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Minamoto Hikari

Minamoto Hikari
Minamoto Hikari
Minamoto Clan
Minamoto Clan

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Minamoto Hikari

Post by Minamoto Hikari on Thu Oct 16, 2014 12:31 am


(Minamoto Hikari)

Minamoto Hikari


Basic Information:

Name: Minamoto Hikari
Age: 100
Age Appearance: 16
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Minamoto Clan, LeMorgue, Gotei 13
Rank: 3rd Seat
Residence: Kuroshinju, 8th Division Head Quarters

Hikari looks very much like her mother, the only difference would be her deep blue eyes and short brown hair, aside from that, she resembles her mother in many ways.

When in disguise she also mimics her mothers appearance pink hair and purple eyes. They look so much alike that you'd think you're seeing her double, but in reality, she is her mother, the captain.


Hikari is very protective of her mother and never leaves her side, sometimes you'd mistake her for a copy, or a shadow, an identical twin more like, they look so much alike that she had become a sort of double. Chiruka however had a weird habit of bringing home 'stray people as Hikari would call it. And when she does, Hikari always bully them in ways no normal human could imagine.

Hikari can be manipulative, deceiving and plotting. Outside, she shows you a sweet loving caring persona, but deep down inside she's already planning to kill you in the most inhumane manner you could ever think of. She is a sadist with a lust for blood, but because of her mother, she has learned to control it.

Mostly, Hikari's aggression toward other people branches out from her jealousy with never having enough time spent with Chiruka even if she does infarct never leave her side.

But Hikari has a soft spot for cute things and like her mother, she's inclined to collecting strange pets.

Your Legacy:

Character Story:

She exists, and that is all to it.

She was found by Minamoto Chiruka floating at the sea half-dead, she had no recollection of anything except of Chiruka herself.

It was a strange phenomenon that even Alfred Alstein, The head of Minamoto Clan could not explain. "She is just like you, don't you think?" he asked Chiruka who was carefully eyeing Hikari. "Not just your case of memory loss... She's the spitting image of you."

And Chiruka could not deny this fact, it was like she was a part of her, and Hikari felt the same connection, because the first thing she remembered upon seeing Chiruka's face was her being her mother.

"Are you sure you don't have a daughter?" Alfred teasingly asked Chiruka who only argued with him. It made Hikari laugh and then they all laughed, like a weird dysfunctional family.

Hikari would do anything Chiruka does and would follower her wherever she went, it was annoying Chiruka and Hikari noticed this, but she just couldn't control her self. She just felt like she couldn't leave Chiruka alone and no argument or punishment could take her off her side.

"But I have duties to do, job to finish, missions to complete!" chiruka complained to Al who thought it would be best to have Hikari join her in her Quest. "But if you can't get rid of her, she will only be a nuisance, and I don't want to need to explain to Suki..." Al paused silent. Yeah, they didn't want this thing to get to Suki after all. "This will be a lot of paper work if she gets find out."

"I will handle that." Al sighed. "For now, just take her with you."

And ever since then Hikari and Chiruka has been inseparable.

RP Sample:


Powers & Abilities:

{To be able to use technique, Shikai and Bankai, knowledge and know how must be acquired in-game)

Zanpakuto Name: Saint Michael 13th ( セントマイケル13 , Sentomaikeru 13 )

Zanpakuto Spirit Description:

Sentomaikeru 13 is a girl despite its name being Michael, which is a
boys name, it's said that Sentomaikeru 13 spirit is the manifestation Hikari's real mother. (Chiruka Yukimura)

But this is just a rumour.

Zanpakuto spirit appearance: Sentomaikeru 13 is a teenage girl wearing a headgear which could seemingly absorb all the knowledge in the world, she has long hair and only the lower part of her face shows (namely lips, nose chin). She has pale white skin and is mostly naked but is also sometimes seen in a sailor uniform.

Zanpakuto Personality:
Sentomaikeru 13 is playful and smart, she hates to loose and feeds of the enemies fears. She's also quick and perky, mostly childish, sometimes too lazy though.

Zanpakuto Instinct: If given a chance to walk the earths, Sentomaikeru 13 would most prolly want to achieve normalcy, from the way she dresses, sometimes it gave out what she wanted, she wanted a normal life of a teenage girl.

Inner world:
Sentomaikeru 13 lives in a cold dark control room. She's mostly found inside a tank from where thousands of tubes connect to her, from her world she is called the brain controlling billions of super computers all under her command. She's also sometimes just sitting in a big boss chair eating cookies while watching blinking monitors with data running through it all day. It's said to be Hikari's brain.

Sealed Appearance:
It has an air tight case making it seemingly impossible for anyone to pull out, it has a trigger that can be pushed to make this possible, but it only responds to a certain pathological reiatsu surge that can only be released by the a true Uruha heir.

A chain extends from the zanpakuto's guard to the case making it inter connected with each other at all times. The air tight case also gives the Zanpakuto more force when used.

The cover its self is rather complex than the zanpakuto alone, its larger and fatter than most, but not as heavy as it would appear. From its mouth written is the Zanpakuto's version which as of to date was Sentomaikeru 13.

It's blade is quite normal compared to it's cover.

Other Information:Saint Michael 13 (SM-13) Is one of the firsts of its kind, a modified zanpakuto suiting its Shinigami's personality and likes/dislikes.

Unlike regular zanpakuto's, SM-13 has the ability to think on its own, and it drives Hikari mad to the bones. Stubborn like her master, a traitor, with a trigger, she can fire freely at an enemy, an ally, or Hikari her self.

Saint Michael is a katana merged with a gun, or 'gunpakuto' as what Al would call it. It may look like a toy, but its very durable. (For released appearance, view bellow)

Smart Zanpakuto - Saint Michael 13 is a modified zanpakuto, she is smart and somewhat automatic and out of control, she can always out perform her wielder and disobeys them if she thinks they are making a stupid move, or that they will both be in danger.

Auto Firing - If the safety is not placed, SM13 will fire automatically with or without its wielders consent. Being smart SM-13 can determine weather when its time to fire or not, but being bitchy, she can choose to shoot randomly, causing Hikari to make mistakes.

Easy swing - SM-13 is very light, and makes swinging easier for the user, the reason for this is the auto firing, the force from firing bullets reacts with the swing going the opposite direction with a much stronger force. Auto firing makes swinging easier, yes, but sometimes, with a force to strong Its hard to regain proper control and timing with the the sword unless fired on the other side for return which is far to risky all in all.

Bullets - Al makes bullets for Hikari, and they are not unlimited, she can only carry up to 10 magazine rounds around her waist and 2 on each calf and legs. all in all she can carry up to 14 with her in a day to day basis. Each rounds has 12 bullets. They could either be special or a regular one. If this bullets run out, SM-13 becomes paretty useless considering most attacks require bullets.


Name: Shōtaimu (showtime)
Shikai Release Phrase: It's Shōtaimu!!
Released Appearance: The handle changes into a bullet chamber while keeping its original appearance, the magazine release is located near the lower guard while a trigger like switch appears on both its upper sides(Under the guard). The bullets are released from the sides giving more force to the swing. The bullets are normal unless commanded to change. The tip of the blade gains 3 vertically aligned holes which are symmetrical to each other. It's use has yet to have been revealed.

Shikai Special Ability: piritual pressure color turns to light blue instead of her regular white

Bankai Release Phrase:
Released Appearance:
Bankai Special Ability:


(Max 12, you can add/unlock as you progress, but to be able to use technique, you must acquire it in-game)

Name: Steam Shell
State: Shikai
Terms of Usage: Special bullet must be inserted and shot, it will take 1 post to insert the bullet, 1 post to shoot it and another 3 for it to fill the 10 meter radius area it covers. The process is slow, but speeds up during the last 2 posts.
Description: A special perk that SM-13 features, Uruha uses a special bullet to activate this technique, the bullet is empty, and only filled with steam, thus if shot towards several places, it creates some sort of cloak to hide Uruha from her enemies. (think smoke screen, smoke bomb, flash bomb) The steam is hot enough to make someone sweat, but not to the point of burning.

Downside: Aside from the said advantages, theres no other use for this techniques, without the said special bullets she cant use this techniques as well, she has about 8 bullets per battle.

Name: Stun Shot
State: Shikai
Terms of Usage:Special bullet must be inserted and shot. The enemy must get hit, if not, it will be useless.
Description: A special bullet which stuns the enemy for a post, making them immobile and unable to move for that amount of time.

Downside: bullet must hit, if it doesn't, its useless, she only has 8 bullets per battle.

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Re: Minamoto Hikari

Post by alice of the Rose on Thu Oct 16, 2014 12:55 am

Is this complete?

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Re: Minamoto Hikari

Post by ShinishiNamba on Thu Oct 16, 2014 6:19 am


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Re: Minamoto Hikari

Post by Funnyguy339 on Thu Oct 16, 2014 6:29 am

Approved 2/2

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Re: Minamoto Hikari

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