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Mage Academy 2.0


MA Admin

Mage Academy 2.0

Post by MA Admin on Sun Jun 22, 2014 6:02 am

This world knows nothing. They know nothing of True History. Most of what they know is true, yest. But they know nothing of the 'other side'. The darker side. The truth behind the Witch Hunts.

They are real. They always have been...

Magicians, Magi, the Magically Inclined, Mythical Beings. All of it is real. The movies and books and stories, all of them are inspired by them.

They've been in hiding. Ever since their hero, the first ever Mage to exist, sacrificed herself to save their entire race. Her sacrifice was in vane, but it got the message through some of the most powerful beings of that time. One being the headmaster of one of the top 3 Magical Schools in the entire world.

That school, named Mage Academy was founded by the great Merlin. The third most popular school for the Magically Inclined and Mythical Creatures.

And now, a new chapter is beginning in this world. A new group is rising up to fight off the Magical World. And the only thing standing in the way, is this generation of Magi, Vampires, Elves, and all manner of Mythical Beings.

Will you help us? The newest Headmaster of Mage Academy can't do it all by herself. She needs a powerful mind for her strategies, a kind leader for her soldiers, and most importantly, someone who will stand by her side through all of the storm that's to come.

"Will You stand alone before the fury of their army?" - Scorpion King

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