm, sassieness and sexual jokes of some varying degree. Many people are unappreciative of this trait of Amaya's, though it has often times come to her rescue somehow. Usually when dealing with men...

Condescending - Being a woman of highly trained grace, elegance, style, culture and entertainment - as well as being a female in power - Amaya has adapted an unfortunate air of condescending nature. She often looks down on people and their lifestyle if it's not close in relation to her own, or sticks her nose up at the mildly-cultured; she'd prefer them to be more like her and be very cultured!

Samisen, an old, guitar-like Japanese instrument.

Kabuki theater; she was, after all, an entertainer in her human life.

Noh Theater, similar to Indonesian Shadow Puppetry, though with half life sized puppets of extremely intricate design. Beautiful and artfully done!

Nicki Minaj. Amaya views her as not, perhaps, the most talented female musician, but one of the most influential. She finds her especially comical, fun, and funny; the dirty messages of her songs and sexually-powered lyrics are, for Amaya, great fun!

Sexism, particularly in modern Japan. Being a Geisha of the Sengoku-Jidai, she remembers a time where people like her - a Geisha - were the main performers in Kabuki theater. However, men took over and now men are viewed as the most proficient Kabuka performers, even going so far as to claim that men perform the female roles far better than women. Gender roles and discrimination must come to an end, even in a world that is no longer hers to inhabit!

Insubordination. As a Lieutenant, she follows orders from both the Captain-Commander (if ever an order comes from her to Amaya) and her own Captain. Being who she is, she will follow that order to the absolute best of her ability. Though of those she, as Lieutenant, commands... anyone found disobeying or intentionally bending the meaning of her or her Captain's orders shall be punished to the utmost extreme of her authority and abilities.

Nervous ticks among Shinigami. Really, though! Shinigami are beings whose lifetime spans hundreds of years. Having a three-hundred year old nervous tick where one constantly bites their fingernails in the presence of higher-ups is unacceptable. You've had three-hundred years to see a psychologist, find the root of your problem and fix your problem! With the amount of time on a Shinigami's hands, it should very well be expected of them to fix any unnecessary, controllable issues and problems.


The Kidō Corps - One of Amaya's two goals is to sieze command of the Kidō Corps as her own and liberate it from the Fourth Division. She fears that this must entail becoming the Captain of the Fourth Division - thereby uprooting Captain Knightfield - only long enough to declare her status as General of the Kidō Corps, separate it from the Fourth Division, then set aside her role as Captain thereof and oversee the Kidō Corps as it should exist: an independent faction affiliated with the Gotei! She feels she could run things much, much better, considering her skills with Kidō.

End the Sex Trafficking - She understands. She was, for lack of a better word, a pimp in her life as a human. Though now shown the errors of her ways, Amaya seeks to end - permanently - any type of regulated, forced sexual encounters. No woman deserves to be robbed of their innocence in such a demeaning way. It's unfair. On her off time and during visits to the World of the Living, she personally takes up this task, snooping out either local pimps or large organized sex trafficking rings of some sort. They all, so far, have met an untimely, legal end.

What are Amaya's motivations?

Your Legacy:

Character Story:

{What's the story behind who you are, it doesnt have to be long, but don't make it too short either. We embrace creativity, and love a mystery. Though we would like to see your life as a shinigami, were only asking up to until your life in the academy. From there, your free to join one of the 3 known organizations, Gotei, Onmitsukidō and Kido Corps, Or serve under powerful Seireiti Clans.}

RP Sample:

(We prefer quality over quantity.)

Powers & Abilities:

{To be able to use technique, Shikai and Bankai, knowledge and know how must be acquired in-game)

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(Max 12, you can add/unlock as you progress, but to be able to use technique, you must acquire it in-game)

Name: (Name of the ability)
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Terms of Usage:(Is the technique activated, or can you do it without any special terms or conditions)
Description: (Describe what your technique can and cant do)
Downside: (What is the downside to the technique)

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Amaya Shuken
Amaya Shuken

Posts : 20
BD-cash : 1645

Re: Amaya Shuken - Kidō Witch [Shinigami, WIP]

Post by Amaya Shuken on Sat Oct 18, 2014 1:17 pm

I was asked to use this template, but told by Loli Gaga that I could edit this template's header for something more personalized as well as edit the content to make it, too, more personalized so long as I kept the necessities and kept this specific template.

So that should very well stem any more of that kind of debates.

This time around, I ask that if anyone has issues while this application is in a Work-in-Progress state, please PM me instead of flooding this topic with your concerns. I'll be able to better, more organized-ly address them through Personal Messaging.

Thank you.

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