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Soren's shinigami form

Soren Kiyomeru
Soren Kiyomeru
Wandering soul

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Soren's shinigami form Empty Soren's shinigami form

Post by Soren Kiyomeru on Fri Jun 22, 2012 6:20 pm

I AM Shinigami warrior of god

Basic Information:
Human Name: Soren Kiyomeru
Shinigami Name: Soren Kiyomeru
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Division: none
Rank: Not ranked.
Residence: Human world
Appearance: In his shinigami form he wear and color altered uniform switching the white and the black though it is not loose either and over his uniform he wears a long white coat with black tendrils coming from the edges. though this isn't his only change when in his shinigami form his left eyes turns a cloudy white color with a white ring in the pupil of his eye.
Personality: Sora is the type of person know from his school to be one of those silent types at first he usually doesn't go out of his way to meet new people nor does he tend to avoid them. He just seems to let them get settled before actually meeting them so most people tend to think he's timid but in a way he likes to let fate run his life. On other aspects of Soren's personality to the people he knows and can trust he seems to be very calm, courageous, and above all caring if someone needs something done or needs help Sora feels obliged to help them out. One problem with Sora however is that he trusts people way too quickly leading him to be betrayed sometimes. Sora let's mercy sometimes affect his judgement in a fight or a conflict unless it's interfering with something he has to protect he'll usually resign or not say anything about it.
In battle Sora has a slightly different demeanor he will fight with all of his powers to the fullest extent of his power always trying to keep calm in any situation that he comes to. Sora's mood can also affect how he battles when he's calm he adapts to the battle and the opponent however when someone manages to piss him off Sora tends just assult the opponent regardless if it's working or not. When frightened he tends to very defensive and tends to keep his distance observing the opponent. Sora has priorites in battle as well his top priority is to avoid killing the opponent unless he is the situation where he has to unfortenately kill them. His second priority is to fight to protect people not for fun or to hurt he believe as long as you have something valuable to protect is okay to defend that object anything else then that he would assume you being a savage.

Your Zanpakuto: {To be able to use technique, Shikai and Bankai, knowledge and know how must be acquired in-game)

Zanpakuto Name: Tenryū tōboe
Sealed Appearance: His sealed zanpaktou takes the form of his former fullbring, a pure white katana it's length reaching about 36 inches for the blade of the katana as for the hilt it's about 12 inches in total. At the bottom of the blade it has the japanese symbol for peace going down to the knuckle guard it's shaped a cross but with the end's being pointed instead of flat the hilt is cover with a white silk and on the bottom two small little ropes with a white bead hanging near the bottom of them.

Vizard Information: (Before being able to produce mask and use vizard abilities, proper training must be done despite membership date within group. The more training you do, the better your control is. Mask Duration will be added when Vizard is ready for RP.}

Vizard Mask: Soren's hollow mask comes out it seems have a skeletal like face with long razor sharp teeth his canine teeth on the mask being longer then the other by a inch or so. His mask seems to have two overlapping parts the top part having two horns that come down to the center point masking a curved V shaped in the center it's a off shaped black colored diamond in the center being appropriately sized. black Markings being on the underside of the horns and the eyes on the bottom of the mask. There is another set of horns underneath the other ones that follow the curve as well they are a bit longer then the top pair along the bottom side of those a tiny little pair comes out and a his chin extends out a bit his mask having marking underneath the horns and the eyes and the colored crest at the top.

Hollowfication: Soren usually keeps his hollow side however it can show up without his calling in very rare occasions being due to Sorens darker emotions such as hate, anger, fear, depsression and just giving up. That is when Soren is at his weakest and the hollow being vicious takes over.
Hollow Manifestation: When Soren's hollow takes over he releases his bankai his scales turn from white to pure black his skin turns pure white and on his chest he gains taboo like markings the hollw mask covering much of his head the markings increasing in size on his mask his eyes nonvisible in this form his uniform being in tatters, three spikes coming around his collar bones his tail and wings span increasing in size on the tip of his tail that is a little notch and tip to make it a little more deadly. his reiatsu also changes into being black with white outline when this happens.

Zanpakuto Spirit Description: Tenryū tōboe is a Lung dragon from Chinese lore though he looks to be apart of the constellations until he shows his true physical form which is a white lung dragon with a black man ending on his tail. he also has blue shining eyes and his scales gleam whenever light hits them.

As for personality wise Tenryū tōboe is a calm spirit who seems to work together with Soren finding different possible outcomes and seems to commmunciate with Soren a lot though at times he can be rather annoying and gives Soren vague hints just because he loves a little mystery and watching Soren grow and he also has a strong desire to protect Soren.

Shikai Release Phrase:Shine, Tenryū tōboe
Released Appearance: Soren's zanpaktou vanishes and takes the form of pure white reiastu beam
Other Changes:
Name: Horisutoraiku
Description: When Sora uses this ability he stores reiastu in his blade condensing it and unleashes a white with a blue outlining blast from his blade. He can make this attack somewhat hard to read because the way he unleashes it like he can make it curve or act like it has a mind of it's own. But he cannot control the blast and after he uses this attack he must wait two posts and it cannot be in a rapid successsion because it will tire him out.

Name: Hōrīshīrudo
Description: This is a defensive power for Sora is a white transparent shield shaped oddly like a kite and it can take a cero for damage for hollows and up to a level 60 kidou. however anything that can exceed this parameters will cause the shield to break and the shield cannot take overwhelming amounts of damage either. When it breaks way it is gone and cannot be reused for 3 posts.

Name: Tengoku purizumutsume

When he uses this ability Soren stabs his zanpaktou in the ground creating a white glyph on the ground when the opponent steps on the gylph white reiastu unleashes beneath catching them between intersecting reiastu spikes.

Bankai [Hasn't achieved.]
Release Phrase: All has fallen to shadows unleash your divine judgement bankai, Tenryū Kaminoikari.
Released Appearance: When Soren releases his bankai he is enveloped in a light inside the light he goes through a evolving process (similar like a caterpillar and a cocoon) His hair grows a bit longer then shoulder length and is a bit wild his canine teeth grow a bit longer. (though it's not much a noticeable change still a change and I'm noting it.) White scales (which act like armor) cover most of his body except for his front chest and stomach area and the inside of his arms his finger grow clawlike nails. He grows dragon like wings and a rather long tail his feet change form to appear like a dragons (so basically talonlike feet.) His over appearance taking on a fusion between him and his zanpaktou spirit making him look more beastly.
Other Changes: While he's in bankai his personality seems to change quite a bit actually he seems to have a much more gruff voice with other one with him. (speculated his be his zanpaktou spirit's) and he's much more aggressive when fighting people however though he has a more aggressive attitude he doesn't forget about his will to protect and won't kill a opponent. Also his top half of his hakama is destroyed when he using his bankai and the edge of his pants are ragged.

Name: Tenryūjin no Kamisori Tsume
Description: Soren can create a continuous wave of reiatsu from his claws and can also send it flying toward his opponent. The downside of this ability the larger the attack the more unstable it is and cannot go long ranges.

Name: Tenryūjin no Seinaruken
Description: When Soren uses this ability he basically creates a replica of his zanpaktou (He can create up to 2 at one time.) he can use them to fight however on the command of "Shatter." He make the blade unstable and explode in his hands. Downsides are it explodes at close range although Soren covers his body so it damages his armor if he uses 2 blade he can't protect himself either.

Name: Tenryūjin no ryūsei botsuraku
Description: Soren creates a large ball of reiatsu and on the command of "Rain." He can make 7-10 elliptical balls that can rain down on his opponent from different angles. Downsides if a character is agile enough this attack can be easily avoided this takes a lot of reiatsu from Soren and takes awhile to charge.

Name: Ten no ryū no shinseina saigo no sutoraiku
Description: Soren uses this ability as a final resort technique when activated Soren gathers all of his reiatsu at the tip of his blade and gains a aura similar to his zanpaktou and launches at his opponent with reckless force extremely damaging himself and his opponent. Downsides it hurts him greatly can kick him out of his bankai he can't move for awhile afterwards all of his rieatsu besides what needed to live is pretty much exhausted.

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Soren Kiyomeru
Soren Kiyomeru
Wandering soul

Posts : 490
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Soren's shinigami form Empty Re: Soren's shinigami form

Post by Soren Kiyomeru on Thu Aug 16, 2012 10:11 am

Bump xD

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Soren's shinigami form Empty Re: Soren's shinigami form

Post by Funnyguy339 on Fri Aug 17, 2012 12:56 pm

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Soren's shinigami form Empty Re: Soren's shinigami form

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