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Alastair Knightfield (New Zan + Broken Template)

Alastair Knightfield
Alastair Knightfield
4th Division Captain
4th Division Captain

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Alastair Knightfield (New Zan + Broken Template)

Post by Alastair Knightfield on Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:48 am

(Shinigami Warrior of God)

(Your character here)

Alastair Knightfield

"Make Art My Kido~~~."

Basic Information:

Name: Alastair Knightfield
Age: 500
Age Appearance: 25
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Soul Society
Division: 4th
Rank: Captain

Alastair has the appearance of a young man in his early twenties with light caramel skin and midnight blue eyes with a hint of a purple tent. He has a faded black hair color which could be considered gray dressed in spiked tips. He has a slim swimmers build with a very visible six pack, while shoulders and arms are a more fair caramel then the rest of his body, his torso being well toned and sculpted for his visual age.

His lower body consists of strong firm legs and well defined calf’s. Alastair weighs about 175 pounds of lean muscles, while his height is about 5’11 with a waist of 34 inches. While in battle he may seem shorter due to his zanpakuto being able to change its length to triple his height. While also in battle he may seem or come off as weak and naive young adult with the appearance of a waiter. But in actuality he is a strong warrior of the soul society.

Alastair has a beautiful seductive smile, which is complemented by his pearly white teeth and smooth light pink lips. His midnight blue eyes are surrounded by narrow eyelids and soft think eyebrows. His ears are a fair size there also well sculpted. His hair is very rough yet manageable seeing as the longest strand only touched the back of his neck. He has a very small soft nose that complements his eyes and mouth giving him his sex appeal.

Personality: Alastair’s a very relaxed person. He loves free time to himself along with sleeping his days away. He usually ignores everything besides things that help him reach his goals or whatever he’s doing at that moment. He focuses only on the positive goals and achievements that makes things better for others. There’s are times were his ego gets the best of him and he reacts on impulse by wildly lunging at a person while yelling. Other then that he is a very passive person he intends to let peoples rude comments and attitudes be fuel to his goals and passions. He enjoys studying with other people and learning human behavioral patterns which in term make him a curious person.

He comes off as a happy person around people always smiling and lifting up others. When he is sad or upset he tends to isolate himself from others to regroup. When alone he only has one goal to hone his abilities and skills which usually leaves him with a serious side towards his enemies, often presenting himself as a serious opponent with a goofy style. He likes to play mind game with people poking their buttons as if he were trying to get into his opponents head. He often tries to replicate a professional behavior.

He is very fascinated by fighting. He enjoys partaking in them but even more watching them. While fighting his personality changes the most . He takes serious to the next level by adding sadistic movements and hostile attacks. He at the start of the fight he will become an Analyst constantly blocking attack with his sword to adjust to his opponents current strength and fighting patterns.

Your Legacy:

Character Story:

Alastair Knightfield was born November 25, into the soul society by the leader of the Knightfield clan ( A clan previously high on the nobility.)and a maid. His father was dethroned for these uncivil actions shortly after his birth both of his parents where killed. No one ever discovered who killed them and why although the death of his father resulted in the clans disbandment. He was adopted by the 3rd seat of the 6th squad at the time. He name was Hitori Knightfield one of his fathers most trusted advisors. His childhood was very interesting. He grew up around powerful shinigami. Although his adoptive father and the rest of his family were soul reapers. Alastair didn’t want to become one. He wanted to be the soul societies greatest psychologist. A man who could listens to others problem's, break them down in his head, and solve them. So that’s what he did. He studied psychology in the human world but also took classes in the soul society. He was well on his way to achieving his goal until he met her...

A beautiful young girl with short silky black hair, sandy brown hypnotizing eyes, soft caramel skin, and a smile so bright it could illuminate any room. One day Alastair finally managed to gather the courage to talk to her. He found out her name quickly and he loved the way it rolled off her tongue, “Hi my name is Lilynette Amagi.” After that day they had quickly became best friends. It was then that Alastair found that she disliked everything he inspired to be. He knew telling her would be disastrous and a mistakes. He didn't want to risk any chances he had at finding love or even their inseparable friendship, so he told himself to keep it a secret.

Soon after he would discover that she held a strong hate for people who are not shinigmai that lived in the Seireitei. It was then he knew he had some work to do. He finally began practicing shinigami arts. He relied on his adoptive father to teach him how to expertly use swords. He would then began learning the basics, from sword styles to noob Kido. Upon grasping the basics he was taught further, now learning intermediate hand to hand combat and reiatsu control. It was then that he asked Lilynette to go on one of her patrols trips. Little did they know this patrol would be their last together.

He used the limited knowledge he had to take down simple hollows. While fighting a low class hollow a higher class managed to slip pass Lilynette to take down Alastair. He managed to block its attack and back up. He unlocked his full potential at the time by taping into his rieatsu and raising his spiritual pressure dramatically. Alastair focused the rieatsu into a single sword slash destroying the hollow. He then collapsed on one knee as Lilynette finished her hollow and ran to help Alastair.

When she reached him she laughed, “Are you ok Allar?” He smiled himself as she was helping him back to his feet. Upon regaining his composer and his footing he would answer her quest with a sly grin, “Im fine now, lets get going.” He continued walking forward heading into the forest clearing turning his back away from the clearings entrance and towards the stationary Lilynette, "Come on slow poke and I am the tired one?" He would laugh quiet loudly before taking notice of her actions. She wasn't just standing she was taking a defensive position with her blade raised to chest level. Suddenly her eyes would gaze in his direction filling with unforgettable emotion... Pure Fear... Her face matched her gaze evenly a she stumbled over herself attempting to tell Alastair something. Finally she managed get it out in loud scream and what she said by far was nothing of what Alastair expected, "ALASTAIR WATCH OUT!.” He turned around but it was to late.

He managed to see the out line of a huge Hollow. About ten feet tall and green with three long claw like nails on each hand. The beast screeched and raised his arms for an attack. Alastair tired to block it but the beast slammed him into a tree sending him to flying into several others a few feet away. That attack left him with three broken ribs and a twisted ankle. He screamed and pain as he searched for his sword. He attempted to stand up but the Hollow was standing right over him once again ready to administer the killing blow.

He still scanning the area for his sword. When he found it noticed it was flung across the clearing on the opposite side. He found himself helpless as the Hollow once again sung at him. He braced for the hit but Lilynette managed to block it with her own weapon struggling, “Get out of here now Alastair!!!" He wasn't going to leave her so he would use this opportunity to get his blade. He hopped to it quickly and prepared a attack. He noticed the Lilynette wouldn’t last much longer. He would leap high into the air spinning to attempting to spin slash the Hollow and that’s exactly what he did. He slashed as hard as he could at the hollows right arm chopping it off. But this caused the fiends attention revert back to Alastair.

The worst part was that Alastair’s back was turned towards the Hollow. The beast screeched and lunged his three claws at Alastair’s back. As it connected it only managed to make three long gashes across his back before Lilynette pushed him out the way taking the rest of the attack to her own body. This resulted in the hand piercing her body destroying multiple organs causing interal shutdowns. Blood spilled from her mouth followed by the life instantly disappearing from her face, “LILYNETTE!!” He struggled to recover from the push and his prior injuries. Although his body would quit, filling with rage he would leap one last time administering a clean cut to the Hollows neck slicing it from the pushed he lunged forward jumped into the air and cut the hollows head clean off it’s shoulders.

As he fell back onto the ground he landed on the twisted ankle which caused him to fall forward unto on the ground. He started to crawl to Lilynette who was quickly bleeding out, “I’m… so sorry. I….. I… Love you!.” He continued to crawl to her as tears fell from his eyes. He started to tell her everything , to how he lied to how he felt when he first met her. As he finished speaking he reached her and she weakly placed her hand on his cheek and told him, “I know I knew for a long time now and I lo….” she had passed away right there in his arms…..

Her death was a very hard thing for Alastair to go threw. He grades in school dropped and he begin getting involved with the wrong people. It was not until his father knocked some sense into him by telling him this is not what Lilynette would want and how she would live.. It was then he vowed to become a full fledge shinigami in her memory but also continue towards his dreams. He begged his father to continue teaching him everything he knew. The father taught him very well and he even learned how to incorporated his psychology into tactic to anger his opponents. Suddenly one night he father caught a strange disease that sadly took his life a month later.. He decided to take his lessons even further and enroll into the Shin'o Academy.

While in the academy he honed his skills further and became a master in kido. He excelled far beyond his classmates in swordsmanship. Throughout his studies he kept seeing a strange man that has the appearance of a twenty five year demoninc cult werido, who dark purple and navy blue cloak which sorcerers wore, medium length blue spiky hair and a weird red tattoo or scar that started from his forehead down to his neck. His clothes consist of black slacks and long sleeve gray button up shirt with a black tie and buttons with creepy magician hand gloves. His shirt would be tucked into his pants which are being held up by a belt made of chain and a metal skull head. He kept trying to tell Alastair something but the words where mute and his lips where unreadable.

Everyday the man would appear repeating the same thing but the more he trained the more he understood what the man was trying to say. The most he could decipher was, “M* **m* is H**di**." It was not until that fateful day when he heard the full sentence of what the man was trying to tell him. The was a group of hollows causing a disturbance in the human world so Alastair and two of his squad members where dispatched to handle to handle it. When they arrived that discovered the hollows were stronger then expected. They managed to take down his two teammates.

He found himself being surround by the hollows. He knew he wouldn’t last long because he was already exhausted from there first clash. He was ready to except death . He then close his eyes as the hollows lunged forward. He found it strange when he didn’t feel or hear anything. When he opened his eyes he found himself in a comedy club one of which he had visited in the world of the living. It was a giant room full with bar tables and tall stools decorate with various beautiful dinnerware and origami. Red smooth silk elegantly laid all across the room leading to a thick shimmering curtain which covered a stage were the actors of the club preformed. The most beautiful part was the chandelier that hung above his head. It illuminated the whole room with a rainbow aura feeling Alastair and anyone lucky to visit with life.

When he turned to observe the room he stood in amazement as the curtain began to open revealing the creepy man who began to tell him everything. This man was the spirit of his sword and this was Alastair inner psyche. He told him that when they first met Alastair could not hear him because he wasn't strong enough yet.. Now was the time to learn exactly what the man desperately attempted to tell him. The man lowered his hood and began to speak, “My name is…” It was then Alastair found himself back in the world of the living with hollows still lunging at him.

At the same time the memory of his zanpakuto saying his name was released at the same time the thought flew through his head, “HOUDINI!” At those words the sword changed drastically. From its normal sealed form the blade changes drastically. The orb on the hilt grows drastically being as large as Alastair's skull being supported by a golden spiral pattern which acts a as support but keeps it from moving as well. The hilt completely takes over the blade and becomes a thick seven foot black staff with golden borders and a purplish hue. Inside the orb is the same rainbow aura which illuminated his inner world but also deep within the center a sheet then steel cut out of a skull can seen shrouded in a rainbow aura.

With this newly evolved weapon he would take down the hollows, gather his teammates and headed home. Since then he has been honing his skill further tapping into his Shikai’s full power. He learned that the staff is meant for magic type attacks but also has an assault mode which has the ability to use illusions. And his spirit has taught him a few of his techniques known as Dark Magician Blast, Shooting Star Comets', and Decapitation Dance. Every since then he has been focusing on his psychology degree and honing his skills to become a great shinigami.

One of his biggest achievements yet was achieving the rank Lieutenant of the 4th squad. On a normal scouting trip Alastair and his teammates were cornered by Menos Grande. He would lead the small group to attack the menos strategically and with much grace. Somehow the menos managed to get the up hand firing a full power cero a the group until Alastair awakened his shikai cancelling the attack out with his move Dark Magician Blast giving his teammates the opportunity to counter and take down the menos. Low and behold this was a test of leaderships and reliability which he passed with flying colors. The allowed him to raise the the rank of lieutenant with quick work. Alastair now in the 4th squad as the Co Captain still training vigorously to and encountered countless missions to achieve Bankai which allowed him to qualify for the Captain equivalence test. He managed to pass with a high B average no becoming the Captains of Fourth Division. He even took a test to become the Kido Corps Commander succeeding that as well combining both the division and corps together to become the new forth division.

RP Sample:

Alastair waited for his reinforcements to arrive from the soul society at the cafe. He decided to wait inside seeing as the outside area was slightly more busy. He ordered a cup of hazelnut hot chocolate and a blue berry muffin, he favorite snack. He felt a small vibration from his book bag so he decided to check and see what the fuss was about. It read,

"Your reinforcements have arrived. "

He quickly finished he snack and headed outside. There he saw nothing different from before only that a beautiful girl was occupying the only available table. He decided that sense he didn't seem to find the reinforcements he decided to spark a conversation with this young lady. He walked slowly over to he and lightly tapped her one her shoulder, "Hello miss do you mind if I take a seat here?" He smiled seductively staring into her eyes with a intense glare. The young lady looked up as her shoulder was tapped. She was dressed normally in some street clothes with her shoulder bag at her side. She looked over the man before her as her light yellow hair blew in the breeze, it messing with her vision a bit though it was short. She said, ”I am waiting for someone but you can sit here till she arrives.”

She had no idea why she asked him to sit. To her he was just another man in the way. She placed her order, a piece of dark chocolate cake and a mocha iced coffee. She smiled as it was brought to the table. Before she began to eat she did ask, ”So, what brings you here?” Alastair a unsettling vibe from the young lady that she wasn't interested in him and yet something about her he was fascinated with. He took his seat as he quickly looked at his clothes. He then thought about his hole purpose of being here, "Great I'm wearing such crazy clothes. Alastair was dressed in a blue t-shirt that had the word Obey across the chest part in red. He then has tide dyed blue jeans that were cut at the knee area. He then focused his attention back to this young lady, "So may I ask what's your name miss?"

"Mizuko Ichikawa. Is there something wrong? Did your friends just say they were not coming," she responded with concern. Alastair felt as if held off a lot of emotion. She would would flip her hair to the left of her, "Well mines have as well..." A slight grin of sadness covered her face. Alastair felt as if he should help her.

He decided to play on the situation a bit, "Oh and also I'm waiting for a friend as well. He watched her eat her snack as he checked his phone and thought, "Where are they." His patience started growing thin as he waited for this girl to reply. She would hesitate as she checked her own phone, "Oh shoot, she has gotten caught in traffic and has told me to meet her at the location. I know this may seem strange but may you walk me to my car." Alastair smiled, "Sure thing lets get out of here. Alastair’s proceeded to follow her to the car were the two of them walked off into the distance as the beginning of a new friendship began.

Powers & Abilities:

{To be able to use technique, Shikai and Bankai, knowledge and know how must be acquired in-game)

Zanpakuto Spirit Description: A twenty five year demoninc cult werido, who dark purple and navy blue cloak which sorcerers wore, medium length blue spiky hair and a weird red tattoo or scar that started from his forehead down to his neck (Jellal Fairy Tail). His clothes consist of black slacks and long sleeve gray button up shirt with a black tie and buttons with creepy magician hand gloves. His shirt would be tucked into his pants which are being held up by a belt made of chain and a metal skull head. In Bankai he removes the cloak revealing a black top hat with a red silky ribbon around the hat and a black one foot wand with a gray tip.
Zanpakuto Name: Dea Mago Houdini
Inner World: A comedy club one of which he had visited in the world of the living. It was a giant room full with bar tables and tall stools decorate with various beautiful dinnerware and origami. Red smooth silk elegantly laid all across the room leading to a thick shimmering curtain which covered a stage were the actors of the club preformed. The most beautiful part was the chandelier that hung above his head. It illuminated the whole room with a rainbow aura feeling Alastair and anyone lucky to visit with life.
Sealed Appearance: Alastair zanpaktuo is a normal shinigami katana with the addition of a white cloudy opaque orb at the end of the hilt.

Name: Houdini
Shikai Release Phrase: "Take the stage and perform...."
Released Appearance: The orb on the hilt grows drastically being as large as Alastair's skull being supported by a golden spiral pattern which acts a as support but keeps it from moving as well. The hilt completely takes over the blade and becomes a thick seven foot black staff with golden borders and a purplish hue. Inside the orb is the same rainbow aura which illuminated his inner world but also deep within the center a sheet then steel cut out of a skull can seen shrouded in a rainbow aura.
Shikai Special Ability: Houdini has the ability to make Kido spells become an ability of the weapon ridding the effects of kido cool down and effect duration. Instead Alastair has the ability to use up to ten Kido spells freely before this ability goes into a five post cool down. He also has the ability to increase the size of the spell which he desires up to three times bigger. When this weapon is active all Kido Alastair uses will be conjured through the orb. (Incantations would still apply.)(This form is also know as Mage Mode). This weapon also possesses a healing property upon releasing the rainbow aura from the orb also to cast stronger healing spells. This weapon holds a second ability... To transform into a purple and black scythe which upon transformation turns the gorgeous rainbow aura into a black and purple mist which holds the ability to create illusions to further Alastair's offensive capabilities. Alastair can make up to three illusions before this ability goes into a 5 posts cool down. At this point Alastair can only make illusion as far as replicating himself and his weapon.

((This weapon can only switch Modes once every three posts. ***Assault Mode cannot Utilize the Kido Ability as well as Kido/Healing not being usable while in this mode.
***Mage Mode cannot Utilize the illusion ability or perform physical attacks))

Name: Dea Mago Houdini
Bankai Release Phrase: "This is the Final Act..."
Released Appearance: From it's shikai form the Magicians Staff transforms into a Kkakkhara or a Monks Staff. The giant orb shirks and shapes itself into a crystalized form of a fire flame. Inside the flame grows the same rainbow aura. The gold edges which supported the orb shapes into a golden ring in which six golden spikes sprout forms the monks staff. In this mode the staff constantly releases the strange black and purple mist used for illusions...
Bankai Special Ability: This weapon can do anything its shikai form can but on a grander scale. This weapon now allows Alastair to use fifthteen Kido spells before entering a six post cool down as well as 5 illusions before a five post cool down. In addition the weapons Mage Mode has the ability to secrete the illusion mist for its own use. Within it's. Assualt Mode Dae Mago Houdini's black mist changes dramatically. The mist along with its illusions properties now becomes toxic infecting anything it comes into contact with. This toxin acts as a paralytic agent to slowly decrease its opponent base speed by -5 upon each post of exposed until ultimately the target struggles to move. Also native to the Assault Mode the user now has the ability to lather his attacks in the toxic mist as a plus!!! At this point Alastair's illusions can replicate both himself, weapon, and his attacks/techniques now.

((This weapon can only switch between modes once every two posts. *** Assault Mode cannot ultize the Kido Ability Effect or Kido/Healing is not usable while in this Mode.
***Mage Mode cannot perform physical attacks.))

Dae Mago Houdini:




(Max 12, you can add/unlock as you progress, but to be able to use technique, you must acquire it in-game)

Name: Rainbow Aura Blast
State: Shikai/Bankai
Terms of Usage: Statement Of Techniques Name. MUST be in Mage Mode to perform.
Description: Concentrating the rainbow aura to its peak the user would fire a medium/large beam of rainbow light towards there opponent. To burn and blow up. Cool down three-four posts.
Downside: This attack only has a range of five feet in shikai and bankai seven using a simple High Speed Movement ability could dodge this.

Name: Mage Comets
State: Shikai/Bankai
Terms of Usage: Statement of the name. MUST be used in Mage Mode.
Description: Using the rainbow aura the user summons up to five orbs which shoots forward attempting to slam into its target causing a massive explosion. (In Bankai these orbs take the shape of stars and are twice as big packing a heavy punch.) Cool down four posts
Downside: These orbs can be countered by a simple projectile or a clone.

Name: Mage's Circle
State: Bankai/Shikai
Terms of Usage: Statement of the name. Can be used in Mage Mode/Assault Mode.
Description: Summoning a rainbow circle which stretches up to ten feet the user has the ability to heal whatever enters the circle by temporarily aging the users body ten years upon each post of healing. Once finished the aging effect began to wear off although it takes twice as long to revert the users youth. (Cut and Brazes 1 post, Slashes/Burns 2, Gashes/Toxins/Illness 3, Paralysis/Broken Bones 4, Severed Body Parts 5, Destroys Limbs/Body Part 6.... In Bankai these posts duration and effect on user are halved for most healing processes.) In the Bankai's Assault mode the user can surround the circle with the toxic mist to prevent others from halting his healing. Cool down 2-12 posts.
Downside: This technique requires the user to be completely stationary (Usually Sitting) and requires a meditating state which leaves Alastair vulnerable to attacks

Name: Dark Mist Wave
State: Shikai/Bankai
Terms of Usage: Statement of the name. MUST be in Assault Mode.
Description: Similar to Rainbow Aura Blast, the user concentrates a mixture of reishi and the black mist into a wave attack which fires at an opponent. This attack can be incorporated with illusion magic to trick its target. (In Bankai this attack holds the paralytic toxins to infect its target. Cool down three-four posts
Downside: This attack only reaches up to five feet (Shikai) and seven feet (Bankai) before dispersing leaving room for a simple High Speed Movement to Dodge

Name: Decapitation's Dance of Deception
State: Shikai/Bankai
Terms of Usage: Statement of Name. Assault Mode only.
Description: While in Assault Mode the user tricks their opponent by using the illusion mist to fake a mode change into Mage Mode. Upon doing so the user would rush at the target with a high burst of speed appearing to hit the opponent with the magicians/monk staff when in actuality the user is still in assault mode attempting to decapitate the target. Cool down three posts.
Downside: The illusion would fade just before striking the target leaving room for a counter attack/dodge.

Name: Rainbow Assault
State: Shikai/Bankai
Terms of Usage: Statement of Name. Requires both Mage and Assault Modes.
Description: The user while in Mage Mode releases a pulse of rainbow energy towards the opponent but before it reaches them the user would perform a high speed movement switching into assault mode swinging their scythe at the target from above as to distract the opponent long enough for the rainbow pulse to hit its target. 4 post cool down. (In Bankai the user can use illusion magic in Mage Mode to trick the target to thinking the user is still stationary)
Downside: A simple energy blast or barrier spell could counter the energy pulse.

Name: Mist's Magic
State: Shikai/Bankai
Terms of Usage: Statement of Name. Both Assault and Mage mode are needed.
Description: While in Assault Mode the user would rush at their target with a flurry or swings and slashes. Then suddenly the user would stop and switch into Mage Mode firing a beam of Rainbow Aura at the target. (In Bankai the user may trick the target using illusion magic into thinking the user is still stationary firing the rainbow beam from above) 5 posts cool down.
Downside: A simple high speed movement can avoid both the assault and beam blast.

Name: Mage's Oath
State: All
Terms of Usage: Statement of Name. Mage Mode and Normal Weapon Only. Incantation: "Creators of Kido, Protectors of Good Lend me your strength..."
Description: Upon saying the incantation the user is able to simultaneously execute two Kido spells at once force three post. Five post cool down. (Cannot Be used with spells higher than fifty for Hado.)
Downside: Both spells used cannot be within a five level gap of each other on the Kido Scale.

Name: Sigil Of Light
State: Regular
Terms of Usage:Requires the user and target to be stationary and a chant, "Being of light please open your heart and lend me strength.
Description: The ability allows Alastair to place a sigil of light on a desired target made purely of reishi. This sigil allows Alastair to heal that part of the body without touch. The duration of the healing depends on severity of the wound. Minor cuts and scratches take one post will deep cuts and gashed may take from 3-5 fatal wounds would require 7-10 posts. Cool down matches the amount of post taken to heal an injury.
Downside: Alastair cannot release his zanpaktuo within three post of the techniques end.

Name: Sigil of Darkness
State: Regular-Shikai
Terms of Usage: The requires a chant to activate, "Being of darkness please use my body as a temporary source and lend me your strength."
Description: Alastair's strongest healing which ability allows Alastair to place a Sigil off darkness on the desired target made purely of his reishi. In turn Alastair would have to place one on his own in the same spot. The sigil allows him to heal a target without physical contact instantly by transferring the pain to his own body via sigil. This ability does not prevent and movement or awakening shikai but doesn't allow the use of Bankai. This ability cannot kill Alastair but may send him into a coma (Which would last a day of recovery in real life) before reverting to normal or paralyze that part of the body for the rest of the topic. After injury transfer the sigil on the target fades but not Alastair until the effect takes it's course. This ability can only be used once per topic.
Downside: Alastair can only heal one person and maybe completely defenseless if fully body recovery is needed.


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Re: Alastair Knightfield (New Zan + Broken Template)

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Re: Alastair Knightfield (New Zan + Broken Template)

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Re: Alastair Knightfield (New Zan + Broken Template)

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