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Senetue Hirona


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Senetue Hirona

Post by Senetue on Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:59 pm

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Senetue Hirona

"To me this is naught but a game."

Basic Information:

Character Name: Senetue Hirona

Gender: Male

Age: 200

Appearance: Senetue has always been heralded as being the strangest Arrancar|Espada in terms of appearance. His human like form put him standing at approximately one foot tall. His arms end in small hands but his feet taking on a strange appearance of pin points. His eyes are of a radiant turquoise and his hair is black. His skin is of a cream white and a turquoise stud earring rests on his left ear.

His most defining feature is the hat upon his head which seems to merge on top of his black hair. This hat is actually remnants of his hollow mask, the hat permanently stuck in place and remains as a definite memory of his previous life as a regular hollow. His clothing matches his hat in color, a large over coat which rests atop a black shirt and a turquoise and black checkered tie. Many corners on the over coat has gold colored trim and the sleeves extend far past his hands. His pants are completely white as well, his belt matching the white color but a gold buckle is adorn upon the front. His hollow hole rests silently beneath his shirt, placed right upon his stomach. His Espada rank is marked upon his right cheek with the number four.

Personality: Senetue's most defining personality is his compulsion to test, examine and gather data on new objects. This compulsion tends to get him in situations with other beings, fighting things to gather as much information on them. Due to this, Senetue has been quoted as having a calm and calculating thought process when he hasn't lost himself to any bouts of battle lust. Mixed with his compulsion to expand his knowledge, he has a strange compulsion to eat. Always eternally hungry, he is constantly seen with boxes of treats and will go so far as to follow commands for those who promise the most delicious food to him.

Yet, all this can go out the window upon the moment that a comrade of his has been hurt. This also happens when his treats have been eaten by another without his permission or destroyed by an outside source. Senetue is also well known among the denizens of Hueco Mundo as a completely ruthless fighter the moment a close friend or comrade of his has been hurt. A previous bout of battle lust had completely leveled one of the towers within his kingdom when a hollow had decided to partake in one of his cookies. Though, no one really needs to worry since Senetue is more likely to stand in the distance and gather intel from afar.

Your Legacy:

Your Story:

--Human Life--

Resilience At It's Best~

Some say that God works in mysterious ways and that one must count the blessing in which they are given by the Holy Lord who paves the path for the human life. Senetue had always had a troubled life when he was alive. His life was constantly riddled by bouts of violence from others directed towards him. His school full of delinquents who constantly picked on the over achiever. When you're considered one of the smartest in school, it doesn't take long for the jocks to beat you around. More often than not he would arrive home with a busted jaw or black eye.

"Always remember to count your blessings, son. God gifted you with intelligence for a reason."

It would always end up the same, he couldn't help but feel that he was missing the point and that he was only left with the noise of his parents telling him to continue forward on a path of destruction. His mind became muddled by his studies. His mind racing like a live wire, his mouth always with a cookie to help feed him with energy to continue his studies. His youth slipped away before he knew it, his life on a fast track towards one of the most prestigious universities. Sadly, not all tales are filled with happiness.

"Hey again, punching bag. Hope your face is ready to be friends with my fist once more."

Many of the jocks that punished him in high school had also gotten scholarships for the prestigious university thanks to their outstanding bouts of athletic abilities. Once more he was constantly assaulted, returning to a silent and dark apartment every night with new bruises on his body. His mind eventually snapped one day at school and he picked a fight with the wrong person. It wasn't long before he found himself beaten to death by a group of delinquent thugs. His body left a mangled mess, bones broken and blood spilling from a young life.

Even In Death I Will Live On

--Life In Death|Life As a Hollow--

It had been strange waking up dead, a chain hanging from his stomach. Senetue had been in a completely loss of words the next day and while wandering the halls, he tried to speak to many of the students who also wandered the halls. Ignorance was bliss and he couldn't help but wonder if everyone was against him in this game of cat and mouse that he attempted to play with many of students. Some would glance in his direction but many never even gave him the time or day. It didn't take long for him to deduce that he had perished and a terrible way. Stricken with sadness he hid himself away, the chain slowly dissolving till one day everything in the world seemed to go black for him.

--A World of Madness--

He found his consciousness slipping back, his body crumpled in a land which seemed to be devoid of anything. Endless sand for miles dotted with small gray trees. One look down showed a hole upon his stomach, his size was massive. His appearance that of a panda with parts of his body black and parts of his body pale white. He moved upon the lands for a while, making a name for himself as the massive hollow. He found himself fighting many lesser hollows, easily beating them down into the ground. A strange hunger deep down delving his mind into devouring every bit of every smaller hollow he ran into. Which, in this land, was just about any hollow that wasn't a Gillian.

"Your blood will paint this landscape and your soul will be devoured by my jaws."

He continued his quest in the endless sands, devouring anything in his way. Eventually he found a portion of land that he himself liked, taking up residence upon it. He would sleep for days at a time, only waking to those who came near him. Eventually many lesser hollows dotted 'his' portion of land. As long as he was never bugged and something was fed to him, he was very passive. Almost worshiped as a god among the hollows who looked up to the massive hollow. Then one day, everything changed.

--Life As An Arrancar--

It didn't take long for him to develop a strange sense of self awareness. Many times he found himself scratching at his mask, his claws picking at it like an old scab. Then one day that strange sense occurred, much stronger than previously, his claw taking his mask clean off and leaving nothing but the hat upon his head. In a blinding bout of light he changed, his form shrinking but his power gaining in mass. He became the opposite of what he had been, his form much smaller than any hollow. He felt his own personality return once more, his eyes turning onto the landscape in a most inquisitive nature. Before long he molded the area into his own small kingdom. What few hollows thought they could devour the smaller arrancar were soon dispatched by a swift flick of his hand. He ruled his own little kingdom, his own land of Isolation.

--The Espada--

"Espada? Is that a type of noodle?"

It's not really known when Senetue had been adopted into the ranks of the Espada. Among the group as the more silent and inquisitive, he always watches conflict from a distance. Always planning ahead, the number four on his cheek lets many know that Senetue is not a being to be trifled with.

RP Sample:

Senetue sat upon his throne, or rather, lab chair within his Tower of Solitude. It had been ages since he had last seen anyone come by his humble abode. His mind was distraught with information, his small fingers typing away on a keyboard in front of what could be considered one of the most sophisticated bits of technology. He was taking notes on a recent adventure, having visited the human world, and was making sure to take note on all advancements of technology that he had seen.

"The humans continue to astound me with their advancements in technology. Well not but a few years ago, their technology was barely blossoming but now they have reached an entirely new level of amazing inventions." Senetue said, his eyes darting around the screen as he took notes on the new devices that he had seen which mimic his own. A 'computer' is what he had heard the humans calling the device. His own merely had the designation of 'Intel Notation Device' or IND for short.

"And their ability of flight is not so bad as well." A small voice said, a rather adorable looking panda wandered up to his left, the black soulless pits for eyes staring at the monitor ahead.

"And their vehicles have upgraded considerably since the last time we had viewed them!" Another voice called out, a second chibi styled panda wandering up onto the other side, this one taking more interest in the figure in front of the IND.

"Yes, well, I certainly cannot wait to implement their advancements in technology into my own Kingdom and to improve on them as well. The Kingdom of Isolation will be the most advanced kingdom in Hueco Mundo!" Senetue yelled, laughing to himself as he was joined in a chorus of squeaky laughs from the two pandas who rested at his sides.

With a quick placement of another cookie in his mouth, he began to chew on it as he once again went back to making notations within is IND.

Release Information:

Basic information:

Zanpakuto Name: Intel Binoculars
Weapon of Choice: Binoculars
Appearance: While unorthodox as a weapon, this technical Zanpakuto is powerful when used in the right hands. The binoculars take on the appearance of two chibi style pandas when not in use. Wrapped around their necks are scarfs that carry Senetue's iconic turquoise and black checkered theme. Their ears also have the checkered theme as well. Both can act as independent beings, usually standing by Senetue and providing him with information that they pick up.

When asked, they both can merge into a pair of binoculars, the sides adorn with black and turquoise. Most of the body of the binoculars are black and white in color with golden trim.
Element: Air
Spiritual Pressure Color: Turquoise
Other Information: Where they aren't particularly useful when in the heat of combat. Both pandas are capable of moving in tandem, never giving off any sense of spiritual pressure. They can silently move and gather information ahead of time for Senetue. The binoculars are particularly interesting for when viewed through, it can display basic information on an object or person viewed by the lenses.

Resurrección Name: Dissection Scalpel
Descriptions: Senetue's resurrección in inherently strange when compared to the regular Zanpakuto form. When released, the pair of binoculars quickly expands into a rather long spear like scalpel. Typically troublesome to use due to Senetue's size, the scalpel takes on a rather ornate appearance. The entire length of the handle is that of a reflective silver with gold inlays which weave among the length of the handle all the way to the razor sharp blade.
Release Command: "Dissect my prey, Dissection Scalpel!"
Released Appearance: Not much seems to change in the appearance department, though he does give off a strange sense of mystery as to if this is truly his true form.
Other Changes: N/A

(To be obtained)
Resurrección Segunda:
Resurrección Name: Ἄτλας
Descriptions: Usually used as a final means to a fight, Ἄτλας, is a truly fearsome resurrección that can cause many to feel the idea of being weak and helpless. When this resurrección is invoked, his spear like scalpel pierces himself directly in the chest. Within moments, his body is flooded with adrenaline and his true power is returned to his form. He changes drastically in appearance, mimicking a more human like form, and his speed, strength and endurance are x1.5. Yet, this all comes at a cost for he is completely incapable of using abilities within this resurrección state and cannot do so until he changes make to his chibi form.
Release Command: "I shall carry the burdens of my race, Ἄτλας."
Released Appearance: Appearance
Other Changes: N/A

Techniques: (maximum techniques 12, re-use the form provided please)

Name: Pressure Displace
State: Regular
Terms of usage: Used by will of force
Description: Senetue's naturally sneaky in nature, his ability revolve around remaining unnoticed while studying the opposition as closely as possible. As such, he is capable of seemingly blocking all sense of Spiritual Pressure which would naturally radiate from his form. This technique allows him to move among landscapes and hide in the shadows while keeping a close eye upon his prey or target.
Downside: While the technique is being used, due to the absolute suppression of his spiritual energy, he is in capable of using other abilities while this is active. It has a natural turn on|turn off capability but it takes one post for him to regain the ability to suppress his spiritual energy once more.

Name: Environment Meld
State: Regular
Terms of usage: Contact with a solid surface
Description: When Senetue makes contact with a solid surface, he is able to submerge himself within the surface and re-emerge in a different location. Though, the surface from which he re-emerges must be physically touching the surface from which he moves through.
Downside: Takes two posts for the ability to recharge. Can only be used upon an environment.

Name: Wind Incision
State: Both
Terms of usage: Activated
Description: When used, the ability must have a catalyst from which to bind and release itself from. Anything, so long as it is touching his form, can be used as a catalyst for which to apply his spiritual energy. Naturally he has an affinity for wind and when his spiritual energy reaches a certain point, it can bind the wind to the catalyst and fling the wind like a sharp blade at an enemy. When in regular form, the wind can only break the skin but can be fired rapidly. When in released form, the power is increased to the point of tactical incisions but can only be fired once.
Downside: When in regular form, the power of the ability is greatly decreased by the rapid application can cause a multitude of stinging agony for his opponent. Can be used up to five times in one post with a two post cool down. When in released form it can only be used once every three posts and has a wind-up of one post before it can be used.

Kingdom information:
(Every God-king gets a kingdom)

Kingdom Name:
Size: Medium
Climate: Constant Rainfall
Geography: Flat
Limnology : A lake centered within the center of the kingdom
Vegetation : None
Population: 500
Description: Isolation is well known for the constant rainfall, the area plagued by heavy downpours nearly constantly. The kingdom takes on an almost futuristic utopia like appearance, the entire city capable of many modern abilities. Flashing signs, just screens displaying messages, transportation, the amount of possibility in this city is endless. Within the center of the kingdom, surrounded by many buildings is a large towards which juts from the middle of a lack. From within the tower Senetue is constantly working on new ways to improve his kingdom and has full control of most security features which litter the city.

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Re: Senetue Hirona

Post by Ishpaleum on Tue Oct 14, 2014 4:48 am

Approved (1/2)

Although, you should note that in your Zanpakto appearance, you put pandas

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Re: Senetue Hirona

Post by alice of the Rose on Tue Oct 14, 2014 7:40 am

2/2 Approved Stats: Level twenty plus twenty extra points for Espada Class

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Re: Senetue Hirona

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