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Post by CCCorp on Tue Jul 09, 2013 7:55 am

Welcome to our Grand Re-opening!

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It has been almost 5 years since the events of GU, Haseo and his friends have now quit the game and CC Corp has paid exorbitant amounts of money to keep most of it under wraps. Even so they lost a lot of their previous player base. To kick start sales among new player CC Corp has made exciting new changes to [The World] R:2. The addition of custom weapons and spells, as well as upgrading the arena and holding more in game events are just the beginning. Everything seems calm, but something big is about to happen, a lot of people don't even notice it, but a few of [The Worlds] remaining veterans can feel it in their guts.

As a part of a grand re-opening. we are going to need some new members. So for a limited time we will be offering Post count bonuses to new members.

Start with a power boost, as veteran players to [The World]!
The first 5 New / Returning players will receive 500 bonus post count
the next 5 returning players with receive 200 bonus post count
also, from the next 15 members to sign up and create a profile, 5 will be chosen to receive custom tittles in the forums.
and Finally. Until I receive more staff, All profiles will be graded by only a Single Profile Moderator!

Join now and enter [The World]

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