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Magi:The World of Magic

Marco Ba

Magi:The World of Magic

Post by Marco Ba on Tue Mar 04, 2014 7:51 am

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The World is currently on the brink of war. Long ago the Magi lived alongside men and women alike, acting as the only peace-keepers. But it has been millenia since the last Magi was present, the latter having deserted the human race due to their incompetence.

The countries now stand on each other's soils, waiting for the right moment to make their move; however soon a series of events will unfold, the likes which have never been seen before.

The Dungeons shall arise, and so too will the Magi make their return, but this time with different purposes...

Come and join in on the Grand Opening of Magi: The World of Magic Roleplay! We're one of the first Magi Roleplay sites to be seen to date, and we plan on being the best as well! Currently our site includes the following features and more:

  • Six different Countries to choose from, all with their unique governmental systems and motives!
  • 3 Races, including Humans, Fanalis, and even the Imuchakk!
  • Dungeons, Djinn Equips, and even Households. We'll be opening up the first Dungeon at the start of the site, so don't miss your chance to join in on the fun!
  • Ever wondered what actually happened to Drakon to make him look like a giant lizard? Well on our site we're introducing Djinn-Beasts, curses and/or blessings which morph your character into strange monstrosities, capable of nearly impossible feats without the usage of magic.
  • Set in a different universe than the canon Magi, our site introduces a brand new plot as well as amazing characters!

So what're you waiting for? Join Magi World today!

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