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Bleach: Blazing Eternity Canon/Custom Roleplay


Bleach: Blazing Eternity Canon/Custom Roleplay

Post by Kanda on Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:25 am

Is your heart beating in this same rhythm...?
This is the heartbeat.. of a being at war with death.
Will you survive, or will you pass on?

Bleach: Blazing Eternity Roleplay Forum

Come join us at Bleach Blazing Eternity for custom roleplay like you've never seen before in Bleach! Set 250 years in the future, many races have appeared while others have returned to wreak havoc!

The Elin. Daughter of the Goddess Etro, they protect all that is Nature, and will fight to eliminate anything willing to harm nature itself. The first females to every be born, and all are known for their wisdom and age, while seemingly being small children from ages 8 to ten. But their fury within a battle is a nightmare you would never wish to see.

The Gaia. Children of the Goddess Etro gifted with the ability to swiftly change into an animal state to fight battles with extreme amounts of strength, and battle prowess combined with animal instinct. Currently, three tribes exist for this race. The Birds. The Beasts. The dragons.

The Angelique. Angels of Mercy. Guardians of Time. They serve the Lord of Heaven and defend his realm as he watches the earth and its inhabitants below. These Angel's are the norm of Angel kind, to the class of Archangel and Valkyrie's ready to destroy all evil in the Lord's path. They protect him, The Soul King, The Soul Queen, The Prince of Souls, and The Princess of Souls.

The Denava. The Hindu name for Demons, these are truly terrifying monsters and devils set on the annihilation of The Soul King's many races, along with he children of Etro. They possess Demonic Energy, or Unholy Energy that is used to fight the angels of heaven, the Shinigami, the quincy, the Humans, and all in between. Some return to the side of good, and attempt to redeem their sins as demons and devils, but others cotinue down the path of destruction.

The Exorcists. Those of the One-Hundred-and-Eight Chosen Apostles of Innocence. These Holy Knights combat the forces of darkness the led the Clan of Noah Astray and have for the past four hundred years. But now that Shinigami, Denava, Angeliquie, Elin and many other races have made themselves known. They are no longer alone in their fight, but the Black Order was all but destroyed. The Apostles of Innocence, Exorcists now travel the world, fighting back in any way they can. But beware, if Nonsense is destroyed, it will never return. Less that eighty parts remain and only the Heart can restore them,

Are you ready, for the eternal war? Take up your swords, guns, axes, bows, magic and fight!

But Beware.... should the Emblem be unsealed, the Goddess of Chaos will end time, space, and existence.

This if the Furnace of War!

BLEACH: Blazing Eternity!


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Post by Kanda on Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:53 am

Here is our Affiliation... icon. For the life of me I forget the name people use.


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