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Tomoe Hitsune

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Tomoe Hitsune Empty Tomoe Hitsune

Post by Nerovampyro on Mon May 21, 2012 3:01 pm

I AM Human pawn on a chess board

Basic Information:

Tomoe Hitsune
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Residence: Karakura Town, Japan
Appearance: Tomoe Hitsune Megurine_Luka_Corruption_Garden_Remix

Tomoe Hitsune 91208
Personality: A happy-go-lucky girl, Tomoe is a girl that is just brimming with excitement at every bend. she is someone that always sees a silver lining on every cloud. Her grades are within the top five of the college that she is attending, which may be the reason the joy she has. However deep inside pink haired girl, there is a much darker feeling.Since the death of her brother and the laughing and torment of her having weird taste when she was younger, even kissing other girls, her parents have her on a tight leash.

But this doesnt stop her working part-time as a barmaid at her local area. Smiling away her cares she is attentive when people speak to her, giving them her 100%. The only time she can see anyone of the same gender she felt attracted to, would be either with a boyfriend in the bar, or at college. Though her parents know what her orientation is, so long as it does not affect her grades, or ruin her life, then they will not forbid her, for now.

That was all of 6 years ago. Tomoe was at war. At war because the only people she cared about was her beloved Mika Sato, her girlfriend. Her parents died in the first wave of the attacks,leaving her alone until she was found by Mika then Ai Kazuma.

With the passing years, the relationship with Mika and herself have grown, as does her confidence. She is currently in Entertainment in one of the casinos within the area as the professional pianist and singer. All this time, nothing major had occured to Mika Sato, so her Yandere side has still not surfaced.

Your Legacy:
Your Story:
Tomoe loved music. it was her brother who brought her into it first hand. He was a sensation back then. The band known as the Dances of Wolves, she never missed a show, not even a song. After all,that was how Shinta was. He was the first one that has inspired Tomoe form being a child who didnt open up to anyone to a girl who takes life as it comes. But it was then, when she was at the last gig for her broth for a year, it happened. she didnt know what it was but one moment her brother was playing, and the next he died on the spot. She didnt know what the reason was, all that she knew is that her brothers life was at an end. As her brother's lifeless body fell, his headphones fell off him. With the screams of the crowd and the stampede to run away, believing that it was a gun attack, she was able to get to Shinta's body crying his name, screaming it not wanting it to be true that he died. As a ambulance came to take both Tomoe and Shinta away, She would take the headphones and have them to this very day.

The next few years were non-too kind for her as she faced the crowd of high school. People had she into incest and loved her brother more then people thought. But with the aid of her ear phones, she was able to drown out these accusation, until she was able to then destroy any facts to these rumors by suddenly one day switching mood. She immediately became an out-going person, and within weeks she was known by nearly everyone by her helpfulness and her high grades in school.

But it was all a front.

She was still hurting inside. each year she goes to the same spot that the accident happened. Her parents play along with the act, not wishing to upset her. Applying at a near by bar, she was able to pay for her and her expenses in high school, lessening the pressure on her parents and showing them she has moved on, though it took some time.

currently she still in that bar. Some consider her to be the reason why people turn up in that bar. To hear her sing, and playing the piano. Even with a degree and even though she is able to be something else in the world, this place seems to have sentimental value to her, but nowhere the value of her brother's headphones, though the "accident" was 16 year.

Walking home one night, a few men who seemed to have a little too much to drink saw Tomoe walking in the against their directions. pushing her into a corner and starting to assault her, they were promptly stopped by a fullbringer who knock both men out. Her name was Hanako. And with her help, Tomoe was able to become a fullbringer. It wasnt long after her attaction for other girls began to show.

(Show us how you RP, we prefer quality over quantity.)

It was after another day at the bar for Tomoe, and now it was high-time for her to return home. Opening her locker she would collect her belongings. Namely, her mp3 player her bag and the... headphones. Every-time she was about to put them on, she would think back to all those years ago. The feeling of his blood on her body, the lifeless body before her hit the ground. The screams.

Biting her lip she would then shoot her hands out as she would put on the headphone, immediately having her speakers to max. She had to stop herself from crying. She knew that if she would begin crying, she would not be able to stop. Looking at the mirror she would fix her pink hair so it would be down her back again and making sure her general appearance didn't slack when she was at the bar. When she was satisfied she would then give a grin, as though to say she should cheer up.

"come-on Tomoe, your a big girl now! now its time for study and-... OH crap! The groceries for mom"

With that, she ran out the door of the locker room[/b]

Kangen Jutsu (Fullbring) Information:

Shinta's lament
Full bring source:
Tomoe Hitsune Luka-Magnet-Headphones-vocaloids-15751388-600-600

Terms of usage: none

shinta's lament transforms from being the headphones that Tomoe has, to a buster sword with the blade on one side and a piano keyboard on the other. it is white in color and very easy to wield. though it is light it is aa powerful blade. the handle is at an angle to the rest of the blade, similar to urahara's benehime.

Techniques: (3 Max, re-use form.)

Name: sonic shield
Description: By inputing a code on the keyboard she can cause a barrier to appear infront of her with a radius of 5 meters. The input takes time and therefore depending on the speed of the incoming attack, it may not be able defend against it. She can, however strengthen the barrier by inputing another code into the keyboard.

Name: frequency strike
Description: Inputting another "song" into the blade can change the frequency at which sword hits its designated target. the result of it, means that it can cut through water and steal with the same ease. though this is the more power attack, it is unstable.

Name: piercing screech
Description: accidently found, this attack is used to scrambles the enemies mind, not allowing them to think straight, and making them vulnerable. The after effect of this needs immediate treatment or else a half day of disorientation occurs. Though it doesnt affect Tomoe, the same cannot be said about the others around her.

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Angel of Weapons
Karakura Town's Witch
Tomoe Hitsune Bdncomplete

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