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Till Death Do Us Part By Chasing Noerah


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Till Death Do Us Part By Chasing Noerah

Post by Rioshi on Mon Jul 30, 2012 4:01 pm

The Enraged

lemons those shinigami! They have the fucking nerve to cut off my legs! Insignificant worms… They think they can beat me; they think they can kill me! But I'll tell you right now, they're gonna be begging me for mercy! Damned shinigami think they can kill me. In just a few minutes, they'll be the ones bleeding on the ground. They'll be the ones without their fucking arms and legs.

They'll be the ones who'll regret ever messing with me…

The Lonely

So alone…

Alone in life and alone in death with my only company being my other self; a doppelganger born from my desire to have someone to speak with, someone to keep me company. But all in all, it wasn't enough…

I wanted… friends…

Other powerful beings like myself whom I could rely on. Powerful beings that wouldn't die at my very presence. I just wanted company, just someone to relieve me of my loneliness…

That's why I joined Aizen-sama…

I didn't join for power or because of some dream of grandeur. I joined because I was… alone…

And now I'm alone again…

I lived alone and I died alone. I suppose I'm just destined for loneliness.


I suppose saying that I was completely alone would be lying.

I still have Lilynette; the one person who's been there for me through thick and thin, through sweat and blood. She may literally be my flesh and blood, but at least she's someone…

She's like a little sister to me.

Even though I fall from the sky, awaiting that inviting eternal slumber, Lilynette is falling through the sky with me, awaiting the inevitable sleep.

Heh… As always, she's stubborn as a mule…



Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily…

Life is but a dream…

The Old

This is impossible! Never have I heard such a… a ridiculous thing!

How could I of all beings be dying?!

It's not the truth! It's not!

I am a god! I am eternal; omniscient, omnipresent… omnipotent!

I will not die! I commanded entire legions of hollows, and that damned Aizen takes it all away from me, promising me greater power.

Oh, what a fool I was!

I gave it all away, and look at me now! My own power used against me, and by some mere halfling no less!

I will not die!!!

I won't!

I won't!!!

I wo-

And then…

I disappear…

The Sacrifice

I would do anything for my fraccion, whom I consider my children.

Those three young girls always fought and bickered; they were just like sisters. Heh…

I was loyal to Aizen-sama. He was almost like a father to me.

And then he betrays me. I do all I can to fend off the shinigami. I suppose you could say I was "daddy's" little soldier. But how wrong I was to consider that bastard to be anything akin to a father.

I fought long and hard and "daddy's" blade pierces through my flesh. I then seek the one thing any child seeks when they believe they have been unjustly punished: retribution. I whip around and hit my mark, only to see the illusion I had been living in finally shatter.

This man is nothing like a father.

And with another stab, the cold metal slicing neatly through my skin, I fall.

My blood spilled as though I were a sacrifice for some sick and twisted god who thrived off of the death of his creations.

It turns out that I was nothing more than a distraction, a diversion for some higher plan, some greater scheme that I know nothing of; we all were.

We, the Espada are nothing more than a means to buy time for that damnable man.

And I have fulfilled my purpose.

Therefore, I was disposed of.

To him, that's all there is to it.

The Nihilist


All my life as an arrancar, as an Espada, I silenced the trash of the world.

Aizen-sama… is a complicated man. There was something about him that I just couldn't decipher. As for me, what is there to know? I am a machine, a bringer of death.

A Grim Reaper.

My purpose was to end life, not to preserve it. So then why was I put in charge of the woman?

After all, I was a machine.

I was a machine, but the woman peeled away my cold, hard metallic shell.

She saw me to be more than a machine. Perhaps, somewhere deep within this thing the woman calls a heart, I had the desire to be more than a machine.

Rusted gears of iron whirring and cranking within me slowly became flesh and blood.

I denied it. I denied that I could be anything more than a machine, whose sole purpose is destruction.

And then the shinigami, Kurosaki Ichigo, unleashed the hollow within and disintegrated my inner workings beyond repair.

It was then that I had an epiphany:

The shinigami was right.

I had become more human; the woman did what I once thought was impossible. She made me something other than a machine.

Now I invisibly burn into ashes.

I once thought that only what I could see, what I could touch was real, was all that existed.

The woman proved me wrong.

And now I realize this just a tad too late.


The Despaired

Fucking hitch!!!

She just had to go out of her way to make a lemons fool outta me! That lemons Neliel!!!

So frustrating!

She always has to think that she's better than me!

I fought her practically every fucking day, and she insults me by defeating me and not even bothering to kill me!

lemons her!!!

I don't give two shits that she's sexy or hot or…

What the hell is wrong with me?!

hitch always left me embarrassed and ashamed that I couldn never manage to kill her!


I lived for the kill, I survived to get stronger. And she has the lemons balls to call me some sort of fucking animal!!!

Why couldn't she understand that I wanted to die?!

If you're not strong, then you have no reason to live. If you're too strong, you have no more reason to live than if you were just weak.

It's some crazy shit, but it's the way the world works.


I fought and fought. I got stronger and stronger.

But in the end, I was just one of the weak ones.

But at least I died with honor.

Dying in a pool in your own blood.

That, to me, is the most honorable way to go.

The Destructive

lemons that Kurosaki…

He was a challenger in my kingdom. I was king.

Then he goes and kicks my lemons (fear the great kon)! I dunno how the hell he was able to do it. All I know is that he had some sort of hollow mask and… it just… happened…

I fought to win.

He fought to protect.

I don't really see the difference, nor do I care. Regardless of the reason, you're still just fighting.


Stupid-(fear the great kon) shinigami! Had to go and make me look pathetic in front of that lemons Quinto!

Well, more pathetic than I already looked…

I really don't want anyone's pity. That stupid Kurosaki just had to pity me, didn't he?

Why couldn't he just let me die in peace?!

I fought.

I lost.

Now, I have to deal with it.


Easier said than done.

The Intoxicated

I must say, if there is one thing I hate more than anything, it's arrogance. It's a very unbecoming trait in anyone who has it.

Aizen-sama is anything but arrogant. He is a kind and benevolent ruler. He took us in and kept us safe. I may be dead. That arrogant shinigami may have killed me, but I await the day that Aizen-sama brings me back from the dead!

The arrogant shall be punished.

The humble shall rise to power

All hail Aizen-sama, the future ruler of the worlds!!!

The Mad

Perfection was my goal; research was my path.

I was a phoenix, an immortal.

I stayed up hour upon hour upon hour. The sun never sets in Las Noches, so I always had time for research. It was wonderful. I was steadily inching closer to my goal.

I had countless test subjects, and even more who were just begging me to experiment on them!

Then my newest subjects came along; a shingami, and even more exciting, a quincy!

There was just so much I could do with them.

But, of course, as always happens to me with the cream of the crop, they aggravate me to the point where I decide to just kill them off as slow as they are annoying.

Mistake on my part to drag out the show.

Well, it is how we learn.

But then another shinigami comes along and just won't die!

I must say it was truly frightening.

Then the damned man injures me to the point where I must resurrect myself using Gabriel. It seemed he had another trick up his sleeve, the aborrable freak!

I was paralyzed by this… strange concoction!

Then everything happens so… slowly…

Then I felt his blade puncture the most sensitive of nerves that resides in the palm of my hand. How dreadfully painful it was!

Then I waited for the metal of the zanpakuto's blade to pierce my breast, puncture my heart, and end it all!

I am still waiting.

And I have just one last request. A request I have wanted to make ever since I first saw the blade slicing continuously, oh so slowly through my hand…


The Greedy

Aizen-sama! Please save us!

You promised an end to our misery, our pain and sorrow! Now we're dead!

The shinigami girl killed us!

Please, Aizen-sama! We beg of you! You looked so sincere; we believed in you!

We devoured over thirty thousand hollows and it still wasn't enough. We just wanted power, we just wanted the suffering to stop!

And now we still suffer. But how did it happen?!

How could we, who had devoured tens of thousands of hollows, be so easily dispatched?

How did it happen?!

You had the answer to everything, Aizen-sama!

Please, answer us!

We need your guidance!

Aizen-sama, please help us!



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