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Bane Fénix


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Bane Fénix Empty Bane Fénix

Post by Bane on Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:18 am

I AM Shinigami Flame Warrior of God

Basic Information:

Human Name:
Shinigami Name: Bane Fénix
Gender: Male
Age: 6,666
Division: Squad 6 (formerly)
Rank: Captain (formerly)
Residence: Unknown
Bane Fénix Sample_43dc5246667589dcccc3db8929e7006a94246ce4

As the Squad 6 Captain, Bane Fénix AKA the living Phoenix as his been called many times, Bane is not a man to tolerate insubordination, and is vocal with those who attempt to act in such a manner.

He usualy contains his anger as he sees that anger gets you nowhere, usualy when he hears that somebody has betrayed the soul society he simply gives a sigh of disappointment and would only confront them if they attempt to harm him or anyone else in the soul society.

When in combat he can be slightly aggressive as he feels that he must get the job done quickly and disperse of the danger around.

Bane is extremely loyal to the Soul Society and takes his duties very seriously, expecting the same from the rest of his squad and anyone else within the Gotei 13.

His loyalty is so great that he is willing to sacrifice himself in order to defeat anybody who dares to tear down the soul society and harm the people of the world of the living believing it to be his duty as a shinigami to defend the soul society and the living world and anyone else who he sees worthy enough to be protected.

He usually prefers to discuss matters of a situation instead of instantly reverting to blades to solve problems. He believes that fighting isn’t always the answer but can be used at times when necessary.

Your Legacy:

Character Story:
He was a normal teenager living in a big city, one night when he was coming home from school a gang broke into the city firing there guns and rifles to anyone they come across, As Bane was in shock he quickly began to run for his life.

The gang saw as he would begin running they chased after him, they found him in a an alley way and trapped him there cornered him, smirking and laughing to charge at him with knives in an attempt to stab him.

Bane fought as much as he could in hope of not getting stabbed, he was lucky he managed to break free of the five gang members that were attacking him, just when he fought he was free from the gang he walks away from the now unconscious crowd when the gang leader sees what he did.

He laughs and then takes out his gun points it to Banes forehead and fires it at him. The bullet rapidly smashes through his forehead crashes into his skull zooms in through his brain and blasts out the other side of his head.

With a shocked look on his face Bane fell backwards dead as blood would pour out of his head and create a puddle of blood around him. The gang member laughed and walked of casually killing several other people on his way.

As a spirit he would lurk around the area he died in scared and lonely afraid of what to do. He couldn't speak to anyone as no one could hear him. He saw a figure in dark black robes wielding a weapon a blade of some sort.

He spoke to the person asking for help he was afraid, the person said in a gentle calm voice to not worry as soon will become clear, with the hilt of her zanpaktou she placed it on his forehead and he disappeared to another realm.

He later re-appeared in the Rukon district in the toughest area there he learnt many skills which ranged from fighting to sword handling to how to defend yourself in certain situations. He learnt how to survive.

Later he learnt about the shinigami and there ways and how to join, he seemed interested so he went up and signed up, years past and he past through his academy with top grade marks. Joined a squad and rapidly succeeded moving up in ranks after gaining a captains rank.

RP Sample:

Michael Shichirou: Main character (good guy)

Sentros: Bad gang leader.

Cronus: Bad gang assistant

Grunts 1-4 - the rest of them.


Michael Shicirou. A future famous and well respected warrior. Wasn’t really anyone who had money, in fact he didn’t have any money at all... His family were all killed years ago. He was a young boy whose age was impossible to determine he looked around 16 - 17, The only type of family that he ever had was a local swords smith who would build fine sword for those who needed them and had the money for it, The Swords smith was old but had taught Michael All he knows to do with sword smith how to make them decorate them and use them. Sadly one day the man was killed out of cold blood on the street, understandable since he left his smothery unarmed and was walking around in sector 82 a rough area or the seretei filled with dangerous Goons and Cold blooded killers. Here it was kill to live or live to kill.

You wanted to live you had to kill. Michael was bought up around this area so he was used to all the deaths happening suddenly. However when the old man died Michael was devastated, at the time he was only a young boy he looked around the age of 10, he had smelted his own sword out of a few other sword blade that were around. He had also created its own sheath for the sword to be in. 6 years pass and Michael is now grown up looking around 16 or 17 the smothery was taken over by some hooligans who destroyed and burnt the black smith. When they could've made something useful off it. Now Michael is wondering about, he has torn trousers of cloth a cheap material and due to him not having a home or having someone to care for him his clothing was cheap and torn, he had barley even a shirt on it was torn and dusty, but the main thing he had kept in top condition was his two swords which had the marks of lightning, representing

fear, strength, speed and unpredictability. All the things he had started to become. He had to fight for himself and do his best to survive.

One Night Michael was out and about walking around sector 82, many people in the area knew who he was and would pay their regards however the other half of the people who knew him also wanted to kill him, just because he had something they didn’t.

He was walking around and enters through a forest, 6 People all with handmade swords stolen from other sword smiths had followed him, and they had hidden behind trees and in bushes.

Michael had wondered off into an Open area where the ground was dirt and around him was forest area, the place he was in was large open spaced enough for him to rest for the night.

As he entered the six men jumped out of there Hiding place, they all sniggered and laughed three people appeared behind him and three in front of him.

Michael had instantly grab hold of his sword scabbard, Being prepared for anything that comes his way, the Three men behind him had pushed him into the middle and the 6 men had formed a circle around him.

They began Mocking him saying things as if they were his friends they had greeted him with a hello but with a devilish smirk they had all unsheathed their swords and held them in there right hand.

Michael's eyes widened slightly in seeing them armed Michael didn’t unsheathe his swords just yet he decided to wait patiently to see what they will do, Sentros spins his sword and laughs and shouts out the command.


The gang laugh and snigger at Michael, Cronus the gang leader’s assistant goes forwards to launch the first strike. He raises his sword and tries to slash Michael from behind, Michael can hear his footsteps and his sword slicing through the air, Cronus sends his blade down to try slash Michael, Michael then spins around Unsheathing his sword and slashing Cronus' neck on the way as he combines his spin with an unsheathed slash, Cronus' eyes open and gasps for air as his wind pipe is slashed right open, Cronus drops his sword and grabs his neck shouting out in pain, Michael then looks sharply at him, before his sword hits the ground Michael slashes the tip of the sword upwards making the sword spin around, as the sword spins the grip faces him, Michael quickly catches the sword and then throws it at Cronus, the blade spins around and then goes through his hands through his neck and sends him flying to a tree, Cronus was now dead and was pinned to a tree by his own sword and was dripping with blood.

The four grunts were shocked, there gang leader Sentros was not impressed and shouts out.


The first grunt goes to attack him, Michael does a similar technique as he did to Cronus, He spins around but instead of getting his neck he gets his ribs, he grabs his sword with one hand and then with his free hand he grabs the grunts hands that have the sword in them and sends his own sword through his head, blood spitting out and pouring out, slightly covering Michael. Michael then rips out his sword and then instantly clashes his sword with the second grunts sword, as this happens the third grunt goes to help out, he cries out and then charges at Michael with his sword in the air trying to slash Michael.

Michael sees this He spins once again and instead of slashing the grunt he pushes him to the third grunt, the third grunt gets nervous and scared and slices the head in half of his fellow gang member. He shouts out and screams, he pushes the dead body aside and tries going for Michael, The fourth one charges in and tries to help out also. Michael sees the third and fourth grunt charging to him.

Michael then charges also and then at the very last minute leaps over the third grunt and back stabs him with Michaels back facing the grunts back. The Grunt's eyes open widely, he drops his sword on the ground and sees the sword that has just gone through him, and he then falls forwards onto the ground in a pool of blood and dies. The fourth Grunt is up now, with the gang leader watching this could mean his time to shine if he kills Michael he will be respected by his leader.

Michael sends up a slight smirk Michael spins his sword around, He dodges the fourth grunts first attack, he goes to his right side and fully cuts off his right arm, making it fall of onto the floor.

The grunt screams in pain he picks up his sword with his left hand, as he bends over to pick his sword up Michael kicks the grunts face making him turn around now his left is facing Michael.

Michael then spins his sword and slices off his left arm. Michael is now drenched in blood due to the man’s arms being sliced off and blood flowing everywhere.

The man begs for mercy, but Michael ignores it. He slices each of the man’s legs off. The man is bleeding completely and only has moments to live.

Michael decides to put him out of his misery, He places his foot onto the man’s head and then sends his sword through his neck. The fourth grunt was now silent. The Final grunt was dead.

Michael was fully drenched in blood; He looked up at the Gang leader and said to him.

Michael: "You made me do this!"

The Gang leader spins his sword and smirks and replies.

"No, you did this yourself, you could've just let them kill you and I'd be fine! ha ha, oh well I guess I have to Kill you myself now!"

The Gang Leader charges towards Michael, Michael then charges back at him, they begin to clash swords and counter each other’s moves, slashing from all parts each being cut every now and then, It began to rain they had both felt it they looks at each other and both said.

Michael & Sentros: "LET’S END THIS!"

Michael grabs hold of his sword with two hands, and deflects one of Sentros' attacks, Michael spins around dodging the next attack, Michael then roles to Sentros' right and jumps up into the air, he spins his sword downwards and then begins to land, Sentros tries to block himself with his sword.

Michael lands on the flat bit of Sentros' sword, Pushing Sentros down to the ground, He now had his sword Across his chest, and Michael Standing on top of him with a sword pointing down at him. Michael knew what he had to do.

This man was dangerous and needed to be killed instantly, He sends his swords down and stabs into the head of the gang leader and out the other end, creating a pool of blood. The Gang leader was finally dead. Michael Ripped out his swords and had slashed the air to take the blood off them.

He spun them around one more time to check its durability and swiftness and then withdrew them into there scabbard which was attached to his belt of rope. Michael grabs the dead Gang leader’s body by his neck and begins to strengthen his grip on the dead person’s neck.

Eventually snapping and crushing the neck bone and the skin around it pushed in and covered in blood when he did this a loud crack was heard which made Michael close his eyes and turn his head the other way.

He then threw the body in a certain area and gathered the other bodies and began to put them on top of each other in a large pile.

He surrounded them with wood and then managed to make a spark with two dry rocks and some dry bits of boot igniting them in flames surrounding the woods making a ring of fire around the bodies then passing onto the bodies igniting them all making a large bonfire.

Michael stands up with a look of anger on his face, His body and face covered in blood. He looks to the flames and then the sound of thunder comes, then a slight flash happens in the sky and it begins to rain. Hitting the flames causing smoke to rise but the flame to stay the same.

Your Zanpakuto:

Zanpakuto Name: Novarupta
Sealed Appearance: Plane zanpaktou in a fully black scabbard and hilt.
Zanpakuto Spirit Description: His Zanpaktou spirit is a large flame pheonix who speak via telepathy

Shikai Release Phrase:
Novarupta first Stance Shikai
Released Appearance:
His blade gets engulfed in large flames which he can control with both his hands and his blade.

Zanpaktou information:
Novarupta, his Zanpakutō. Is one of oldest and the most powerful fire-type Zanpakutō around and has greater attack power than all other elemental Zanpakutō in Soul Society. In its sealed form, Novarupta usually takes the appearance of a simple zanpaktou which is always kept in it's scabbard.

Shikai Information:

When released, Novarupta's blade's are engulfed into fire. The aura of these weapon's can disintegrate everything and anything that Bane waves he's sword at, turning it into nothing more than ash and engulfing the surrounding landscape in a blazing firestorm, the heat of which was intense enough to scorch the sky. Only Extremely powerful fighters can resist it, but even then only indirectly.

Unlike other Zanpakutō shown so far, resealing Novarupta does not deactivate any ability already used against an opponent. The flames created by Novarupta can be controlled with great precision by Bane to attack only the targets he chooses and he also has power over the intensity of the flames. His flames are capable of incinerating an area greater than that of Karakura Town.

Shikai Abilities.

Name: Tornado de fuego (fire tornado)
State: Regular/Shikai
Terms of usage: Bane needs to continuously swing his sword about spinning the flames around creating a large tornado.

Bane creates a large tornado made out of pure flames, this darkens up the sky and melts the ground leaving a trail of lava everywhere it goes. If the opponent gets hit by this large powerful attack they will receive large burns and any metal armor would be left scorching red after the flame attack.

Downsides: Bane can get hit as well

Name:Carcel del Infierno (Prison of Hell)
State: Shikai
Terms of Usage: Bane must take control of his flames with both his sword and his hand and raise up the large pillars of hell.

This ability creates seven or more large flame pillars which surround the arena. This ability is to create prison like walls made out of fire while the two or more opponents inside the arena fight.

Downsides: Both people get burnt, Bane and the Opponent

This ability is designed to lock the two fighters in a large cage of fire, these flames only go away if Bane withdraws from the battle, is defeated or turns this ability off.

Name: Healing Fire
State: Regular/Shikai/Bankai
Terms of usage: Bane casts down a burning flame that covers the wound and heals it.

This is an ability which cannot be used during battle. It can be used to heal wounds of the captain himself or others around, he sends a small flame over the damaged area and slowly seals it up and quickly heals it.

Downsides: It burns the person who is being healed, however the pain soon goes.


Release phrase: "Arise from the ashes and create new life... Novarupta Phoenix!"

Name: Novarupta Pheonix
State: Bankai
Terms of usage: Bane covers himself with all his flames in order to look more like a pheonix

Bankai appearance:
Bane Fénix Phoenix_by_genzoman-d3cqnzj-1

Bankai ability information.

In this Bankai form, Bane gets covered in a Coat of a flame Phoenix, This also covers his hands and sword.

With this form Bane can choose to either use hand to hand combat and damage his body even more in battle or use his sword.

If Bane uses a sword he can swing large waves of fire to the opponent, he can also create and control flames from around.

If Bane uses hand to hand combat then Bane damages his body a lot more in combat. When unarmed he can control flames and fire them to his opponent however he damages his body more.

Downsides: Due to his Bankai being completely made of of Fire it can tire him out as the flames on his back are hot and heavy, so every now and again he would have to go on his knees and catch his breath again giving him more chance on being damaged.

Ability: Expert Fire Manipulation & Creation.

Bane can use all attacks that he could in Shikai form however, more powerful. He can control the flames with both his hands and his blade and can use the flame Phoenix on his back as a special attack.

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