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Shadow strategists™


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Shadow strategists™

Post by Zaquri on Tue Sep 20, 2011 12:04 am

Shadow strategists are a newly formed orginization with but one goal; The creation of a new race capable of turning their Gene's into some sort of weapon.

The requirements to complete this goal is quite simple; abduct alot of Hollows, shinigami and fullbring users and map their genetic coding then analyze the map to the point where it is known what makes each race it's abilities.

Funded and founded by Zaquri Kasumi. He is currently the one recruiting members to the orginizations cause.

Since they are new, they are barely known for anything. They do however tend to operate while keeping a low profile.
There is no default clothing accessory or style of clothing yet.

Joining is as simple as meeting Zaquri in what-ever post he happens to be in and catching his attention. He'll take care of the rest ;)
There is no race restriction, thus; anyone is capable of joining.

Updates are placed in here. Whenever their happen to be updates.

---Member Bios---

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