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April May, Complete

April May
April May

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April May, Complete

Post by April May on Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:30 am

(Shinigami Warrior of God)

(Your character here)

April May

"Doesn't that smell beautiful?."

Basic Information:

Name: April May
Age: 173
Age Appearance: 24
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Gotei 13
Division: Fourth Division
Rank: {Vice Captain}

April is a beautiful golden hair'd full grown women. Her golden blond hair is very soft and silky in texture flowing from her scalp which glide's gently down her back reaching just below her tail bone. Her hair slide's down to the left side of her face in a thicker fringe but is styled so that it does not cover her eye's thus not obscuring her vision. Bang's fall down to each side of her face which is shorter than the back, These bangs only flowing just below her C-cup breasts. Her skin is as white as snow which due to the dark eye shadow she lovingly wears is seemingly enhanced in the eyes of others. Speaking of April's eye's her sparkling blue eyes twinkle like the diamonds in the sky more commonly known as stars. Those bright blue eyes are said to leave men speechless simply by glancing into them. Due to her being shy her face shows most of her emotion.

Standing fully erect,, April stand's at a modest 5'3", Her build is incredibly sleek yet that is not to say she is breakable. Her body show's how much she has worked and trained on herself, Do not get her misunderstood. April weighs 107 lbs well to be more precise 107.808 lbs. She is gorgeous but is she perfect. No. Her face may be, but if she were to reveal her body to you, then you would see differently. Her back is covered in large scar's that a weapon expert would be able to tell that she had been subjected to severe lashes via a large range of different whips. Multiple overlapping scars cover the back end of her body a bumpy road of nightmares that have left there mark upon her skin telling the story of her climb. Moving to the front of her body April has several knife wound's that lead up to her left breast which also has a similar horizontal scar 4 inches across the right side of the left breast.

When utilizing her gigai April likes to dress in an outfit that covers most of her body. This usually consists of very black tight's to hide the scar's that create a ladder of shame upon the back of her ankles and snake up to the higher end of her thigh. This is usually followed by a very long dress as she enjoys dressing up once in a while. The dress is usually a turquoise blue which is then followed by a pure black shawl. Heels are a must in a shiny black and to conceal the small scar's upon her wrists and knuckles she usually wear's gloves the same colour as her dress.

Now her shinigami outfit, Within this outfit April always feel's safe. It is plain yet she has "tricked" it out to show that she is a lovely girl, A splash of colour always helps. Her black robe which flows from her shoulder all the way to her ankles is like most black in colour though April's robe seem's much lighter almost verging on grey. Upon her right shoulder she bear's her LT badge. The robe flows open slightly revealing a small harmless amount of clevage, Upon her arm's she has stylised her outfit with small turquoise color ribbon's which are decently bound to her arms thus creating a flow like effect on the arms of her robes. Her hands are both covered in the bandages boxer's use to hide the scars previously mentioned.


April May is very different from her adopted sibling, Unlike Maki, April is anything but lazy and is sometimes seen as an over-achiever unlike her sister who is viewed as an under-achiever. She was incredibly happy and rather emotional when she was given the honour of being in the first division. She is very emotional yet is very secretive about thing's. She is also incredibly shy and is very quite, She openly speaks but in a very hushed tone to almost everyone. Only a total of 2 people in soul society have heard April's true voice and those two are the only people whom she will trust with her story the captain and her adopted sister. She looks confident in her looks and to those who do not know her may think of her as slightly snobbish.

Before April was abused she was a very outgoing and fun loving individual who would happily join in on any game and had on many occasions revealed too much of her body than should have been shown. Never showing her lower part's unless about to engage in intercourse. She was a very flirtatious female who though she would not classify herself as a slut or a slag could when intoxicated have been thought of by strangers to come off that way.

After her ordeal, April became something very different from her other self. Shy...timid and her smile that usually lit up the room had become nothing more than a slight curve on her face, Every little movement of her face shows something different, An emotion that comes on much stronger than any other is sorrow, When she is upset or distraught she is unable to control the flood's of tear's that would flow from her. The only emotion that is much stronger than sorrow is that of happiness, An emotion that after her official death she rarely feels. When it does happen her face...her eyes light up as if she were glowing. When happy it is an emotion that no one seem's to be able to remove from her for sometime. April is very loyal to those who make her feel safe, To those people she would lay her life down for them.

Your Legacy:

Character Story:

April May was born like any other human being. Born at 12:00am on may 22nd, April was born to a loving family. April was 6 pounds and 3 ounces when born, In a small hospital within the big apple. New york city. April was born and raised as a city girl. A rather popular and happy girl she had multiple friend's and was rather smart. Primary school and high school were what one might call a walk in the park. When in high school she was surrounded by friends yet some how she never truly felt like she was apart of something.

April like all young girls fell in love with a new boy week after week after week. Her premiscious side showing and developing when she hut the age of 16, Losing her virginity in the school gymnasium and the age of 17 with the boy she "loved" at the time. She passed high school with passing colours thus showing her smart side.

April moved out of her parent's house at the age of 21 leaving and becoming a lounge singer, She longed to be famous and though she was not a slut having only slept with 2 guys took a side job as a slutty waitress just to pay the bills. She also worked at a small bar as a singer were she was held in high regard with the regulars always having an escort home. Her death came quick during her drive to work her car was struck by a car. The impact killed April instantly.

New life.

When April awoke in soul society she had very little memory of what had happened. She knew she had died yet she did not feel sad. No she felt...relief something of the sorts. But were was she exactly. How many days would have passed. Maybe two or fact it was 15 years. After 15 years April had gained a vast amount of information. She was in soul society, Were the dead lived some no better than when they were alive.

Rukongai 80, She ended up there. One night she was kidnapped, There she woke up in district 80, April's life after death ended there. She had never expected something like this to be able to happen in the after life. Pain every day. She cried all the time for 112 years. Abused sexually and physically, Her life was nothing she was a pitiful excuse for a human she was nothing but a toy to these men......For 112 years she was used as there sex toy, As there amusement. They would whip her carve things into her and when she could scream no more they would enter her. Forcing more tears out forcing screams....She would never forget these nights. One day she heard her captives talking about shinigami and kido and how they wondered if they could "Train the pig" the pig being what they called April. Aprils head had been shaved her entire being shattered so she did what they said. Eating getting food in her system she began to figure out how to use spiritual energy and when she knew exactly what to do she annihalated her captives.

Stumbling around blood soaked and stained in nothing but a table cloth she collapsed outside of the Soul reaper academy.

She would wake up days after she had escaped, Her wounds healed as much as they could. She was informed of what had happened and how she had been saved, She had been given the opportunity to become a soul reaper after asking for food. She started her training and found that she was actually rather handy with a blade and had powerful control over her spiritual energy which was blue in colour. She was very powerful and people knew it. But they did'nt like her much mainly because of her personality changed. She was no longer that excited outgoing person, She was fun still fun but quite. During her time she met Maki and eventually came to know her as an adopted sister, Maki is one of the only people that April is comfortable around enough to speak freely and be happy with. They graduated together from the academy and soon enough both became division LT's.

RP Sample:

It seemed as if all the light within this shining world was gone, Her entire world has shattered in this very place. She had came over to apprehend two intruders, yet failed to make any significant move within this little retaliation. The small butterfly black in color was upon her shoulders as she refered the information she had gathered, Information regarding the bounts ranking system the names she had been given but most importantly the information regarding there ability to utilize Kido. something only shinigami should be capable of doing. She also revealed the information that she now possessed within her sword the spiritual energy of the woman kidnapped by the opponents and the second in commands spiritual energy. The small butterfly once given al lthe information Hana had managed to gather in her defeat would flap its wings and make its way to the first division were the information would be given to her.

The small tear would drift from her right eye, slowly creating a visible path through her lightly applied make-up before reaching her chin, Dangling there for only a second before falling. The fall being pre-mature due to the loud sniff she would make, No more crying had she not done enough. Ever since finding him dead. Finding her captain and...the one person she loved cold and un-moving. The eyes having lost there light and his power having drained. She had already placed his body in the first divisions barracks. It had been hard leaving him there but that was his home, The place were he was respected most. His death had been a great blow to the first division but everything needs to move on. A captains meeting was currently in progress meaning the Lieutenants had to make there own way. So Hana had decided to take up a mission and begin work on helping reconstruct and clean up the twelfth division barracks.

She had requested the help from other Lieutenants so hopefully they would show soon, Whats the point in holding a meeting inside when the outside needs work. She wanted to find out as much as she could about the other bounts and the other Lieutenants would have hopefully been present. For now a small group of the 12th division lower ranked members were also working, Helping clear up the rubble caused via explosions of the battle. Hana would get her hands dirty, Her hair tied back in a small plait like the rather gorgeous Katniss Everdeen, as to allow her full vision when bending over to pick up stones. She would be moving rapidly picking up as much as her form could carry and dropping it into the large wheelbarrow. It would be hard work and long but surely the shinigami would be able to get it done. Her body movements would take her to the small wall that she had been pushed itno. Her mind flashing rapidly to the battle, Her blade striking the hand of the bount and being held there as if it were nothing. The kido simply bouncing from his face, She had underestimated him she should have struck him harder with a much stronger kido. He had humiliated her and in a sense destroyed her, She had managed to live but Hana got the feeling he never wanted to kill her. Her hands would trace the destroyed wall which had been pushed in wards at the force of her body before her hands pulled the broken shards of wall from there holding spot.

Powers & Abilities:

Zanpakuto Spirit Description: Amai Kusai manifests itself in the form of an extremly gorgeous shining angel, she appears with large 4 medium length angel wings Her body is dressed in a unitard like outfit which is white in colour minus the large golden plates at the top of her breasts. Her head is covered by a large helmet which covers her eyes and nose but allows her golden hair to fall down to her tail bone, Her right arm is not really covered but the large thick pink ribbon material entangles her arm an flows upwards in an upside down U shape which is then wrapped around her left arm wrapped securly to her white winged glove. A rather happy little spirit her personality seems to be incredibly child like always up for playing or wanting to do some little game, She seems to become incredibly serious within a fight never wanting to lose showing her very competitive side and her lust for life, She has the urge to protect Hana allowing her voice to shine through if Hana is injured she becomes very mother like fussing over the girl and shouting at her for worrying her, In all a rather fun loving protective little girl.
Zanpakuto Name: Amai Kusai
Inner World:

Sealed Appearance: The original sealed zanpakuto takes the form of an original katana exactly the same size as a normal blade, {75,7 cm long, 3.2 cm wide} The sword shines with a small tint of yellow as if covered in the sweet smelling pollen of Amai Kusai while the hilt of the blade is pure black with eight diamonds imprinted upon its hilt, These diamonds also shine yellow with pollen, The black sheath used to conceal Amai Kusai is simply black, Pure black,The blade is very sleek and light allowing for it to be harnessed easily, The elegant yet plain design of Amai Kusai makes it seem like there is very little to this blade though the smell released proves otherwise, It should be noted that even within its sealed form Amai Kusai releases a loving scent that is usually mistaken for April's perfume.

Name: Amai Kusai
Shikai Release Phrase: Inhale my sweet
Released Appearance:


The original sealed zanpakuto takes the form of an original katana exactly the same size as a normal blade, {75,7 cm long, 3.2 cm wide} The sword shines with a small tint of yellow as if covered in the sweet smelling pollen of Amai Kusai while the hilt of the blade is pure black with eight diamonds imprinted upon its hilt, These diamonds also shine yellow with pollen, The black sheath used to conceal Amai Kusai is simply black, Pure black,The blade is very sleek and light allowing for it to be harnessed easily, The elegant yet plain design of Amai Kusai makes it seem like there is very little to this blade though the smell released proves otherwise, It should be noted that even within its sealed form Amai Kusai releases a loving scent that is usually mistaken for April's perfume.

Shikai Special Ability:

Amai Kusai is considered one of the sweetest smelling zanpakuto's in soul society, perhaps even the sweetest smelling thing in soul society period. The beautiful smell comes from a special scented orb secreted and created in the cross guard of the sword, What these orb's are is unknown but are light blue in colour, and coats the sword, but also creates almost a fine mist around April, like a sparkling twilight vampire. These pollen sized orbs extend about a 12 inch radius around the sword and April creating an absorbing like aura, and below.. Swinging the sword around distributes the orbs, meaning close quarter combat is extremely effective for this Zanpakuto. The orbs, can absorb in a variety of ways, They are capable of getting into the opponents skin through cuts and open wounds. Covering April's Kido's and can even be breathed in when standing in the radius listed. Each way of getting struck by the orbs has different absorbption capabilities which will be listed below using the SPIRITUAL ENERGY TIER. . . All that reiatsu loss has to go somewhere, and its absorbed into April's zanpakuto, much like a flower absorbs sunlight. Once April's Zan has absorbed 30% of spiritual energy the effects of Amai Kusai's absorbing abilities are doubled. Naturally April is immune to the effects of Amai Kusa'is ability, Who would think such a sweet smelling light could be so maniacal.

Absorbing Table

Academy student [Basic level]- Breathing In - 2% - Kido strike - 5% - Wound - 5% [Note per wound] Punching kicking biting etc - 1%

5th/4th seat level -Breathing In - 3% - Kido strike - 6% - Wound - 6% [Note per wound] Punching kicking biting etc - 2%

3rd seat level - Breathing In - 5% - Kido strike - 8% - Wound - 8% [Note per wound] Punching kicking biting etc - 4%

Vice Captain Level - Breathing In - 6% - Kido strike - 9% - Wound - 9% [Note per wound] Punching kicking biting etc - 5%

Immense Spiritual Energy/Captain Level -Breathing In - 8% - Kido strike - 11% - Wound - 11% [Note per wound] Punching kicking biting etc - 7%

Name: Shi Kusai
Bankai Release Phrase: Whither and Rot
Released Appearance:


Bankai, One of the strongest mode's a pure shinigami can obtain, This is somehow an understatement when in the presence of April's. First of all Amai Kusai changes dramatically becoming two crescent shape blades. These blade's have moon shaped hilts in the centre which allow's April to wield them. The blades return to there silver colour unlike when in Shikai while the centre of the screscent blades have a small purple spade like design. Her clothing also changes, It seems to resemble hollow like bones as a corset with shoulder guards made of bones, Her shinigami robe seems to make an appearance covering her lower body but has been replaced with the corset at the top half a white material covers her right arm while two large arm guantlets slide up just below her elbows

Bankai Special Ability:
Amai Kusai's Bankai ability is both the same yet very different from its Shikai counterpart. First of all, The shining yellow pollen becomes pitch black surrounding her very similar to the pollen within her shikai, within her shikai form the pollen which covered her entire body and the blades she held also expanded 12 inches in all directions, Within her bankai this is doubled thus spreading to a total of 24 inches. the orbs being light and not thick even when black does not hinder the vision much.

Now in her shikai form Amai Kusai had the ability to absorb the spiritual energy from an opponent or there kido, This ability remains and is much stronger doubling there base ability within this form allowing for kido level 80 to be absorbed via the orb like mist surrounding April [All other kido are reduced in power by 5 levels]. As for the true power of this Bankai and staying true to the affliction type Zanpakuto Amai Kusai becomes poisonous to the body, The black orbs is very poisonous in large quantities and only takes an effect when 30% of the opponents spiritual ability has been absorbed. When ten percent of spiritual energy has been absorbed amai's effect doubles when 30% its absorbing effect is tripled. The poisonous orbs has a flesh rotting effect that upon the orbs being inhaled cut etc, will slowly rot the opponents flesh for 2 posts causing a large amount of pain Once the pain and flesh has rotted after the 2 posts a constant burning will cocur for 3 more posts. Naturally depending on the area cut other symptoms may occur, an example if the foot is cut that area will rot for 2 posts making it harder to walk thus permanently slowing down movement. If the hand is cut after the two posts it will be incredibly painful thus holding a sword will caus pain. . There is no major danger to this ability until 50% of the spiritual energy has been absorbed by Amai Kusai, Once 50 percent or over has been absorbed the opponents body will have severely rotted from the black orbs. Holding weapons and attacking moving etc becomes incredibly painful, This causes some pain for a total of ten posts after 50% has been absorbed as well as a tier drop in all areas that include physical ability. Once the body has lost 80% of its spiritual energy due to the effect of Amai Kusai the body will have been ravished by the toxins thus almost always ending the battle due to the almost completely rotted corpse at this stage all physical tiers are back to 1 movements are slowed constant pain as if your body is being ripped apart each time you move occurs bones wil lbe shown and skin will be slipping from the targets body., if the opponent wishes to go on once 90% of spiritual energy has been absorbed the opponent will be dead there flesh rotting completely falling from there bones. Division 4 members CAN create an antidote to the toxin but it would require some time to create and must receive the ingredient of Amai Kusai from April herself, Bankai level healing techs are capable of removing the affliction [With proper post limits etc]. Finally the last thing that happens within this form is Amai Kusai's scent, Those holding Amai will smell the sweet fragrance that she always holds, Those who are unable to hold her will smell the bankai's true scent, This scent being of rotten flesh, Now the smell is bearable and though may involve holding breaths now and again would caus only minor problems for those who do not like powerful smells with normal senses. Those with advanced sense of smell will have more trouble dealing with the powerful rotting smell of Amai Kusai. Like before April is immune to Amai's effect.

Academy student [Basic level]- Breathing In - 5% - Kido strike - 8% - Wound - 8% [Note per wound] Punching kicking biting etc - 4%

5th/4th seat level -Breathing In - 6% - Kido strike - 9% - Wound - 9% [Note per wound] Punching kicking biting etc - 5%

3rd seat level - Breathing In - 8% - Kido strike - 11% - Wound - 11% [Note per wound] Punching kicking biting etc - 7%

Vice Captain Level - Breathing In - 10% - Kido strike - 12% - Wound - 12% [Note per wound] Punching kicking biting etc - 8%

Immense Spiritual Energy/Captain Level -Breathing In - 15% - Kido strike - 20% - Wound - 25% [Note per wound] Punching kicking biting etc - 13%


Wil create later.

April May
April May

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Re: April May, Complete

Post by April May on Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:31 am

Yah, Complete

[Thanks Loligaga for saving me from that evil curse]
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Re: April May, Complete

Post by alice of the Rose on Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:53 am

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Re: April May, Complete

Post by Alastair Knightfield on Tue Oct 14, 2014 1:02 am

I see no apparent issue with this app you have a go from me.

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Re: April May, Complete

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