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Welcome to the Party (Open)


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Welcome to the Party (Open)

Post by Senetue on Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:09 am

The night life is considered, my many who partake in it, one of the most exciting and most exhilarating things to grace man kind since the invention of sliced bread. Drinks, drugs, loud music and lots of dancing placed many of people into a euphoric state and the night seemed to drag on for hours to many. Those horrible monsters once fabled to roam through the darkness looking for their next meal replaced by bright lights which shone in a dark room. It was no particularly exclusive club even though it was one of the higher end clubs to grace the small town. The moon hung in the sky, full too the brim with light which is shone down to the streets below which were equally lit thanks to the various street lamps which ran down every street. Loud music seemed to shake the very sidewalk to the core in front of the club. One would stop to think that the cracks which had began to form were brought about by the very vibrations which shook the very building in front of them. Heavy doors would swing open, assuming you got past the bouncer, to reveal bright randomly colored lights flashing with loud music coursing through the air. The place was alive as a multitude of people danced on the floor whether it be together with other patrons or by their lonesome.

A particularly gruff face found itself looking out onto the dance floor, eye-patch adorn over his right eye which featured a small anime style rabbit's face. His soft green eyes looked out as he released a very soft huff of air from his nose. His hair was a neon blue, a large difference compared to their normal color. He also wore rather normal clothes which took the form of a black shirt with a jolly roger on the front, the left sleeve tied into a knot due to a certain lack of a limb, and a normal pair of blue jeans. "So lively these people..." He mumbled, a few people he sat next to at the bar glanced at him as he swirled his drink in the glass and sipped on it slowly. "You'd think that today was the last day with how hard they are partying." He said, glancing at he people next to him, who had been watching him closely, which he flashed them a small smile. "Having fun?" He merely asked, his gaze looking away to the empty chairs in the opposite direction. "Too bad no one else is here. I could use a drinking buddy or two." He said, holding his glass up in the air. "To hell with it anyway." He said, chugging the 3/4th of the glass that remained before he slammed the glass down on the bar. "Another round please!"

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