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Shon Ben - Mike :D

Shon Ben
Shon Ben
The Living Saint

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Shon Ben - Mike :D Empty Shon Ben - Mike :D

Post by Shon Ben on Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:38 am

[font=Trebuchet MS]I AM Human pawn on a chess board

Basic Information:

Shon Ben
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Residence: The World of the Living - Earth
Clan/Organization: God.
Shon Ben - Mike :D Sample_245774c6603ef0595b95a87115b63b9d
Personality: He is a very friendly and religious person, he enjoys helping those around him and is always there when anyone needs him. Whenever anything bad happends he will always pray for something good to happen and for things to get better.

Your Legacy:
Your Story: He was born into a rich family from start, he grew into a child and was very succsessful in everything he would do. His studies would be brilliant and he would be more advanced than other children he would recieve harder work than others.

As a teenager entering secoundry school he passed through all the years and got the highest grades that anybody could get, once he entered college he studied banking and other buisness type studies, once he finished his two years in college and passed with top marks he went on to the best univercity in England. He studied banking and other buisness type courses and finished four years of univercity gained top marks in every course and failed non of them.

In his spare time he would enjoy learning various fighting and self defence techniques like thaiquando Kung fu Frav Maga and more he even took a course in Kendo and did thse through out his whole teenage and most of his adult life gaining a black belt in each one.

Once he left univercity he went on to join the family buisness which was a mixture of Banking and other buisness related to all the things he studied. After several years go by Ben as they all call him started of the lowest of the low even if he was in his fathers compony.

He worked his way up and then managed to become the Co-Owner of his fathers compony. He would make Thousands and Thousands of pounds every year in his compony. However aside from work he was also a fairly religious person he would keep a rosary on him at all times around his neck and he would always go to church every sunday even sing in the church choir.

Several years later he met a lovely girl named Amy, they got to know each other and after few years they got married and had one child.

After years of being in his fathers compony as co-owner being so succsessfull at the age of 35 his father had unfortunatly passed away due to old age and 2 years after that his mother passed away due to a heart attack from the stress of not being able to be with her husband no more and the quick change it braught to her.

Sad and lonley Shon Ben would go to church more and pray for advice and for help he would be depressed and sad but would always find someway on cheering himself up. His compony unfortunatly became run down due to there stocks falling rapidly and being robbed by several companies and out sold and cheated by during the space of one year.

Things were getting worse for him and his Wife and Child were assaulted and murdered in a dark ally way were ruthless gangs had taken them to.

He was left with nothing he was forced to close down his compony and dismiss all his workers, with a tear in his eye he grabbed hold of his rosery and gripped it tightly. They took away everything from him. His family his wife his child were gone aswell and he had no home, he was homeless and out of money. All he had left was his memories and his rosery and the clothing that he had on him.

He began to go to church more and decided to live there in a spare room they had, they would allow him to shower and eat there with them aslong as he would work around the church. Now at the age of 45 several years past since all the events happend and he now lives in a cathedral filled with various Nuns and Jesuits. Now he has clean clothing and is very healthy and prays twice a day.

Check out Funnyguy339.

Kangen Jutsu (Fullbring) Information:

Santa Maria.
Full bring source: A Rosery that hangs by his neck.
Terms of usage:[/b] Shon Ben prays while holding his rosery in hand, once he finishes praying his rosery will light up in a large bright light that then covers his whole body.
Fullbring Bond: His had the rosery ever since he was a young boy.
His fullbring is a full angel transformation something which he likes to call his forma de angel. Once he enters his fullbring mode his whole body changes to that of the Angel Gabriel and grants him abilities to defend himself and others. He also gains wings and such and is able to fly around.

Shon Ben - Mike :D Gabriel_by_GENZOMAN

Techniques: (3 Max, re-use form.)

Infinite’s Edge:
His blade becomes covered in holy lightning that makes his attacks stronger and can be used as a range attack. Electrocutes his enemies on site and begins to continuously burn them in an attempt to purify there soul. Each time they clash blades or strike each other the opponent gets electrocuted.

A holy light showers down on the enemy and begins to burn there body until there soul is cleaned
Note* this attack destroys anything in its path that is "impure" This does not effect the one using the attack. This attack can be blocked but anything blocking its path will still begin to slowly burn away and desintigrate into nothing.

Holy light:
A holy light shines upon him or the opponent and heals any injuries that they may have.

Mighty Lions Roar:
Fires a large powerful holy beam to the opponent, burning them and causing large damage attacks. Once it fires the beam fires out in the shape of a lions head roaring charging towards its opponent. (Has the same power as a Cero or a High level Kido Attack.)

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Shon Ben - Mike :D Empty Re: Shon Ben - Mike :D

Post by Funnyguy339 on Sun Sep 18, 2011 1:07 am

Since no one is bothering to approve such a simple App I'll approve it myself.

1/2 Approved.

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Shon Ben - Mike :D Empty Re: Shon Ben - Mike :D

Post by Kyouga on Sun Sep 18, 2011 2:05 am

2/2 Approved.

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Shon Ben
Shon Ben
The Living Saint

Posts : 125
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Shon Ben - Mike :D Empty Re: Shon Ben - Mike :D

Post by Shon Ben on Sun Sep 18, 2011 3:21 am

Thank you!

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Shon Ben - Mike :D Empty Re: Shon Ben - Mike :D

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