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Bleach: Forbidden Twilight


Bleach: Forbidden Twilight

Post by BFTadmin on Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:33 am

Bleach: Forbidden Twilight


Story of Today

The Realms

There were many a days when the spiritual realms and their communities clashed, especially when in the realm of the living. Such antics the Shinigami have picked up that they mostly do battle inside the humans world, instead of venturing into Hueco Mundo and taking out the fire from it's source. However this was already an eternal flame, a never-ending battle that would never extinguish, not until the very day everything ceased to exist itself.

It was because of the fact Shinigami never traveled into Hueco mundo, that the Hollow could thrive on each other endlessly. With relentless onslaughts that would carry on for days and nights, until the entire white sands were drenched in the scarlet blood of Hollow. they grew stronger from their own act to gormandize. Only a select few would survived these feasts of epic proportions, already attaining great strength and power beyond a mere Menos' comprehension.

The only reason Shinigami wouldn't venture into the moonlit skies of Hueco Mundo....was likely the kin of Vasto Lorde lurking about. These were the strongest of Hollow that survived total annihilation, their sheer thirst and hunger putting them on top of the food chain. Nothing was off the menu for them, even in the human realm.

Humans of this day are more knowledgeable than before, their spiritual prowess evolving and adapting to meet their needs. As always, they were a part of the food chain in their world, and for the Hollow, and that meant they had to grow stronger, otherwise they would perish. It was normal for humans to feel under the brink of extinction, but that only ever made them stronger in the end. Even the Quincy still exist, enduring their initial extermination, and still continuing to thrive to this very day.

The Seireitei & Rukongai

To this day, the Seireitei looks just as it did, filled with many people who are looking for work, or more importantly finances. Life wasn't easy when you were a beggar in rags, but that's how many started out here. It wasn't easy, but it built character, strong character. Building something from the bottom up was always best, and so starting life as a beggar often turned out handy in the long run. Although there were always risks, even ones such as death lurked the shady corners and nights. Truthfully no place was actually safe in this place, unless you were in the Gotei 13. Even then, Shinigami are only so strong, so determined. They won't all last forever.

As for the Rukongai specifically, there are still the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western divisions, still holding districts 1-80 in each one. As normal, the higher the district number, the more poor and decayed the place seemed. the scenery worsened, and the gloomy expressions grew in numbers. Criminals made home in districts 50 and up, increasing in numbers as you entered the worse-off districts. Only those who were confident in their strength dared enter these territories, or those too foolish to understand the risk. Many lost their lives here, some innocent, others engulfed in guilt. Their wasn't much ceremony over any of them however, unless someone had the money to pay for it out of pocket, which they didn't.

Winter War

The Winter Wars have ended, and with them came a hefty price paid in full. Although their valiant efforts were not wasted, some question if they could have done better. With a majority of the Arrancar from Aizen's army dispatched or injured gravely, the Shinigami tended to their wounded. A total of 4 lives were lost, all of which were of Fuku-Taichou class or higher.

Among the deceased Taichou, Komamura Saijin, Taichou of the Nanabantai [7th Division] was the first to be pronounced dead. Yamamoto, knowing him on a slightly personal level, was there to return his body to the Nanabantai, along with his condolences. He even shared some things he knew about Komamura, his intense fortitude for righteousness, and his overwhelming integrity. He added that even though there were some who looked down upon him for differing reasons, Komamura was just as much as a man on the battlefield as any other Taichou, and that his act of valor should not go unappreciated. He died not for himself, but for everyone in the Nanabantai, along with all of the Gotei 13. Yamamoto then appointed Tetsuzaemon Iba as temporary Taichou of the Nanabantai, asking him to do Komamura justly while working in his absence.

The second to be pronounced dead was Fuku-Taichou Marechiyo Ōmaeda. Only his skeleton and Zanpakuto remains were left unscathed. Soi Fon took the liberty of making arrangements for a proper burial, attending it herself. As normal she did not reveal her emotions, however some say she was scarred. Even she was wounded by their foe, and without the help of the Vizard Hachigen Ushoda, she knew her life might have been taken along with her Fuku-Taichou. She reminded her Nibantai that death was waiting for all of them around every corner, and that they should live their lives as if they were blessed. Live wasn't worth living if you weren't happy.

Third, but not last, Rōjūrō Otoribashi was fatally injured, dying slowly but surely with a large puncture wound in his stomach. Bleeding out in front of his soon-to-be Fuku-Taichou Izuru Kira, he told him to take care of the Sanbantai, and made it clear that his last wish was for Izuru to become the Taichou one day. He explained what he saw in Izuru, and expressed his gratitude to the Fuku-Taichou for simply being the Fuku-Taichou he was when he was betrayed by Gin.

However Aizen was not stopped yet, and he noticed this wish of Rōjūrō's, and sought to destroy it. Making his way, Aizen cut Izuru Kira in half, affirming the fourth death of this war.

Struggling and writhing in pain, Rōjūrō Otoribashi struggled to get up, stomach acid and blood gushing from his abdomen. He stood, looking at Aizen with such a burning passion to kill him that he tried to force himself into his Bankai. However when he tried doing this, he exhausted himself there and collapsed in place, looking over at the Fuku-Taichou's body as it sprawled out in two pieces, organs falling out from within. With their Zanpakuto at their sides, both left this life at the same moment, Izuru Kira still having a smile upon his cold dead face.

With those the only permanent casualties, the winter war ended with Ichigo losing his spiritual powers. Returning to his bland human life, he wished there was something more to it than this. Rukia said her goodbye to him, even though Ichigo's friends could still see her. Ichigo felt alone as a mere human, knowing all too well his sacrifice was worth it. But he was still human, and he had a part of him that was selfish. He liked his spiritual powers, they brought him many things. They helped him save Rukia, Orihime, and now Karakura Town along with many Shinigami. But why was he the one that needed to lose his powers for everyone else to return to their normal lives?

With Aizen locked away and given a sentence which mocked anything before known as a long prison sentence, a new chapter in life began for Ichigo, along with every life form of the many realms, spiritual or otherwise.

The Gotei 13

The Shinigami of the Gotei 13 are still governed by Central 46, mainly due to Yamamoto's rule as the Soutaichou. He however held more control over the Gotei 13 in some eyes than the Central 46, which some noted were a bunch of nobles filled with cowardice.

Even though many things have changed over the years, decades even, the Gotei 13 stands stronger. Allowing back some of the Vizard for their courage in the winter war, things have returned to what would be known as normal before Aizen ever showed up. However they knew there was always going to be another threat to their livelihood, which was the reason they stood tall and proud in the first place. This was their home, their life. Defending it was an obligation, a must.

The Kidoshu

Secretive as always, the Kidoshu still maintains it's operations underground, only making public appearances when assistance is required. Their purpose has not been fully revealed, and neither do they want it to be. There time and place was neither here nor there, and so they waited in the shadows, for someone to call upon them.

The Central 46

Pompous and bloated minds filled with their own narcissistic beliefs filled the seats of the Central 46, their own self-importance interfering with the Gotei 13 as always. However this is part of why they were made, to ensure the Gotei 13 has law and order. Justice needs to be served, cruelty must be shown, and so these people are perfect to bare that burden, even though they only care for themselves.

The Hollow

The Hollow have been around for numerous millenia. Just as long as Shinigami have been around there counterparts, the Hollow, have been around just as much. Over time they have become stronger, evolved, and learned new ways to overcome the Shinigami.

Devouring souls, they have nothing more to do with their lives than to consume souls and roam around Hueco Mundo. Their ultimate goal is to become stronger, reach the pinnacle of Hollow strength...the Vasto Lorde...

The Vasto Lorde

The highest point of power that a Hollow can attain, aside from becoming an Arrancar. Although...some Arrancar pale in comparison to the power of a Vasto Lorde. Ulquiorra, Harribel, Barragan, and Starrk. All of them were Vasto Lorde's and all of them had destructive powers. Ulquiorra alone would've been more than a match for most of the captain's of the Gotei 13. If it hadn't been for Ichigo Kurosaki...

Becoming a Vasto Lorde isn't something easily done, either. It requires an extremely large amount of humans and hollows to be eaten. Not only that, but surviving without devolving into a Menos Grande. It was they who decided that Hueco Mundo was too chaotic. The Arrancar had their own hierarchy and rules inside of Hueco Mundo...the Hollow Decree.

The Hollow Decree

The strict set of rules that the Vasto Lorde had announced to the rest of the Hollows in Hueco Mundo. It is a law that basically announces the Vasto as the supreme and total rulers of the white sand. No attacks, no wars, nothing was to happen without first consulting them. Failure to comply would result in immediate and excruciating death.

There no concessions...and they used the power that they had to strike fear into all of the Hollow.

The Humans

And then there are the ever so "helpless" humans. What part do they play in the grand scheme of things? Many see them as just small little pawns throughout everything, but is that truly it? After all, Orihime played possibly the largest part of the Winter Wars. So maybe they are a rising power that should actually be respected, or possibly feared? As far as anyone else knew, they had already established an organization for their people... Out of all of the races, they are the most mysterious.

The Fullbringer

The newly found hybrid of people, it had originally seemed like their purpose was over and done with. But was that really true? Throughout the numerous casualties, where would the Fullbringers end up? In Soul Society as superpowered souls, of course. They retained their Fullbrings as well as their powers. Being stabalized and taken through the Dangai through the use of Tsukishima's Book of End.

Gather back all the members of Xcution, including an overjoyed Shishigawara, they plotted. But what was it that they could possibly be doing? Attempting to exact revenge on the Soul Society? Or maybe they wanted something else, perhaps to rule? What was running through their minds was something only someone on the inside would know.

The Quincy

Oh yes, the Quincy do have a say in all of this. They weren't going to simply lie down like dogs after the Shinigami visciously decimated their people. No, they had too much pride for that. Under the leadership of Juha Bach the secret organization Vandenreich was formed. Training hundreds of Quincy was something they had no limitation for, time wise. 200 years of preparation was indeed more than enough time.

Assembling numerous Soldat on top of the Jagdarmee, and the elite Stern Ritter. Their goals are simple. They will conquer the world, and all worlds. The Human World, Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo will all be crushed under the might of the Quincy. Indeed they are a fearsome foe indeed, and if there was any doubts as to who had the edge in the upcoming war, they should be dispelled. It was clearly in favor of the Quincy, in their path of destructive vengeance.

The war drum is beating, hard, and forces are being assembled. The numbers are scattered, and allegiances are being questioned. Who will come out on top? Or will everyone be killed in a total and complete draw?

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