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Ootori District : North West of Gotei 13 {Plot Topic}

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Ootori District : North West of Gotei 13 {Plot Topic}

Post by Soro on Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:30 pm

Everyone was busy with repairing houses, roads, stocking food and chopping wood. The winter was cold, and everything was white, but with this eyes, crimson sight. Blood of one and many in my hands, I see nothing but red and white.

For days I swam across the freezing sea, tearing my flesh then leaving me be, shore was heaven, but nothing alike, this land i have gone to was not what's in mind.

They eyed me... Men... Women... Children.. of the dead. They shiver in fright, protecting each other with trembling arms. I had snapped, breaking them to pieces, leaving no trace behind.

All i see is red, the sound of their cries, the sweetest of all tunes. Was this my purpose? Ah yes, now i remember. Someone released me, and sent me hear to play.

This was the play ground, the place under heaven, the place of those creatures, who protected those vermins.

"Suus 'a pulchra vita ad finem."

Ryuu was running late for a captains meeting when he came across a small commotion in town. "He killed them!! I Saw" One yelled, "Yeah, Do something! WE ALL SAW HIM DO IT!" they crowd continues to argue with the officers.

Soro, joined the small crowd and continued to listen to them.

"Where is this man you speak of? We will send people to arrest him!" The crowd complained. "We don't want him arrested, we want him dead!" they all yelled in unison. It seems there's a murderer at large. But if it was a simple murderer, why would the people want the officers to take care of him, while they can kill him themselves if they wanted. Maybe the real issue here is that they couldn't. But why?

"We abandoned our homes because of that man! He killed many of our friends, our family could be next! He's hiding away somewhere around north of here."

"Please! He killed my wife!"

The crowd continued.

The officers took a step back.

"Oi!? What's the problem here!" Ryuu interrupted, the crowd turned to him immediately recognizing him, ofcourse any shinigami would stand out from the crowd, with the flashy Haori saying your a captain and all.

"This is non of your concern shinigami!" One officer yelled defensive. "We will handle our own matters, dont even think about it." The other guard said.

Ryuu was silent, his stare cold as ice. This was no laughing matter, and he would get himself involved if necessary.

"We will handle this our selves, Maki, send the the a team to take care of this, you may leave shinigami."

Ryuu sighed. It was their matter to take care of, besides, he had a meeting to attend to, but, something was not right about it. He knelt over the little girl who was crying non-stop. He patts her head, but she wouldnt stop. "He killed her parents." One woman told her. "She's an orphan now, that man, needs to be killed, or else, he will kill us all."

Ryuu eyes the little girl, then there he made a wish, a wish that they take care of this, so that things like this can never happen again.

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