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Mika Sato

Ashe Ventus
Ashe Ventus
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Mika Sato Empty Mika Sato

Post by Ashe Ventus on Mon May 21, 2012 10:51 am

I AM Human pawn on a chess board

Basic Information:

Mika (美香) Sato (佐藤) {佐藤・美香}
Age: 25
Gender: Female.
Residence: (Where does your character live?}
Clan/Organization: The World Government.
Appearance: Mika Sato MikaWorldGovuniform
Mika Sato Mikafightuniform

Personality: Mika is fairly efficient in her thinking. She doesn’t like to dance around ideas or thoughts and is usually blunt about questions or answers unless it requires special care or diplomacy. She had somewhat of a temper and is quick to argue and doesn't always shy away from a fight of words or fists (though she isn't exactly the best at real fighting). She’s lazy but can be very hard working when she puts her mind to it. She excels at customer service when she works and believes that it is the most important quality in anyone working and doesn’t take anyone seriously who cannot respect that. While she is starting to be a good business woman thanks to her father’s guidance, she is otherwise fairly lax personally. She is messy, disorganized and can barely remember her reading glasses that she seems to leave everywhere but where they should be. She has a wry and somewhat sarcastic sense of humor and is somewhat flirtatious, even though she doesn’t mean to be half the time. Mika is mostly a loner and does not like to loosely socialize in any setting but has managed to collect a few close friends. She does not believe in simply picking up a date and harshly shuns many of the men that try. But if say a woman were to do the same she might be more responsive. Mika is only a little embarrassed about being bi, only because some people tend to make assumptions or expect things of her. Mostly she just feels awkward because she hasn’t told her father yet.

Due to the 'almost' armagedon, a lot of things have changed, including Mika. She's become more course in her nature, unless it has to do with her girlfriend of six years, Tomoe. To her, she is soft, sweet and caring and will do anything within her power to keep her safe. And yet the woman still can't help but have doubts about her relationship and her girlfriend's sanity, which she is reminded of by her coworker, Kazuma, who still insists on calling her 'Red' and Tomoe 'Crazy'.

Your Legacy:
Your Story:
Mika’s story starts when she was not yet born. Her mother, Madelyn was a student from American on a scholarship who came to Japan to paint different things. Naoki often walked to his university right past the park that Madelyn always sat and painted at. Finally curiosity overwhelmed the business student and he struck up a conversation and was unbelievably taken with the cute little American girl with sparkling green eyes, dazzling smile and the most amazing paintings covered with flowers. After 5 years of knowing each other they married and settled down in Japan.

Mika was still in her mother’s womb as her mother took a walk through a park in Japan where her father Naoki Sato worked at a business. She didn’t paint so much outside nowadays but she liked to look at the flowers. But this time something was in the flowers and attacked her. It was a hollow of only average size and power, but still too much for her. She never saw it coming and she died before she could process what had happened, hand simply clutching desperately to her stomach. The monster ate her soul and didn’t bother with the feeble one in the bigger one’s belly. She was rushed quickly to the hospital and by some miracle Mika survived.

Her mourning father took her home that night, but not before picking two of the blood stained roses where his wife had died. He planted one in their garden and pressed the other and dried it to fold and put in a small locket of Madelyn’s that he gave to Mika and made sure she always wore to remind her that her mother would always be with her. He was determined to make up for Madelyn’s death but never let the girl forget her mother, even if they never did meet.

He worked part time and spent all the time he could actually raising his daughter, not wanting her to grow up in the arms of some nanny or stranger. Mika never missed her mother but she did feel strangely guilty whenever her father went on one of his rants about her. He never did tell her how she died… was it because of her? Was it her fault? She knew how much her dad loved her… But she didn’t dwell on those thoughts for long. She made up for not having a mother by having all the strength of her father…or perhaps more. She was tough in school and had good grades, if not spectacular. Throughout her life she could see ghosts and spirits, the odd weird looking monster that would give her nightmares. Even odd samurai type people with swords or flashy people with bows and arrows who would chase after them, but never pay her any attention. She soon figured out that nobody else could see them and kept quiet about them after she tried to tell her father and he took her to a psychologist. Now she just tried to ignore them unless one asked for her help or annoyed her or something.

One day in high school she was looking for a stray ball she had overthrown into a flower bush when her locket opened accidentally. A strange vapor came out of it from the dried rose inside and suddenly the flowers began growing and an unbelievable rate. Mika was astonished and simply ran away, afraid. Not until much later that week did she figure out that her locket made it happen. She worked over high school in trying to replicate what had happened and eventually learned that she could control plants in all sorts of ways through the vapor from her rose. And from her father telling her she knew that the rose bush in their yard was from the same roses that he had taken from her mother’s spot of death and often picked one and kept it on her at all times, only using her locket for emergencies. She found she could actually walk at night now once she practiced her skills and managed to at least fend off the black monsters with white masks that chased after her. However all of this odd behavior throughout school lost her some friends and made it so she couldn’t make any more. She had a good friend in her Junior year of high school that hadn’t bothered to listen or care about the rumors and still stuck by her and Mika was always grateful to have her still and wanted to trust her completely and told her her special secret. But when Mika showed Julia what she could do, Julia was horrified and ran away, calling her a freak and witch. More rumors circulated after that and Mika didn’t try to make any more friends.

She wanted so bad to get away and asked her father what to do. He always worried about her future and set away some money for college so she went into that too, going into a business school like her father. She now still goes to school part time but also helps as manager of a shop that one of her father’s old friends left to him in her will. A shop called The Flowerpot where she works as head florist, making the most beautiful elegant bouquets and flower arrangements that the shop regulars had ever seen. During that time she met a young barkeep by the name of Tomoe Hitsune that she couldn't help but be drawn to. After going out for a period of time, they discovered love in each other and became quite close as girlfriends.

And yet, that happy period of her life was not meant to last the oncoming 'almost armageddon'. Eventually Mika was reunited with Tomoe and they were both found and offered shelter from Ai Kazuma who then reunited with his student, Hotaru. But eventually, they parted ways and Mika and Tomoe stuck it out on their own for as long as they could until a World Government patrol came upon them and Mika saved them by surrendering and offering herself and her powers to them in compensation for their safety. She continues to work for them, while Tomoe stays safely away working at a casino. She still stays in contact with her girlfriend and visits her when she can.

Mika groaned in absolute devastation as her alarm clock rang for the third time and to her dismay hitting ‘snooze’ wouldn’t shut it up. Grumbling something unintelligible she tried to squint her eyes open enough to see where the hell the ‘off’ button was as she couldn’t afford to throw another alarm clock out the window or against a wall. Finally managing this rather simple task she sighed and got her body to sit up, her hair an absolute mess, standing up all over the place. Sighing yet again the auburn haired girl rubbed her temple, feeling a headache coming on. She needed coffee. Then glancing at the cursed thing that woke her up she froze.

No….that was a lie… It was NOT 8:30. She was supposed to open shop at 9am! ”AUGH!” She sprinted to the bathroom and turned the water on hot and practically ripped her night time clothes off of her before getting wet with semi warm cold water and then lathering herself up with soap and rinsing with now scalding hot water as she protested with small ‘eeps’ before jumping out onto a rug and rubbing herself down with a towel. She brushed her teeth as she pulled out some clothes. A skirt with flowers poka dotting the red cloth and a white collared T-shirt with sandals as it was pretty hot today. Pulling on her underwear she spit out her toothpaste and rinsed before throwing on her other clothes, not even checking to see if they were on the right way before attempting to hop, walk while putting on her sandals without tripping. She only tripped once thankfully and grabbed her purse, keys and cell phone before running out the door and to her car. Thankfully it started on the first go for once and she coaxed it into a steady pace and hurried (as fast as her old car could) to The Flowerpot.

Bursting the front door open as the bell chimed her entrance she called out, ”Sorry I’m late Eiko!” The over middle aged woman popped her head from the back room where they kept the refrigerated flowers and smiled. ”Oh, you’re not late dear, it’s quite all right.”
Mika was busy grabbing her apron and unlocking the cash register and otherwise making sure they were ready to open up shop but that sentence made her pause and check the clock. ”Eh? B..but it’s 9:03!” She protested, flustered. The woman simply tottered in and smiled widely as she carried back a watering can. ”Exactly. Late is your on time so if you’re ever on time I’ll have to scold you for being late. Unless you’re really late in which case why would you bother coming?”

Eiko’s flawed logic made Mika wish she had made time to grab some aspirin and a coffee, but it was too late for that now she thought even as she flipped their sign to ‘open’. Within the next 10 minutes they got their first customer and started the day.

Kangen Jutsu (Fullbring) Information:

Kaika Butai (Blooming Force)
Full bring source: The roses from the site of Mika’s mother’s death. One dried and kept in a locket that is with Mika at all times and the other planted in her backyard where it started a whole bush.
Terms of usage: Mika has to either open her locket or bring her rose out into the open air and within at least 20 feet of the flowers she wants to control but after that it is up to her emotions. She may do things that she may not exactly mean to if she is feeling a very powerful emotion at the time and conversely if her heart is not in the fight she is not able to control the flowers as well.
Fullbring Bond: The flower(s) were growing at the park where Mika's mother was killed and had her blood spilled on them. Mika's father took them and grew them at their home as well as pressing a single bud and putting it into a locket that belonged to Mika's mother and gave it to Mika.
Description: Mika’s fullbring allows her to cast spores from her rose and then control living plants under the spores’ control. This includes having them grow or lengthen or even become poisonous or deadly in their thorns, and in their own pollen can have effects of sleep or hallucinations.


Name: Sode no Shirayuki Senbonzakura
Description: Mika puts a drop of blood onto her locket and then drops it onto the ground, where a massive cherry tree then grows at an astonishing rate and gives fruit to useful items at Mika's will. Such as a sword, gun, shield, bow, etc. The tree itself also gives off powerful pollen that takes control of all plants in the area (roughly a mile radius). Once taken control of, Mika can direct the plants at will.

Name: Hanarixyuu
Description: Once Mika is in control of the area's surrounding plant life, she can make all of their roots converge to create the massive dragonic creature, Hanarixyuu. Hanarixyuu can attack using it's vines as well as heal itself through nutrients it's roots gain from the ground as well as photosynthesis from the sun. If given enough time to charge up, it can fire a beam from it's maw that is as powerful as a cero.
Mika Sato Black_rose_dragon_tag_force_stamp_by_aesd-d4tom4u


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